City Life Texture Pack

Are you trying to make a city but you need a good texture pack to make it better? So this pack is for you!

This Texture Pack replaces some items, blocks and entities for some usefull stuff to improve your city

Note: this shadder is not included


Every armors were replaced by some clothes that you can use on your city:


-Sweatshirt and Jeans (leather armor);

-Street clothes (chainmail armor);

-Suit (iron armor);

-Football armor (golden armor);

-Police outfit (diamond armor);

-SWAT outfit (netherite armor).

Note: you can dye the sweatshirt to change it to your favorite color:

Weapons & Tools:

Some weapons and Tools were replaced by new weapons that will make your city looks better:


-Baseball bat (wooden sword);

-Knife (iron sword);

-Baton (netherite sword);

-Guitar (wooden axe);

-SWAT shield (shield).

This weapons are a good combination with the new clothes:


This Texture Pack replaces the light block, some doors and trapdoors to make them look better:

More Stuff:

There’s also some items that were replaced to make it more beautiful:


-Glass cup (bottle);

-Cup of Water (water bottle);

-Cup of Milk (milk bucket);

-Phone (heart of sea);

-Coin (gold nugget);

-Dollar (emerald);

-Ice cream (watermelon);

-Banana (Sweet Berries);

Changed items:

-Diamond (changed);

-Bowl (changed);

-Mushroom stew (changed);

-Flower pot (changed);

-Cow (changed);

-Cow’s spawn egg (changed).


So I decided to make a little update cause somethings were uncompleted, take a look


I added new accessories because the texture of the leather and iron helmet was missing, I also changed the street clothes

-The neck of the street clothes was removed;

-Added Headphones (leather helmet);

-Added Sun Glasses (iron helmet).

You can dye the Headphones too:


-Added Pistol (bow);

-Added Shotgun (crossbow);

-Added Bullet (arrow);

-Baton’s texture was changed.


Changed items:

leather & iron helmet;

leather & iron chestplate.

leather & iron boots.

More Images:

Using leather armor to make new clothes is boring and using swords to make street fights is not funny, download this Texture Pack and your city will look really better!

-You are allowed to share this texture pack

-You are allowed to make a video without giving any credit

-You are not allowed to edit this Texture Pack

Changelog View more

Added guns:

-Pistol (bow)

-Shotgun (crossbow)

Added new accessories:

-Headphones (leather helmet)

-Sun glasses (iron helmet)

Changes in some items

-Added new blocks (light blocks, doors and trapdoors)

-Added permissions

-Changes in description


Supported Minecraft versions


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12 Responses

4.88 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. Killer Wolf Z says:

    Very GOOD add-on please make ARMOR Stands look better and and make villagers look like a modern style villager

  2. XwMANDINGUSwX says:

    I love this texture pack. But can you add a tactical vest to the swat armor?

  3. Kanaka_GUSASI says:

    Just make this an actual addon.

  4. Ailhart Taiga says:

    Thanks, it looks cool.

  5. LordVentador says:

    Excellent texture pack. I’ve been looking for a city texture pack and I have finally found one that suits my needs, thanks.

  6. ShamusRP says:

    This is a Great mod, I LOVE IT!!!!!

  7. itismemayro says:

    It doesn’t work, but take these stars anyway! 😉

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