Colorable Planks Mod

The Colorable Planks Mod lets you use all the different dyes to paint wooden planks in new colors. It’s perfect if you want to set a more fun and colorful tone to your builds. For example, through the use of this mod you can paint your house in all pink or mix it with several different colors.

Creator: wilco375

It’s simple to use too, just tap on a wooden plank block with the dye based on which colored you want. So if you want a green color use the cactus green dye.



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19 Responses

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  1. MsBlocksworth says:

    URG!!! it on ad fly … so it a no go for me . looks nice thou . last time a got any thing from ad fly it gave me a virus .. And i did the safe way ..that site is evil

  2. XxJustinPlayzxX says:

    So I thought that this mod would be like ones that I see on PC. But when I try to download it, it shows me all of these codes on Dropbox.Inc

  3. TheMineQueen says:

    I agree that most mods on here are so easy for other devices but iOS is the only one it’s hard for. I want to make a house with different coloured planks for a change but when I try to download this it never works

  4. Anonymous says:

    Please make it a resource/behavior pack, I can’t download it due to iOS. So it’d be greatly appreciated, I’m a small role play YouTuber. Thanks!

  5. ARandomPerson says:

    It’s weird but ingame i dye a plank it stays in it’s default color 《Yes i have the mod installed》

  6. TheDeathlyHallow says:

    Its so stupid! Every actual Cool thing I find on mcpe.dl, You can’t download on IOS easily! I need the .mcpack one click download for ease of download for my IOS Device, as I can’t download Dripbox! I hate this site now, knowing that the cool things I see, I can never use! Ever! Please fix this and be more open to more devices. >;(

  7. Ze smart one says:

    At the top right hand corner, wait until it says “skip ad”

  8. Pink Fluffy Unicorn says:

    This just led me to a website called ‘Ad.Fly’ and I don’t know what to do else there? Can you tell me? I’m just so confused

  9. Lance the Lumberjack says:

    Epic mod by wilco375… It is true that the coloring is a bit on the rich side. Nonetheless great mod.

  10. OomasterFlooroO says:

    Is mod good?

  11. IJellyFish says:

    Hey choud you make slabs and stairs dyeable?

  12. Bambi says:

    This works great, however, would it be possible to “lighten” the black color? It hides the wood texture and makes it look like a solid black block

  13. Levi says:

    Why you make so hard to download and links that say download when the real link is the words!!!?

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