Cliffside Modern House (Beta)

This season, feel joy and relaxed with this cliffside Modern House! No more fancy stuff, no more headache – just chill and feel the winter on your fabulous, wonderful home! 

Excellent design – isn’t it, you’ll forever like it to your own! 

Modern, classy, stylish home – not only for aesthetics, but also for your security and privacy. Lets make it like a real home!

Feel the view of sunset and the down of moon, on your elegant home. More simpler, more better!

In order to prevent unauthorized use of content and infringement, rules were established to regulate:

  • Distributing, sharing, and using on external websites by redirecting to this website for download. 
  • Use for your videos and demos by providing a proper credit and link even without permission.
  • Using this map for monetary gain through link shortening websites (,
  • Revising, renaming and changing some sections of this map without permission
  • Claiming this map as your own on other audience or people 
Shaders on this demo is not under the rules, though still must not be used for revision and claim.

Changelog View more

Terms of Use (ToU) added to prevent content use violations and prevent further issues with the map

Initial release

- Due to some problems with description, we have added images from the original submitted post. Still the same, with few more images.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14

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7 Responses

3.5 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. Guest-6669968353 says:

    This is probably one of the worst minecraft modern house maps I’ve ever seen! It way to plain, and has a terrible design. Sorry but this house is trash:(

  2. matheus says:

    ainda nao abaixei mais vou ver se é bom

  3. Awman says:

    the shaders wont load

  4. Carsten_003 says:

    What are the shaders called? I don’t have Facebook and I don’t want to make a account for it. Also the house iso cool, it would be better with the shaders

  5. Destruidor says:

    I cant dowload

  6. Anonymous says:

    can you put the download some where else please

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