Coffin Dance World

There are many memes about six men dancing with a coffin. I created a redstone and armor stands coffin dance. I hope it will make You laugh. Just download the .McWorld file.

Here are the photos:

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I added .zip file for download and fixed some bugs.


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44 Responses

2.48 / 5 (21 vote)
  1. Guest-3320733640 says:

    Anyone pls give the mediafire link my wifi is slow

  2. Guest-1392032600 says:

    How did it even get approved?

  3. Guest-9227596835 says:

    The person who wrote the comment bellow mine is an idiot for not knowing what a psychopath is

  4. Guest-5441305316 says:

    The one who made this meme and the ones who are making addons and maps,are probably psychopaths

  5. Guest-3046311987 says:

    what the fruck?

  6. Guest-8957383282 says:

    Bad addon

  7. Guest-8066499004 says:

    Did you run out of concepts while creating this map?

  8. Guest-4953489486 says:

    Why is everyone rating this map one star? You get what you get, a good virtual coffin dance.

  9. GREEN_TEA11753 says:

    Map of the year

  10. Guest-6350391266 says:


  11. Guest-8434353648 says:


  12. Guest-3163314675 says:

    So sad that i can’t rate 5 star without logging in.Maybe fix it?

  13. Guest-8332098679 says:

    you stole my idea

    • Guest-8628531482 says:

      You’re not even logged in? How are you even making sh**? If you aren’t logged in you can’t make anything

  14. Guest-2451581239 says:


  15. Guest-5573975429 says:

    Suport for

  16. Guest-1279012329 says:

    Not working

  17. Guest-2164931784 says:


  18. Guest-8303304096 says:

    Does it work on 1.12?

  19. Guest-5548728022 says:

    Why is this not working?
    Waste of time😒

  20. Guest-8550859357 says:

    Great map!

  21. Guest-9973956010 says:


  22. Guest-5904177432 says:

    I give it a 1 star

  23. Guest-9753393667 says:

    idk lol

  24. Guest-3501645742 says:

    I give it a 4 star

  25. Guest-4270555556 says:


  26. Guest-9699356949 says:

    link doesn’t work sometimes.

  27. Guest-9012070473 says:

    Black brother smiles, life and death are hard to predict[funny]

    • TryHardJibs says:

      Yes, people can laugh and make jokes when someone dies unexpectedly. It’s crude, though, but that’s human nature. Moreover, in the actual meme, WHO’S SUPPOSED TO BE INSIDE THE COFFIN?!

  28. Guest-3774463665 says:


  29. Guest-3186676397 says:

    Worst map.Laughing at death is not a good thing bro!

  30. Guest-5978313308 says:

    Very good map

  31. Guest-9007048695 says:

    You forgot 1

  32. BlockMasterKid says:


  33. Guest-4422039781 says:

    5 stars bc this guy rated it 1 star for no reason.Still good meme

  34. Guest-1605191052 says:

    its so easy to make xD

  35. Guest-3890742530 says:

    Little? That is why you rated it one star?

  36. Guest-2794413618 says:


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