Colored Selection Box

Are you bored of the default black selection selection box? Or perhaps you just want to customize your game and change the color scheme according to the texture pack you have on? Well in that case we have you covered!


This overlay pack changes the color of the selection box! with 8 different colors! those being: Aqua, Blue, Purple, Pink, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow, or simply just White! 

We have 2 variants of colors, Classic and Neon!

Note: It’s not possible to turn this into a slider.

Tested on Android, Win10 and iOS! 


Here are in-game screenshots to show you how each selection box looks

{[===Classic Colors===]}










{[===Neon Colors===]}

Neon Blue:

Neon Purple:

Neon Pink:

Neon Green:

Neon Orange:

Neon Red:

Neon Yellow:

(They are way brighter in-game. The screenshots just made them desaturated and less bright)



You are allowed to record a video of this pack, but do make sure to leave the MCPEDL link in the description with proper credits, Team CelestialBE. (Galaxie, AmixyZy)

You are not allowed to use the code on any of your own texture packs and upload it on any other site without our permission.

DM @TeamCelestialBE on Twitter if you have questions.


Credits –

  • AmixyZy – Classic colors
  • GalaxieKun – Neon colors


Changelog View more

Added -

• Pink (Classic)

• Pink in-game screenshot

• Neon Colors

  • Neon Blue
  • Neon Purple
  • Neon Pink
  • Neon Green
  • Neon Orange
  • Neon Red
  • Neon Yellow

Fixed -

• White

  • White is now whiter!

Changed -

We have now switched to adfly

Featured image has been changed to showcase the neon colors


Click the link, it will transfer you to Adfly. Click skip ads and deny permission to send you notifications and wait for 15-20 seconds to transfer to mediafire.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16



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42 Responses

4.5 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. Guest-6873904156 says:

    Did you steal this from gengHAr15? If you didn’t how did you get permission from gengHAr15?

  2. luckydev says:

    Could you bundle them all in one (sub packs) so I can hot swap in game rather than downloading all of them, they have real generic names, I might accidentally delete some in my file system

  3. Guest-5769570890 says:

    make a rainbow one

  4. Guest-3754139796 says:

    It,s nice it helps alot al tho sometimes i can,t see can u make it more thicker? It would be nice and clear to see

  5. Guest-8575777745 says:

    For win 10 the whitr outline is yellow pox fix

  6. D00M says:

    Great idea works nicely, stars deducted for the terrible choice of ad revenue generating link to download.


  7. Guest-8927529755 says:

    wish it was like this too

  8. Guest-3167495154 says:

    Is possible to change its thickness? From one pixel to for example three?

  9. Yumasko says:


    The pack works really well but the ad page was the worst I have ever seen. Please use adfly.

  10. Guest-7143531364 says:

    what am i doing lurking here


  11. Guest-8461437798 says:

    Iwant this texture pack

  12. Guest-5772742674 says:

    can u guys make them thicker aswell?. and the white outline selection doesn’t work. the white one is yellow when i put it on can you fix that please.

  13. Shinkeruken says:

    Can u make a bold one? (Liks thicccc color on blocks)

  14. Lord_Khufu says:

    The link at the 10 seconds thing doesn’t count, oh wait i just check it’s fine sorry

  15. Guest-8829062728 says:

    could u make it rgb? (like switch colors in a rainbow? cuz i hav seen many pack creators make rgb things

  16. Guest-6319119605 says:

    Sadly doesn’t work in the RTX beta. Could you look into this? When I apply the resource pack the selection box only showed up as white (I downloaded the aqua colour pack).

  17. Guest-1588128901 says:

    But good idea. I was looking very forward to it. If possible, can you plz make it a direct link. Thank you so much!

  18. Guest-6897378543 says:

    Does not work!!!!!!! Try using a direct link plz

    • Sorry if you’re having trouble downloading the pack. We use Shrinkearn to support our creation. Please follow the Installation instructions. MCPEDL should also give you instructions on how to skip the ads once you click the download link.

  19. Guest-4206030475 says:

    Takes a little bit to download, bu tother than that good job. Also please make one with multible colors in one pack that you can select.

  20. Guest-2123234787 says:

    Can you make the line T H I C C ?

  21. Guest-9109365321 says:


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