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Published on June 04, 2021

Classic Fishy

Adds the classic fish from the good old days alongside some modern updates to our favorite fish to make it fit right on in with our other fishy buddies within Minecraft's oceans.


The classic fish is just like every other fish within the oceans of Minecraft but it's the memories of classic Minecraft that makes the fish stand out.


The fish is caught just like cod & salmon are, being a tad bit rarer than salmon.

The Fish

In the image below you can see the fish as an entity, the fish has a total of 3 health and drops fish and bones upon death. Spawns in the ocean & warm waters.


You can of course cook your favorite little fishy for a small meal in furnaces & smokers, they can also be cooked atop campfires & soul campfires.


Raw Fish will give 2 hunger or 1 full point of hunger while Cooked Fish will provide 4 hunger or 2 points of hunger.

Bucket of Fish

The bucket of fish is gained by picking up a fish with a bucket and can place a fish on use. (Currently not in the Add-On due to crashing the game in some cases.)


Make sure to have the settings in the image below enabled for the best experience.


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4.5 / 5 (2 votes)
Can you make this as a texture pack instead of a behavior pack?
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CosmicCraftersBuildTeam June 04, 2021 at 6:34 pm
Yay! I've missed this guy! Future suggestion: texture pack for 1.17 ore, changing the textures back to the classic ore template. :)
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Glad you enjoy my Add-On, many others have already done the original textures for the new ores so go check out there's and support them, but thanks for the suggestion. :)
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But I've also wanted the 1.17 ores to have the old texture, and those texture packs are so hard to find.
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