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Published on June 07, 2021

Classic Giants

Adds the Classic Giants from the old days with all the same behaviors, these things are a mighty force to be dealt with and a rarity to find in your world. 


The original giants are very broken and barely function as is, this Add-On is a recreation of the Classic Giants with proper AI and attacks. With this said I took a small amount of liberty when creating this Add-On.

The Giant

Below you can see the Giant, Like the Classic Giants they stand still until a player comes into the detection range of the player. The Giant is pretty slow and has a total of 100 health (50 Hearts) and deals 100 Damage (50 Hearts) to unarmored players.


Fighting the Giant can be very difficult due to its massive damage dishing. Using range combat is one of the best methods of killing the Giant as you pluck away at it's health.


Well the giant never had loot, so no loot...


Make sure to have the settings in the image below enabled for the best experience.


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The loot should be a lot of rotten meat, for example 32 or 36 items and you could add something like bones and a considerable amount of experience and rarely drop potatoes, carrots or iron like a common zombie only in large quantity and with a higher probability, sorry just my humble opinion
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Thanks for the suggestion, atm I'm working on another version of this Add-On that isn't entirely based off the Classic Giants and with this version the Giants will have rewards for defeating them!
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