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Published on May 11, 2015 (Updated on May 11, 2015)

Cloud Maze [Minigame]

Step into one of Minecraft PE's probably most confusing maze. The Cloud Maze is unique because it isn't an ordinary one with walls surrounding different pathways. Instead it's a vertical maze in which the objective is to find the finish in the top. Before getting a hang of how the maze is built you'll most definitely struggle finding your way.

The map doesn't necessarily only have to be played by one player. Invite your friends to compete against in the maze.

Creator: Alterna / Rick


  • Survival gamemode on
  • Peaceful on
  • Don't fly
  • Don't break blocks

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Download (MEGA)
Download (Dropbox)

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Can't download it pls make it download on mediafire
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This are the links:
(PS: I'm the creator of this map)
Editor, the link doesn't work anymore!! Please switch it to MCworld!! Thx