Chrysler Voyager Addon

The chrysler voyager was one of the first minivans that are capable of reaching a maximum speed of 110 mph. They are vans that can comfortably carry up to 7 passengers. Now the Chrysler Voyager comes to minecraft in different colors.



This addon adds to the Minivan or Chrysler Voyager which has the ability to transport up to 6 players and travel with friends in minecraft or race with them.It is the best vehicle if you want to move many people quickly in the minivan

Available colours

  • green
  • Red
  • Blue
  • white
  • Black


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13

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Installation Guides

AndroidiOSWindows 10

7 Responses

4.17 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. Tom says:

    What does it replace?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi this seems soooo great but how do you get the minivans

  3. Larry says:

    Can you all make an airplane next. Also if you can make it to where it doesn’t replace anything.

  4. Josh Bingham says:

    Great addon. Is it able to be crafted? Also, would like to hear the sound of the engine.

  5. Pixledonkey07 says:

    Good mod very useful if you are trying to drive away from Godzilla

  6. TheMaxinGaMe156 says:

    Great job its so awesome! Please can you make next lada lada 2101,lada 2105,lada 2106 and lada 2107

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