City of Newisle

A solo-built modern city map with 500+ fully furnished buildings, an automated 12 line subway system, named streets, several satellite towns and much more. Built for exploration, roleplay and survival scenarios.


  • Fully furnished interiors in each and every building – hundreds across the world
  • 12 subway lines, highway system and multiple rural rail lines
  • Named streets with roadside maps
  • Neighbourhoods ranging from modern downtowns to historic districts
  • Roleplay features such as shops and schools
  • 7 unique cities and towns in total to explore


Newisle is a modern Minecraft city map that started with one goal: make a detailed and eye catching city skyline. And it became much, much more than that. The project began all the way back in August of 2010 during the early alpha days and has been kept alive ever since. It’s been done entirely solo and is my one and only world save to date.

Newisle is not a 1:1 scale city with a bunch of beautifully designed but empty buildings. It’s a functioning place meant to be played like a Minecraft world. You’ll find stocked shops, apartment buildings and homes, office towers, minecart-powered transit lines and a variety of places meant to make it feel like a real, livable place within Minecraft. It can be used for survival scenarios, custom servers, roleplay and everything in between.

Since its early days of crude cobblestone structures and basic materials the city has grown substantially into a wide-reaching modern metropolis. Littered with historic monuments, crisscrossing rail lines and hundreds of fully furnished buildings; there’s no shortage of sites to see around Newisle and beyond – there are also 6 other independent cities and towns to explore outside of the core city. Though they’re smaller and with less stuff, they each have their own vibe and story as well.

Grab a minecart from Union Station or set out on foot using the highway system. It’s yours to explore, survive or destroy as you see fit!

Latest build: Newisle ‘Bedrock Edition’ v1.2 – released September 29, 2019

Changelog View more

Revised download link due to member complaints regarding ad platform

Added a YouTube preview trailer to demonstrate Newisle version 1.2



Supported Minecraft versions


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63 Responses

4.14 / 5 (29 votes)
  1. Guest-8334490568 says:

    Thanks! One question; where’s the police station. Making a map of the city would be nice

  2. Guest-8420630913 says:

    This map looks so cool! It’s a shame I can’t download it ;-;

  3. Guest-5236295800 says:

    Can you please put an airport?

  4. Guest-7156166442 says:

    I need a link to mediafire the one doesn’t work

  5. snaggypigeon says:


  6. Guest-1202661615 says:

    It IS

  7. Guest-6229550630 says:

    I found this map, very laggy. But when I turned off mob spawning, killed any free roaming mobs, and used the command /kill @e [ type = villager ] All of my lag seemed to die down. I hope this tip helps you if your game is laggy or you have an older device like me.

  8. UrShoeUntied says:

    Really great but it’s way to big it is 130mb and I glitch out every minute and I have a 2 yr old iPad so it really shouldn’t be happening but if possible could you please make seperate maps for each of the cities reduce the lag thanks.

    • Guest-5450010920 says:

      Get the addons app or another website to get this. Mcpedl is not safe and adfly never checks for malware!!!

  9. Guest-1316416174 says:

    Bro its so laggy even with optifine enabled my 4Gb ram on my phone can’t even render the railway system.can you make it compactible with the latest minecraft 1.14.30?

  10. Guest-8470215151 says:

    hello, beautiful map but can you add to cities sewer system?

  11. Guest-5205526839 says:

    you IDIOT.
    you could have made our life easy if u just put a media-fire link

  12. Guest-5238483430 says:


  13. Guest-1354828055 says:

    HI, I tryed to download it. It worked but but it needs to be updated because it doesn’t work for the latest version. CAN U UPDATE IT PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  14. Guest-3300154219 says:

    THE LINK DOSENT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!
    PLS LISTEN TO EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. BRealms says:

    –. — — -.. / — .- .–. he my message is in morse code

  16. Guest-8487621506 says:

    When i download this. I can use this in a minecraft animation ?

  17. Guest-6679427917 says:

    Direct link to mediafire, almost got an virus

  18. Guest-1951248855 says:

    Could you just read the comments and change the fricking link to the dowload
    I almost get a virus on this link
    Your map looks awesome, but, come on, change the link!

  19. Guest-1009482124 says:

    the website to get to mediafire is a scam. Please use a different one

  20. Guest-7516829296 says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for this map!

  21. Fishhie_hstrashh says:

    Can you use adfly or another link shortener? Thanks!

  22. Guest-6401340359 says:

    Please, Link of Mediafire

  23. Guest-2474517923 says:

    can i use it my new adventure map, please ?

  24. User-2107848040 says:

    None of the houses have bathrooms! I can’t roleplay at urinating

  25. Claire poo says:

    It so big there so much house and shop and more

  26. TheJeweledWolf says:

    I’d love to download the map, it looks stunning, however when I tried the link it took me almost twenty tries of clicking the “Skip Ad” button to actually get past the add and to a media fire site. I didn’t download it mainly because I don’t have a great connection right now. But still, it’s stupid to have to click on a sweet spot to get the link, and I’d rather not accidentally get a virus.
    Please, link directly to media fire. It’s safer for all of us. Heck, even adfly is better than this.

  27. Grant Logan says:

    Email it to me pls I want it so bad

  28. cHeEzE iTs says:


  29. Duck says:

    Hey there, I would love to download this map as the images shown are absolutely stunning! Just wondering if you could make a link directly to media fire so that its safer and easier? Its a wonderful piece!

  30. EborianGirl says:

    I would like to know the builder so they can teach and help me to build a city like this

  31. This map is a full package a Metro Rail fan favorite. Im expanding this world to also add a mall and expanded some rail lines for my self only by adding more things to it to make this world nicer for me. This map is huge and fun and i love it im Expanding it to add more things. Extend Rail Lines and more because this is the main world ill be playing for hours

  32. Pro Gamer672 says:


  33. Joe's Mom says:

    Good Map overall, I personally enjoy playing in it. The only problem I have is the downloading process as the link has a potential virus. Directly linking to Media Fire would be ideal for me and many other concerned crafters. Good map, though!

  34. Manish says:

    Surely good

  35. Nizar says:


  36. DroidTSK says:

    I use that map in Java Edition. It’s AWESOME!

  37. Marshyy says:

    Hey can you use adfly instead? It would make everything so much easier.

  38. ObsoleteOcto says:

    Fully furnished? FINALLY!

  39. nou says:

    sub to pewdiepie


  40. Julieta Muñiz says:

    Awesome, I stayed all night last night playing this purchase

  41. christophe says:

    T’on lien ne marche pas gros virus !

  42. Merek says:

    Virus alert! It’s that trash site download. No matter the case for what you do afterward, its still danger to click on

  43. User says:

    Can you possibly make this a Mediafire file?
    I don’t want to risk getting a virus on my phone.

  44. Simba says:

    Could you possibly change the link to mediafire? Thx 😁

  45. Nuggget_Girl says:

    I am at awe of this creation.. Really there are no words that describe this it is INCREDIBLE!
    I have been looking for a map like this and I just wanna say thank you for some reason, but really amazing.
    Totally recommend.

  46. Andy says:

    very well designs! truly amazing city! please keep adding more buildings! also please add stuff to chests!

  47. Sam says:

    I have the 1.1 on Java! I am so glad to see it come to Bedrock!

  48. Marnie Coutts says:

    Can you please make a media-fire link?

  49. Nicholas says:

    How do I download it

  50. keithross39 says:

    That should say SAFE.

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