Colorful Glass Mod

The Colorful Glass Mod adds eleven color different glass blocks to the game. With the use of torches and glowstones you can now set unique light tones to different rooms and areas.

Creator: FuzionDroid

How to get the new blocks?

They are only accessible through the inventory while in creative. You can also use a mod such as Too Many Items to spawn the blocks.

Block IDs

  • White Stained Glass (95)
  • Orange Stained Glass (96)
  • Magenta Stained Glass (97)
  • Light Blue Stained Glass (98)
  • Yellow Stained Glass (99)
  • Dark Blue Stained Glass (100)
  • Pink Stained Glass (101)
  • Black Stained Glass (102)
  • Light Gray Stained Glass (103)
  • Purple Stained Glass (104)
  • Red Stained Glass (105)

screenshot-2015-01-25-12-43 screenshot-2015-01-25-12-45 screenshot-2015-01-25-12-45_2 screenshot-2015-01-25-12-45_3


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4 Responses

  1. Darren dave says:

    Why the my trapdoor turned to Orange glass

  2. Mysterygamer says:

    Kenny the way to install mods is dowload astro file manager with cloud after you dowload it download the mod you want when its done go to astro file manager search the mod then put it the file of your mods then go to blocklauncher and click the rench at the top and click manage mods and go to the file where downloaded the and click it then you have the mod:)(ps you need to download blocklauncher because it dosent work on the original one)

  3. Kenny says:

    How do I install a mod

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