Cinnamon Pack

Long have we been lied to about the block called “ancient debris”.  We all know the truth that it is in fact…  a cinnamon roll.  This texture pack aims too bring all the netherite items as cinnamon rolls (along with some tasteful splash text).  Please enjoy.

Armor now has ancient debris texture and ingots and scrap are cinnamon rolls

Zombie head is now a cinnamon roll

Bring your secret stash to life

Accurate names

Even more tasty splash text


Feel free to copy this pack for personal use or to add to a larger pack.

Just don't try to re-upload this pack as your own without at least adding new content.


Supported Minecraft versions




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9 Responses

5 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. r/madlads and the thumbnail was the best one

  2. MinecraftChicken says:

    Best mod ever

  3. Qwerty123 says:

    I can taste that cinnamon roll that has been lying In the depths of the nether

  4. Bean Boy says:

    what other lies have i been told by the council

  5. Astrokylo1 says:

    Let me guess, you watch hermitcraft too 😜😜

  6. Wit says:

    This is genius, you mad lad

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