Colored Lights Shader

Introducing Colored Lights! This pack include 5 different color shaders.

– Kind’a Blue

– Emerald Green

– Horror Red

– Sunny Yellow

– Candy Pink

This pack focuses only in lightings like torches, sea lantern, glowstone and many more. Once imported to your Minecraft (for .mcpack file) you will instantly gain access to 5 different color shaders.

Sunny Yellow

Kind’a Blue

Horror Red

Emerald Green

Note: The use of shader pack along with these color pack may result in a game crash, shader issue, bugging, glitching and you may also experience invisible world.

Pack Includes:

✓ Blue Lighting Shader

✓ Red Lighting Shader

✓ Yellow Lighting Shader

✓ Green Lighting Shader

✓ Pink Lighting Shader

Supported Platforms:

✓ Android — works on most of your devices

✓ iOS (Not Tested)

Help and Support

If you find any bugs, errors or if you experience any lag issues, report it immediately at our Discord Server.


You are allowed to modify this shader in your own personal use.

You are prohibited to distribute it with or without any modifications.

See LICENSE.txt for more.

Pack Developed by:
BlueLight Creatives

Changelog View more

✓ Bug fixed and performance improvements

✓ New Color Added: Modern White

✓ CLSP can now be used alongside Haptic Shaders using the CLSP Assets

✓ Added a new color: Candy Pink

✓ Improved color: Horror Red — now it's more appealing and a little bit darker than usual

✓ Precision fixes


After a successful import, use only ONE (1) color shader pack.

If you want to use CLSP alongside Haptic Shaders, download the CLSP Assets.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16



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Installation Guides

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57 Responses

3.71 / 5 (17 votes)
  1. XxShadWolfxX says:

    I tried to download it but it just said my PC would get a virus if I continued downloading

  2. Bennik says:

    Why cant you just post the directly link????

  3. Guest-5126001429 says:

    sincerely, I downloaded the main version because of ads.

  4. Guest-6088539467 says:

    I’m on android and it also doesn’t work for me. What can I do?

  5. Guest-2232124921 says:

    This is awesome it makes my texture pack even more realistic thank you you did a good job 10 stars but I only can enter 5 thank you

  6. Guest-7623861334 says:

    please update ios support 🙁

  7. AracelyPinkRose says:

    I don’t even care about the pack I just get an error! It tells me that there is an error in the package oh it tells me invalid zip! Fix that! I have a ZTE Balde V Ultra 2 GB ram Android 8.0.0!

    • Hi,

      I am writing you to follow up on this matter regarding CLSP.

      I was wondering if you would be able to contact us at Help and Support, this way we can help you properly with the issues that you’re currently facing right now.

      Or contact us via email at,
      [email protected]

      Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

      • Guest-3035755579 says:

        I would love to use this but I have tried everything like 10 times and need help (IOS)

        • Voidsshadow says:

          If you want help, don’t complain here.
          Instead, ask for help in the Discord server linked in the mod post (under the Help and Support header) or email them.

      • Guest-9736354398 says:

        Can I use these shaders on windows 10 edition?

  8. Listen if you make it like Sea lanterns shine blue and glowstone red & redstone lamp yellow… This would be sooo good…

    • Guest-3111252504 says:

      You’re not posting a review based on the quality of what the shader promised to do, you’re posting a review based on a feature it never said it would have. This should be an invalid review.

  9. Guest-1461897468 says:

    What’s the block that I have to use?

  10. Guest-2705899509 says:

    I couldn’t make it work. The game says that it failed to import the pack. Is there any way I can fix this?

    • Guest-2976787398 says:

      You need to download the app called: documents by readdle and then press your files and then you find this file for this shaders and after that you can press open in another app

    • Voidsshadow says:

      Which platform are you on? Xbox, Android, Win10, Switch, or iOS?
      The method to solve this problem depends on which platform you are using.

  11. AracelyPinkRose says:

    Neither MCPACK nor ZIP grab me can you add it ???

  12. Idk if u can do this, but plz make it where u can use all colors at the same time. Maybe edit the different levels of a light block? Idk

    • AracelyPinkRose says:

      Try everything … but nothing or zip I can do it does not appear the pack

    • Exter Yeet says:

      Currently, Minecraft uses only one light for every light emitting block, BUT when Mojang updates the game’s rendering engine to the Render Dragon, it’ll be possible.

  13. Guest-4951403343 says:

    it failed it wont work

  14. Guest-9400491743 says:

    Can you put this on media fire

  15. FirelordEddie says:

    Funcionó bien en android 7 🌟

  16. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately it doesn’t work for me :/
    Looks Nice, but I can’t used 🙁

    (I use Android Y9)

  17. Guest-5088961136 says:

    Wow aja lah, gak tau mau nulis apaan

  18. Guest-9750330584 says:

    no it doesnt work and the adfly links made my life hell. so frustrating and waste of time

  19. Guest-7699395093 says:

    Can you put it MediaFire?

  20. Guest-5355551242 says:

    Could you please put it on mediafire?

    • Guest-2532237602 says:

      They are no difference!

      • Guest-2185802346 says:

        Sorry, but as someone who’s used MCPEDL for quite a bit, I have to correct you. Certain redirects make it impossible to go to the download page without turning a website’s notifications on. So, just having a direct link to the download page makes it actually possible to download most Resource/Behavior Packs. I hope this informed you as to why the person was requesting a MediaFire link for the Shader.

        • Guest-2620917275 says:

          i never have to turn on notifications i just wait and keep on pressing no and eventually get to mediafire

        • Guest-1056253693 says:

          You don’t have to turn notifications on, when the message appear just wait about 20 seconds and the page will redirect you.

        • Guest-6117828138 says:

          You guys all know you can instantly just remove the websites permissions after you give it to them right?

  21. Guest-7306853062 says:

    *sees green shader*

    D a r k H o u r

  22. AracelyPinkRose says:

    could you add the pink light pls

  23. Guest-1052141338 says:

    iOS not supported.😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • Guest-7654494172 says:

      If you need help, I suggest you contact them via their discord link. They really help.

  24. OMG THANKS SOOO MUCH I NEEDED THAT. I just needed it for like some pictures and it is super cool. And how can I do that license txt thing..?

  25. Guest-9719233640 says:

    This is really really cool thanks man

  26. Average Addon Man says:

    win10 support needed someday

    • Guest-6875108819 says:

      You could use rtx

      • Guest-4387515606 says:

        Not everyone has a 2060 graphics card 🙄

      • Guest-6210306384 says:

        we dont all have $400 graphics cards

      • Guest-7821871395 says:

        Since you are 5 i’ll give you a break I dont think you understand how hard it is to get money in such hard times and it’s not just one click and you have Rtx you need about 1k just to build a pc with Rtx ( Cheaper than pre built+the 2060 is $299+tax and shipping). Also you need a i5 or better to run rtx.

    • Guest-3314449974 says:

      When Renderdragon is fully integrated we will get shader packs like Java has

  27. Guest-6643536478 says:

    you know if you make one for render dragon it will be much better since it supports stuff like colored lighting, the new win10 1.16 beta has render dragon, I saw you can test on that, but that’s just a suggestion

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