Chronycles of Meraghyl [Adventure]

Chronycles of Meraghyl is a great adventure map with a playtime up to 6 hours if you intend to complete all quests. It’s an open world adventure which takes place in the land of Meraghyl. The main objective and story revolves around a deadly plague which is sweeping the land and striking several towns. The story is amazing and there are lots of side quests to take on.

Creator: InterceptorXD, Twitter Account



You are a brave adventurer always looking for new quests to achieve. Recently you’ve traveled to the land of Meraghyl to save its citizens from a deadly plague which sweeps the land.

It’s more difficult than what you had imagined but there must be a way to stop this deadly illness once and for all before the entire world is doomed.

Instructions: As it is an open world adventure there are lots of side quests which you can start. But we do recommend you to follow the main storyline and you’ll gradually come across most quests in the map.


  • Don’t break/place blocks unless told otherwise
  • Set difficulty to normal
  • Set render distance to max
  • Explore as much you want but it’s recommended to stick to the story
  • Gold blocks = allowed to place levers on
  • Beds = checkpoints

meraghyl-4 meraghyl-3 meraghyl-1 meraghyl-6

Click to download .McWorld (iOS/Android/Windows 10/Other)


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43 Responses

5 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. mimi says:

    Played it once and its awesome. But how can I play this on my android phone? 🙁 Idk how but I already downloaded the map/file.

  2. GeometricShape says:

    It amazes me at how good you can make a world like this without command blocks. This is a timeless classic I am going back to play again, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a Minecraft fantasy map!

  3. Lee says:

    This is really a great map. But if I try to find Kieshsab Keep, I’ll only find a small house with a big potato field next to it. And where is the Noble? I am stuck at this Point, maybe someone can help me?

  4. RandomGirl says:

    This map was so fun! It’s probably the best map I have tried so far! Please make a second one that would be awesome!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Great Map!!! Love it! But after you find the book in the Patcha Dungeon, it says to go back to Ereward to report to Pazan. I can’t seem to find Pazan anywhere?

  6. XxBismuthxX says:

    Great map but I’m stuck
    Where is the castle of Rowah?

  7. Venus says:

    Will Anyone Help ME??

  8. Venus says:

    Never Mind!! Found it! But, where is the dude you are supposed to kill and where do you go after you kill him? ??????

  9. Venus says:

    I Can’t FIND!! Sorry, Didn’t see that!☹️

  10. Venus says:

    I CAN’T Feel no Kieshsab KEEP!!!!

    Why World Why!!!!

    Does it have to be me who cannot find it!!!!!?

  11. Taylor says:

    Hey, I’m new to downloading maps. Could someone tell me how to download this on an iPad?

  12. MrDerpSundae says:

    Where the heck is the Kieshbab keep? I tried lots of times.

    It just mentions it right outside Wermad, but if u go to the right, as it implies, it doesn’t mention it.

    Also BoiTastic keep going straight through Levack u should find Ereward on signs

  13. Adam says:

    I can’t find Garduf 🙁

  14. BoiTastic says:

    I can’t find Ereward… I keep ending up in Levack. Please help me!!

  15. Jamie Duncan says:

    I can’t find erdward what ever it called the place you go after the wizard

  16. Zero_h says:

    I downloaded it twice so I can test it on a nuke add on I found XD

  17. Gab says:

    This map is extremely awesome ! I’ve never seen something like this before! Keep the good job! I salute you ! 🙂

  18. Sparkie_Me says:

    I’m at the ending of the map but I can’t find B.R.’s Castle… it tooks 25 mins to me to find it but I can’t find it somewhere

  19. Brosmith Shell says:

    I just found that secret chest InterceptorXD was talking about

  20. Jonato says:

    Awesome map…it’s like i’m playing skyrim but in minecraft mode…hope you make more cool maps cause you got some skills and experience… 😉

  21. Aden Cheney says:

    How do I open this on Windows 10 Beta?

  22. Nobodyh says:

    Thanks also I dont now if you are or have met the map creator but I just have a suggestion for him. Just do the same type of map, maybe more skyrim-ish or maybe ancient Greece, IDK just a suggestion

  23. Nobody says:

    Any other maps like this like big open world type maps I have been trying to find some but I can’t

  24. Quinty says:

    When I download this on my iPad it says that Safari can’t download this file, so how can I download this map?

  25. craftjm16 says:

    Best adventure map ever!!! 🙂

  26. Luke says:

    Love it awsome but it won’t let me download it

  27. imKent says:

    What is the seed of that world? I just finding new mountain seeds for my new Minecraft adventure map project.

  28. Radcliff says:

    Uhh, I should ask something… how many side quests are there? I mean, precisely, how many?

  29. TheRedBlue says:

    Hey, nice work on this map! Is soo cool and the storyline is owesome !!! 😀
    But, I got “stuck”, I can’t find ” Zuard camp” 🙁 , searched for it about 30min but nothing :'( , I don’t wan to pass it so can you give some idication? Thanks! 😉

    • InterceptorXD says:

      Well.. I already answered but for other people that cannot find it, it’s next to Windhlin. There are only two big camps and this one has wooden wall around it.. Hope I helped 😀

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