Colorful Mutant Wolves Addon

This is the first addon which lets you dye your wolf in any color. Also the behaviors and size of the wolf have had a slight upgrade since it’s now known as a Mutant Wolf. The Mutant Wolf is stronger, dyeable and can be used similar as a horse for riding. It’s really a must-have if you are looking for new companion on your next adventures in Minecraft.

Creator: Jujustyle7Twitter Account

How does it work?

Mutant Wolves (replace ordinary wolves and) can be found spawning in most forest biomes. Since it’s a mutant it’s a bit larger and quite a lot stronger than an ordinary wolf. You can tame it just as with normal wolves by feeding it some bones.

A tamed wolf can be dyed in any color.

  • iOS / Android: Equip a dye in your hand, long press on a tamed wolf and press Dye
  • Windows 10: Right-click on the wolf while holding a dye to dye it

You can use any of the existing dyes to dye a wolf.

Nope, it can’t fly. But it sure can jump high! A tamed wolf can be ridden quite similar to riding a horse. Sit down on the wolf, press the inventory button and equip the saddle with a bone. (Note: add a bone, not a saddle!) Next you will be able to control it.

General Mutant Wolf Features

  • Tamed wolves are dyable by using any of the dyes.
  • Rideable similar to a horse.
  • Can jump when riding.
  • Health:
    • Wild: 30 hearts
    • Tamed: 62.5 hearts
  • Replaces wolves


  1. Download Resource & Behavior .McAddon
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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Installation Guides

AndroidiOSWindows 10

91 Responses

4.36 / 5 (44 votes)
  1. Ur dumb says:

    There’s an addon that has mutant wolves

  2. Kris says:

    Would you be willing to make a version where there is a seperate mod file where you can have the mutant wolves spawn alongside normal wolves? Having only mutants seems a bit odd.

  3. Alpha Vanners says:

    To make them sit shift (sneak) and click on them (if it doesnt work them click them on their bottom)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Me encanta

  5. Anonymous says:

    Why are the wolves flying? I would love it if you could make an add’on where you can ride ANYTHING!

  6. Marnie says:

    Hi. How do I activate it? Like. what folder should I put it in.

  7. Traziil says:

    Pro tip: dont want giant, uncontrollable wolves but still want the colors? Just remove the behavior pack. They return to their original size, you can make them sit, and the are still dyable. You can no longer ride them though, and i believe they lose any mutant perks. But if you just want the colors, this is a way to do it.

  8. Jakegamer1217 says:

    I can’t make it sit tell me how

    • Wolfie_gaming 360 says:

      You get random item, point at dog and on bottom you see button “sit”,press it and it sit! >w< same thing with stand to.

  9. TeamTDS says:

    Hey dude could just wondering is this compatible or does it work with the wolf Armour mod or does it glitch out? Cuz I want to build a super doge and cat army and make a vid on YT and kill the ender DREYGON.

  10. Bonnie Kayla says:

    I can’t ride the dogs!!!!

  11. SXUMcg says:

    How do you sit on the wolf in windows 10 edition ’cause i tried and it just made them stand up and sit down.?

  12. AustinW2020 says:

    Hey creator of this if you could make a add-on the adds more eggs like custom dragon eggs to be exact and like use the coding of get color wolves mage them into different mobs like eggs like the dragon eggs and like do that to a different mobs same coding into what the eggs hatch into please try to do this

  13. Anonymous says:

    What version is needed for this addon

  14. Renee Porten says:

    I love this but you can’t sit them. They follow and there a way to make them sit when not riding?

  15. mep478 says:

    how do you download the muntant where is the download button

  16. PaleBiird says:

    Hey! I was wondering if you could use a different platform for the download? Like maybe media fire? Adfly just isn’t working for me :/ Thank you!

  17. Olivia says:

    I love this Add-on this worked sooo welll. Pls make more Addons!!!!!!

  18. AI says:

    to make them sit you must first sneak

  19. adamd664 says:

    You can get the dog to sit and stand if you download the clay Soldiers mod and get a clay soldier to ride the dog then you can tell it to sit or stand

  20. TAiden says:

    How did you manage to edit the texture of a dyed wolf’s colour? I’m really curious cuz I’m making a texture pack

  21. Heitor says:

    It doesn’t work on Windows 10

  22. Lina says:

    It dint work for me so can you guys please help me I don’t know how to get the addon and it is really annoying me! Please help me!

  23. Anon says:

    Wait no I was really happy with it and then I realized I couldn’t make it sit and stand 😭😭😭

  24. Anon says:

    I was able to download this pretty easily so I give that a ten out of ten… there’s a but… BUT, the only thing I can do is dye the dog and make it sit/stand. The other thing is, the dog is the same size as any other minecraft PE dog so the size didn’t change. I’m a little disappointed because I’ve always thought there should be a way to mount dogs like horses. Much sad ,very disappoint…

  25. Anon says:

    My dog isn’t bigger, it’s the same size as a normal Minecraft pe dog. and I can’t mount it I’ve tried with a saddle and a bone, but all I can do is dye it and make it sit/stand. I don’t know what to do

  26. Anonymous says:

    Well I haven’t downloaded yet but it seems amazing I have just watched a video about it so yeah can’t wait to download

  27. EBSGasmask78 says:

    I cant sit down on them!!!! i have Win 10 edition. is that the problem?
    four stars (cause it amazing but i cant ride them[ -1])

  28. AlphaCrimson670_YT says:

    Question only: How do you make them sit? I have the same problem with the mutant ocelots.

  29. Bobbi joe says:

    How do you make them sit??

  30. Clauddavid says:

    bro this is really cool this addon and plus wolves add-on make a nice duo

  31. Mckayla says:

    I’ve been waiting for someone to make this sooo happy thx dude😀

  32. RomanFox2 says:

    How the heck do you make them sit manually? They just keep sitting on their own.

  33. Adrian says:

    A little dissapointed. Expected it to work
    So when i dye the mutant wolf, it doesnt dye the entire wolf like in the pictures… i mean come on man. And second saddles dont work to equip. I cant ride it just sit on it…😩😩😐😔

  34. Ethan22yy says:


  35. Foxgamerteev says:

    well it’s just cool? I guess

  36. PatiEmpati says:

    Nice but I fail trying to make them sit

  37. Anonymous says:

    how do you mount the wolf?

  38. Fire_Hazzed says:

    Can you make it so they are normal wolves, when you dye them they are different breeds?

  39. PUGS RULE says:

    Btw you need to tame the wolf and then dye it any dye and then sit it and then you do what you do with a horse but you use a bone instand of a saddle


  40. PUGS RULE says:

    So fun I trolled my friend my friend was like “how are you ridding the wolf and why is it pink” I said um new update then my friend said ohhhh is she tried to do it but it did not work lol then I told her it was a addon so she tried it her self we both love it

  41. Anonymous2 says:

    I can’t ride the wolf I can only make him stand and sit pls help me

  42. Michael says:

    Can you do so the wolfs Can sit plzz so they Don.t die of you go mining

  43. Anonymous says:

    How do you make the wolves sit down and stand up?

  44. Anonymous says:

    how come only half of the wolves get colored not the whole body

  45. Kristian says:

    You can update the Super mario craft add-on, but the worst part is… THAT WOLF ADDON IS STUPID!!!!!

  46. RenewedAgenda32 says:

    Hi, I have one question, I was wondering why my wolf/dogs fur is black and white, It doesn’t have the original wolf texture, Is there anyway you could help me solve this problem?

  47. JayFrostMiner says:

    Love it !

  48. LJ524 says:

    Oops, I need to read the whole thing XD

  49. LJ524 says:

    What do i put in the saddle slot!? (I am a mobile player) otherwise; amazing

  50. Undertale fan says:

    Do ocelots next

  51. Gatharian says:

    Wolves cannot be saddled in minecraft windows 10 edition. Just tested it. Currently using 1.1.3

  52. Maticraft says:

    You can make a steven universe addon

  53. Ella chapman says:

    i cant ride my dog (why?) 🙁

  54. Cali says:

    When it was downloading it said “Duplicate pack detected” what do i do?

  55. LykoiKittens says:

    Epic! Can somebody make an addon like this but instead of diffent colors of wolves, when you dye them it looks like different dog breeds? Ex: yellow dye, golden retriever. Brown dye, Doge/shiba inu. WAIT. What if this was done for cats?!!?

  56. Locatingmango2 says:

    This is awesome could the creator make a wolf armor addon like replace some dyes with armor and change the health or something like that also being able to store items in the wolf armor would be cool to

  57. Roku says:

    No function in mcpe 1.1.3, wolves no move!

  58. AdvDreemurrFr says:

    Hum, okay, but without fliying it will be more realistic, I want to use it in my survival world, but flying dogs… hum… can you make a version without flying dogs ?

  59. Lord shadow says:


  60. GalaxyOfShaz001 says:

    So does it still attack mobs and animals that you attack and defend you?

  61. Anonymous says:

    AWESOME!! I always wish for things like this but usually they have other stuff with them I love it!!!!

  62. OMGXD says:

    This is AMAZING!!

  63. Night Fury 1307 says:

    YAS!!!! It’s finally out for download!!!!!! 😀

  64. OPOLO says:


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