Clear Lag Mod

Are you running Minecraft Pocket Edition on an older phone or tablet? Are you experiencing lag at times which you wish you could get rid off? While we can’t guarantee with 100% this mod will clear all the lag it’s still likely it will make your gameplay a little bit smoother especially if the lag is caused by dropped items floating uselessly around in your world.

Creator: Metamorposis_2

How does it work?

The mod adds two new commands:

  • /con – turns it on
  • /coff – turns it off

When you have turned the mod on in-game it will automatically remove all dropped items or blocks, e.g. mined blocks or other small blocks/items floating around.

It will perform this action every minute until you switch it off.

What else can I do to decrease my lag?

Besides using the Clear Lag Mod you can also have a look at the following options in your game and make sure they are set to the minimum amount.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I like it

  2. Hi says:

    How do i properly install his?

  3. Precious2607 says:

    Does It Actually work??

  4. MCPELover says:

    Is this real…I wanna know XD

  5. Anonymous says:


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