CodeCrafted Texture Pack [16×16]

CodeCrafted is a simplistic redstone texture pack. It adds a much cleaner design to some of the redstone items such as the redstone dust, repeaters and redstone torches. Besides a better redstone design it also implements cleaner textures for glass (both panes and blocks) and the same goes for wool blocks and carpets.

It’s supposed to change the ore blocks too but it doesn’t seem to be a feature in the current version but hopefully that’s something for the future.

Creator: CodeCrafted, Twitter, YouTube, Original PC Textures
Updated: 6 January, 2017 (support for 1.0.x)

codecrafted-4 codecrafted-2 codecrafted-1 codecrafted-3


  1. Download Resources .McPack (click .mcpack link on the page you get redirected to)
  2. Open Minecraft PE
  3. Settings > Global resources > Add pack

Click here if you want to download a .ZIP file.

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62 Responses

4.06 / 5 (18 votes)
  1. IvyN0t says:

    Is there a reason the destroy phase is left out of the pocket edition? Also using for 1.9 on console doesn’t work. Comes up with errors.

  2. TheEnderminer20 says:

    Help! Why does the link goes to a black screen and i can’t do anything there? BTW I saw mumbo jumbo using this texture pack so I searched it here and hope there is a texture pack like that so yeah

  3. Khylle says:

    Help! Why is the link goes to a black screen? Please anyone help me!

  4. Fritz says:

    Can You Make It Brighter S I Can Use It For Redstone Please

  5. Dom says:

    Is there a mediafire download?

  6. BlueAce35 says:

    Dear Editor,
    It’s kept on saying that the download failed. Can you tell me how to fix it

  7. GeneralVetos says:

    The only thing I think that could make this better for redstone people is to make the singular price of redstone a dot. I stead of the dot and 4 lines. It would make things look nicer in redstone.

  8. Anthony says:

    Can you make this with a faithful edit

  9. A person you don't know says:

    Can i get the mediafire link pls

  10. A person you don't know says:

    Dear Editor (as that is your name),
    I’m just wondering, can you make a texture pack without the 32x textures? I like it more that way. Thanks!

  11. Joshua says:

    I love this texture pack but I’m not really a big fan of the Redstone lamps. I like it how the PC texture repack is and it leaves it alone.

  12. YY Minecon says:

    Can there be like a media fire link where when they ask u to open using which app the Minecraft PE icon is there (Android)

  13. DentalStone says:

    Hey! Just letting you know that this brilliant resource pack has a bugged hunger and heath bar. Please fix asap!

  14. Intoxic8ted says:

    The link on codecrafted isn’t working to download. Keeps saying download failed.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I do download the texture pack but if i go to my settings and then to global rescources he isn’t there

  16. unknown says:

    You can combine a texture pack like faithful and CodeCrafted just go to the youtube and type how to combine a texture pack

  17. MinerMaster203 says:

    The one that I wish is that at retextured everything like Mumbo jumbo but also for Mumbo this texture pack is called faith

  18. BakedLock says:

    Does it work on 1.0.0?

  19. SuperPitty15 says:

    Amazing! Now I know what Youtubers (Redstone Tutorial) used! Thanks for this!

  20. FACE says:

    So i tried to download faithful and minecraft stopped working! i had to redownload mcpe!!!!

  21. This does work with the Faithful Pack, Right?

  22. Tu says:

    Do you have another link please?I can’t download it.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Is it possible to remove parts of the resource pack I don’t want? I don’t like the redstone lamp texture. I’m also on iOS

  24. ViciousBolt says:

    Thanks for updating this for 0.16.0! But I ported it… LOL

  25. Minnerx77 says:

    How can I use this on IOS?

  26. KaJoey_YT says:

    I knew it gonna uploaded…
    But how to upload an addon and make own addon??

  27. Dexter_Kun says:

    Awwww I miss this •~• 😢

    Ps I’m the first who port this 😛

  28. Anonymous says:

    Can I use this without blocklauncher?

  29. Ello Nyahu says:

    I can’t download it please help me!

  30. Darwin James says:

    Mediafire link please?!

  31. Gaming_King24 says:

    Pls fix link it sends me to codecrafted website and when I go to Resource Pack > Minecraft Pocket Edition > Minecraft PE v0.15 it takes me to a website and I can’t open the website PLS DO mediafire LINK!!

  32. Jare says:

    please fix the download link when i press download it sends me to the codecraft website it only send me to the message and it wont let me exit the message its stuck please fix it or give me the download link media fire or dropbox

    • Editor says:

      When you are on their website click “Resource Pack” > “Minecraft Pocket Edition” > “Minecraft PE v0.15” to download it.

  33. Marc andrei says:

    64×64 Please !

  34. ansh bhasin says:


  35. Bensen247 says:

    Ive Been Waiting For this Texture Pack!!! Mumbo Jumbo is Using This Texture Pack! I Love Mumbo Jumbo!!!

  36. TheBlockChef says:

    What are the maps in the screenshots?

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