Ciudad City [Creation]

Ciudad City has many different type of buildings you would expect to find in a smaller city which is striving to expand. All streets look busy as there are countless of cars and trucks trying to make their way through the city. Even if the cars don’t actually move it still makes the city look a lot more realistic and alive. There are buildings such as a fire department, a hospital and a soccer stadium.

Ported by: NaruhGamer

Here’s a tower crane doing some work at a construction site.


A helicopter is coming in for landing, probably after picking up somebody hurt and in need of immediate care.


The highway looks really cool because there are many trucks and cars driving there.


The rooftops provide nice little terraces for residents.


The soccer stadium looks extremely realistic. Click here to find a soccer skin!


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8 Responses

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  1. :) says:

    The highway pic left me speechless

  2. Elif says:

    I don’t dowland this map. Please decide me “how dowland maps” And i am turkish.

  3. NanoZe says:

    I want a city map 🙁

  4. Kristizzzgaming says:

    Please make MC.world

  5. DanTDM the 618th says:

    Spoiler Alert: Ciudad is a Spanish word meaning ‘city’, so that means you’re basically saying ‘City City’.

  6. Redgefleming says:


  7. macy says:

    Pritty cool

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