M-G-P Texture Pack

M-G-P Texture Pack (previously called Cleaner & Connectable Glass) is a very neat upgrade for the stained glass textures. The frame is removed from the glass which makes stained glass blocks connect more smoothly. Also the texture have been redesigned to give a more clean appearance. This pack is suited for anyone who like simplistic, clean and modern designs.

Creator: Hothaifa
Updated: 25 August, 2018 (read changelog)


  • This texture pack is mixed the Connectable glass texture pack and the cleaner stained glass pack together.
  • This texture pack connects the glass block textures by removing the frame and makes the glass more clean by removing the pixels in the center of the block.
  • This pack works flawlessly on both version 1.2 / 1.3 / 1.4 / 1.5 and the 1.6 beta.


  • Normal
    • The original pack glass, full clean & connected
    • Full frame (absolutely new)! : Clean, but it has a black frame that’s surrounds the glass texture from all sides.
    • Horizontal lines (absolutely new)! : Clean, but it has a black lines on top & down of the glass texture, making it connected from the right & left sides.
    • Vertical lines (absolutely new)! : Clean, but it has a black lines on right & left of the glass texture, making it connected from the top & down sides.
    • Realistic gray rain & rain particles.
    • A certain shape to the default Minecraft sun & moon phases.
    • Connected bookshelf block.
    • 100% hidden normal glass block & pane in default choice!
    • New panorama.
    • New title.
    • The glass had a vibrant color!
  • Shaders
    • Enhanced illumination.
    • A new color of lighting, for every thing shines in the game.
    • A new color for the sky.
    • Directional lighting on blocks.
    • 70% lagless shaders.
    • And also the features of the normal version.
    • Other!


  • Added a 3 new costume glass textures to the pack (Full frame, Horizontal lines & Vertical lines), and also the cleaner & Connectable glass which called now “Default”, you can choose and change anyone from the pack sittings.
  • Removed all the old textures except the cleaner & Connectable glass, rain, rain particles and the bookshelf block.
  • #Added a certain shape to the default Minecraft sun & moon phases.
  • Now the normal glass block & pane in the default choice is 100% hidden.
  • Added a .mcpack file, and fix the download crush in the game.
  • Change pack icon & the title, so it shows which pack you are using, (Green glass is normal pack, red glass is shaders pack).
  • Added new panorama.
  • Now the glass had a vibrant color!
  • Fix the shaders crashes and make it more simple, lite and 70% more lag less so it runs very good on any device!, so now its don’t  need to Optifine!
  • Change the name from “Cleaner & Connectable Glass Texture Pack” to “M-G-P Texture Pack” and that’s short for “#Minecraft-Glass-Project”
  • Updated links, very fast & No problems!
  • A lot of fixes!

Creator Notes

  • Make sure you set the “fancy graphics” option in video sitting is ON, the shader not works when this option is OFF!
  • Wait a little bit while activating the
  • shaders pack, and do not delete it!
  • It’s best to active the shaders pack on official version of Minecraft, (not beta!), and the normal pack you can active it on official or beta versions of Minecraft without any problems.
  • Go to Settings menu in Minecraft, and then Global Resources. Then click the wrench iron to open the Glass Selector menu.
  • Use the slider to switch between packs. You might need to restart the game for the changes to take effect.
  • Any Nots or problems, please write it in your comment, and I’ll fix it at the next update.
  • If you want a simple realistic touch to this pack in your game, you can use the shaders pack that’s pack same feature of the normal pack +1.
  • Every pack (Normal or shaders) the size of it is 50mb, very big?, that’s because the new costume glass textures which have been added in this update, but don’t worry… Both pack is very lagless, and you will not get any problems from it.


  1. Download one of the following packs:
    1. Download Resources (Normal) .McPack
    2. Download Resources (Shaders Included) .McPack
  2. Start Minecraft
  3. Settings > Global Resources > Activate the pack

You can get a .ZIP file for this pack here.

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95 Responses

3.4 / 5 (42 votes)
  1. Guest-1104383834 says:

    just change the settings idiot

  2. Frogwizard says:

    I need one that works on my realm!!! this works ( with ugly black lines between blocks) on single player worlds but not on my realm.

  3. Arjun Anand says:

    Please reply, I want to change how the black lines look but after I adjust the slider, there is no button to confirm the selection so I can’t exit the slider screen. It looks great, this is the only problem though. I’m on an iPad.

  4. PAVELYM says:

    Works perfectly on MCPE 1.12
    BUT! theres a little gap between glass panes so please fix that
    other than that awesome texture pack! 🙂

  5. ??? says:

    I downloaded a big 50mg file and it doesn’t even connect the glass as it said it does. Am I doing something wrong?

  6. Craftmen says:

    Its not working in mcpe 1.11?

  7. nulleqn says:

    This is great, but 1.12.0 is out, can you update it? This will be even better, thank you.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I just downloaded it just to see that it didn’t work. Please change it into mediafire

  9. HannanAFC says:

    This texture pack is great. It works perfectly and even somehow works with the faithful pack I downloaded (I’ll link it below). I don’t know how it doesn’t work for some people. I’m guessing they play on bedrock or java. All you have to do is download it, click on the download and its done. Then you can adjust the frame on the glass in the game settings. I did review it before but I couldn’t see it in the comments so I’m sorry if It’s actually there. Man this is a great texture pack! Faithful texture pack link -https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FCiKSZWRTv9gRanv_EPkg-7aQ39W-KCi/view

  10. HannanAFC says:

    This texture pack is great. It works with the faithful pack I’ve got and just works normally. I don’t know why it doesn’t work for some people, maybe they’re using java or bedrock. Literally all I did was download it, click on the download in the bottom left, and it was done. I hope you can add a version that still has the small lines that go across the glass that you used to have in the older version. Man this is a life saver!

  11. AB7997 says:

    Not working on my, either.

    • TenderDragon173 says:

      Bro If That A Beta Version It Really Not Work Its Only Work In Aquatic Version
      Search In Youtube What Is Aquatic If You Know Dont Search In Youtube Beacause You Know It

  12. Anonymous says:

    It doesn’t do anything. I just downloaded a 50 Megabyte piece of nothing onto my device.

  13. Qahnaarin says:

    You shouldve put your .zip file on the MediaFire website. Much more reliable and easier to obtain your .zip as many other modders use that site and I am able to use theirs with no problems. As for now, none of your links work for any of my platforms and I would like to have the clear glass textures (without black borders and jagged lines preferably).

    If only there was a way to put your textures over TT Resource Pack textures so his glass will be see through like yours, then Bedrock Edition will have a very close competitor to optifine for java edition. As it stands, I know you all put in a lot of work to make this happen for the people of Bedrock Edition as the community is very much smaller than javas community. I just hope for our community to stand out and show java we have cool and good things as well. It’ll give them comfort for when they merge over to Bedrock as Mojang phases java out in time (that actually is their plan as many people didn’t believe Mojang was going to phase out other editions until they finally did).

    I can only give you a 2 star as the product failed to work on any of my platforms, but I still want to use it because that’s the glass type I’m looking for to use.

  14. Dan says:

    This does not work for Xbox version and there shouldn’t be a reason why it doesn’t if it works for the other 3 versions as they are all the same one. Would that be because it is out of date for version 1.7? Since version 1.8 is coming out soon, will there be an update for that? I need smooth glass textures badly. I cannot stand their glass textures at all…

  15. Zyrom121 says:

    Shaders do not work on MCPE 1.6.2.

  16. [CRASH REPORT] says:

    A crash just occurred at 10/7/18 3:15 PT. Suggestion: Change the link to MediaFire

  17. Evan Gee says:

    The horizontal texture isn’t working

  18. Pameeiii says:

    How to use the full frame w/ black frame from all side? I only got the vertical frame. Let me know how to change it please

    • Hothaifa says:

      1)Start Minecraft.
      2)Settings > Global Resources > Activate the pack.
      3)Select the pack in the list of active packs and click the Gear Icon.
      4)Use the slider to select one of the glass options, if you want black full frame choose (full frame) option.
      You might restart Minecraft after that to get the effect.

  19. Pamiiie says:

    How to get the black full frame glass? I only got the vertical line with black frames

  20. Ye says:

    Best textures pack first off but when I updated to 1.6.0 it didn’t work for me it would crash or when I try to enable the pack it would lag badly and would ask me if I want to leave the Minecraft app

  21. Thic says:

    The pack with the shader doesn’t work WHATSOEVER. I tried adding it to my world and my game and Minecraft just crashes. I’d really recommend you to fix this. I tried doing it a few more times and it still crashes.

  22. Hothaifa says:

    Thank you Anonymous for your feedback, I will fix that very soon, in the next update.

    • Ye says:

      Please make it so the shader works in 1.6.0 update it crashes when trying to apply / freezes

      • Hothaifa says:

        Thank you Ye for your feedback, I actually working on the shaders pack, that’s may take some time, but don’t worry, at the next update the shaders will be 100% working on Minecraft 1.6,
        But temporarily you can use the normal pack, and activate it with another shaders from your choice, thanks again

  23. Anonymous says:

    Excellent texture pack for city building, but the clear glass is way too hidden which make some of my buildings look like they are missing major chunks. Can you please fix this? Thanks.

  24. Jenna says:

    Love the idea but I don’t like the black frames! Please make an option to not have the black frames like in the picture please!

    • Hothaifa says:

      If you read the creator nots you will see that:
      *Go to Settings menu in Minecraft, and then Global Resources. Active the pack, then click on it one time and you will see the wrench iron bottom, click on it to open the Glass Selector menu.
      *Use the slider to switch between packs. If you don’t want frames choose default, You might need to restart the game for the changes to take effect.
      *sorry I for get to pot the pictures for that.

  25. uhuh says:

    The shaders are a little messed up they have a weird bright spot on the ground in front of you and it makes gameplay hard

    • Hothaifa says:

      If you don’t like the shaders, download the normal pack, then activating it with another shaders from your choice you like it.

  26. Anonymous says:

    How do I turn the lines off?

    • Hothaifa says:

      After activating the pack, just click on it on time, then you will see the wrench iron bottom, click on it to open the Glass Selector menu.
      Use the slider to switch between packs, and if you dont want a lines you can use the default choice, but you might need to restart the game for the changes to take effect.

  27. DeadlyDead says:

    I really like that we now technically have a barrier block, but I‘d like a version with normal bookshelfs. I‘m playing with Faithfull and that means that the connected bookshelfs still have the default texture that I don’t like.

  28. Max Bowden says:

    When I try to download the pack with and without shaders it doesn’t work because I am on iOS I need .mcpack and the media file is a .zip

    • Hothaifa says:

      I will add the .mcpack files in the next update, which will be lunched at this week with a lot of chenges, enhancements and features.

  29. MrPapaya says:

    your newest upload, the one with the shaders in it is broken, it is only 112 kb in size, can you please fix it ?

    • Hothaifa says:

      There will be a big update for this pack & a lot of fixes, and its Under development.
      This included the shaders, its will be 70% more lagless, and works smoothly on any device, and also I will add the .mcpack files.
      This update will be launched this week with a lot of changes, enhancements and features.

  30. DTX3 says:

    My glass has black frames. Doesn’t look too bad but would be better if it were like your screenshots. I’m using Win 10 version 1.5.3.

  31. Thomas says:

    Doesn’t work on iOS rather you can’t open in Minecraft once you’ve downloaded it

  32. GRANTAWE says:

    Why are all the files in .zip?

  33. Hothaifa says:

    The pack that is including the shaders mod works just on original Minecraft version like 1.5.3 or other original versions.
    The normal pack works on any versions of Minecraft and that’s included (original & beta) versions.

  34. Anonymous says:

    I can’t get a mc file it only gives me zip files

  35. yoga Awaluddin says:

    can you fix the Glass pane sometime its seem like glitching

  36. Rogger Henrique says:

    E muito bom gostei mais alguém saber esse funciona na versão beta?

  37. Waffles says:

    Hay bro it doesn’t allow me to open it in Minecraft when done downloaded it just say open in I files and it says zip file I think u accidentally put the zip file in the mc.pack fix it plez 😩😩😩

    • Hothaifa says:

      There is a few problems in the .McPack file, and I works on it, and I’ll fix it very soon!
      But you can use the .Zip file Currently and enjoy the texture pack!

  38. Anonymous says:

    Cool i want a realistic texture pack and maybe i found it

  39. Hothaifa says:

    Not for everyone :-
    There is a few problems in the .McPack file, and I works on it, and fix it very soon!
    But you can use the .Zip file Currently and enjoy the texture pack!

  40. ItalianMiner92 says:

    The new update make crashing the game (Windows 10 Edition)

    • Hothaifa says:

      Please make sure your PC can run it, the shaders mid has been updated in this update, and there is a lot of features have been added too!, but I’ll make the shaders mod fit all devices and PCs too at the next update.

  41. DinoDNA says:

    Can you change it from .zip to mcworld please I can’t download .zips

  42. Ivan says:

    It’s not installing into my Minecraft, I download it and it’s not in my minecraft

    • Hothaifa says:

      Please, try to install the .zip file, then extract it and paste it in minecraft resource pack, and you will get it!

  43. gonghongyu says:

    Hello, creator. I like your works very much. I want to do business cooperation with you. please tell me your contact information or you contact me.,

  44. Hothaifa says:

    The link is updated !

  45. ItalianMiner92 says:

    Link broken, can you fix it pls?

  46. Nouse says:

    Fallen link

  47. PersonWhoNeedsHelp says:

    yes it can use documents and rename it with .mcpack

  48. Thunderbolt says:

    Could you make it into a file that’s not .zip? iOS devices can’t use .zip files in MCPE.

  49. XxMFDGAMER says:

    This texture pack is only .zip

  50. Madhav Kumar says:

    Please also add normal clean glass and glass panes

  51. Hothaifa says:

    As I promised you! Now, in this update, the shaders has been added to this texture pack.
    If your device is good … you can enjoy the texture pack that includes the shaders now, but if your device is not good enough … I have added a copy of this texture pack that does not include the shaders,
    But I will try to make the shaders fit all devices without problems, and many improvements and changes will be added to this texture pack in the upcoming updates.
    I hope this update has been admired, enjoyed it!
    *Emportent note :
    the texture pack that includes the shaders work just when you set the “fancy graphics option” ON. its will not work if its OFF!

  52. GPickle77 says:

    Hello! I love this texture pack and it goes well with my survival world! It has become even better now that you have added shaders! Keep up the good work. I look forward to what you have in store for the future!

  53. Jorge says:

    How do you download the shaders pack

  54. AnnebelleChooses says:

    Tysm for making this!

    • Hothaifa says:

      Thank you , for using this pack, I’ll update it soon with amazing shader pack called “Zshaders (Sildurs Vibrant PE)”…
      thanks again.

  55. Anonymous says:

    good but please make it so normal glass are also cleaner and connectable

  56. Hothaifa says:

    I’m making & designing this shader, and I hope from mcpedl team to post it at this week.
    Also, this shader called “Zshaders (sildurs vibrant pe” … Why I name it like that ? because its look like the sildurs vibrant shader on java by 60%

  57. Karateanimator says:

    This is a great texture pack thanks for making it. Could you tell me the texture pack.

  58. Anonymous says:

    Hey this is an awesome pack, it’s great for my builds, but what shaders are used in the pictures?

  59. Anonymous says:

    This is an awesome pack, but what is the shader used in the pictures??

  60. jgreenmachine76YT says:

    There was no 1.3

    • Farohar says:

      There was a 1.3 bets for update aquatic. After jumping to 1 4 they came back to 1.3 and then went back to 1.5. Later they released the official update and the new beta is 1.6. Thank me later!

  61. Hothaifa says:

    Hello ,
    That’s the first texture pack which I made, so I hope that this texture pack has been admired, I have seen many comments for people who want , wait and look for a texture pack that Combining simplicity and modernity …
    So I have made this texture pack for anyone who likes designes and modern build .
    Enjoy it 👍 💕 thanks a lot .

  62. Lewis elian says:

    what is the shader you are using, please tell me

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