Clean Vanilla RTX (Windows 10 Only)

Clean Vanilla RTX is a simple texture pack for 1.16 Minecraft Windows 10. It strives to be as close to vanilla while still looking amazing and clean. You can use this pack in any world across Minecraft Bedrock, as long as you are in the correct beta / RTX version. This pack also works on servers both featured and not featured. To install simply download the CleanVanillaRTX.mcpack file, and open it. This pack is a fork of RTX Vanilla Conversion by u/TheCivilHulk. His original pack is here: If you have any questions my discord is YERT20082#0001.

Images of Clean Vanilla RTX:

If you want you can join our discord:

here is a link to a screenshot showing I have permission to release this pack.

Changelog View more

Added support for new update, which included adding texture set json files

Fix a weird issue with the side grass texture, now it looks fine


I added the GitHub link of TheCivilHulk's pack, and yes I do have permission from him directly, to fork his pack and share it. 


To install, simply download the CleanVanillaRTX.mcpack file and open it. ONLY WORKS ON WINDOWS 10 WITH RTX CARD AND BETA


Supported Minecraft versions

RTX Beta



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35 Responses

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  1. Steeeeve says:

    Don’t worry about getting scammed from this, just give it a try, there’s no pressure 🙂

  2. SKA says:

    You forgot the Xbox series X and PlayStation 5

  3. LAgamer says:

    heres a much better way to get minecraft rtx like graphics on a windows 10 computer without an rtx graphic card:

    1: download minecraft java edition
    2:download and install optifine 1.14.4
    3:download BSL shaders
    4:download hardtop vanillaccurate texture pack for minecraft java
    5: apply both the shader and texture pack
    6: use

    going through this whole process is better then having to buy a new pc with rtx grahics card and getting minecraft rtx beta.

  4. HydroxxOfficial says:

    My friend with 2 braincells tried to use it on mobile😂

  5. CherokeeNative says:

    need more work I hope RTX and Microsoft can got it working with Minecraft can get it to work without being Beta !

  6. ChillDawg5379 says:

    What is the point of this if it requires being in the rtx beta, where you would have it anyway?

    • I don’t quite understand what you mean by his comment? If you mean that you can’t play with your friends in the rtx beta, I’d like to remind you, some people like to play alone, and the rtx beta supports some of the featured servers now.

      • Cheeseland says:

        FYI, you CAN play with your friends on non-vanilla servers using the RTX beta, in fact our server Cheeseland-X (here on mcpedl) works with the beta AND this pack. Eventually, the RTX betas will be in the full releases of the game so you can use this pack everywhere when that comes out.

    • Cheeseland says:

      The RTX beta does NOT come with its own default texture pack, so this pack allows you to have RTX in your own personal worlds

  7. SrInaki says:

    Do you thik you could make a shader with render daragon but with no RTX? That could be great (for minecraft windows 10)

  8. HEROBRINE 65789 says:

    I need in MCPE that can support

  9. darkie123 says:

    only pc that have rtx cards?

  10. SKA says:

    WOW, but it is heavier than the others.

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