Colors++ for Biomes

Are you tired of textures patterns of trees, water and grass of Minecraft? Think you are just a green with blue waters is not enough? If yes, this texture is for you. It adds different colors in the biomes of Minecraft on the colored trees, more shades of grass and shades of water.

The taiga trees are with a bluish and grass with a bluish clearer

The lawn of betulas is more yellowish and its leaves are with a pink tone

The water in the biome swamp is with a muddy tone, in addition to the grass brown and dark brown leaves

In the jungle biome of the grass is darker, the water a little green and dark green leaves

In the mountains, the grass is more bluish

A few more changes of colors of texture:

On the waters in the wilderness they are with a yellowish tone, in the table are with a tone more orange and at sea corals are with a blue tone :

These and a few more additions are contained in this texture pack, explore !

Note: If you want to use this texture pack to record videos, please ask that at least put the original link posting on MCPE to motivate me to create more textures pack to the Community Bedrock.

Tell me your opinion and tips for additions or improvements.!!!

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Thank you for downloading this add-on!!!

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Texture tested and working in the beta versions of Minecraft 1.15 and 1.16


Works with other texture packs and lighting, but needs to be above these packages in the hierarchy


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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  1. Guest-1843811439 says:

    Can you authorize me to reprint this Addons to the Minecraft China.What I need is business authorization.

  2. Guest-2426786966 says:

    Wish I could get it but AdFly is acting like a heck like it always does and isn’t letting me download it. MediaFire link would be nice.

  3. Guest-3322659902 says:

    I really love how you made the jungle look dark instead of light, as with the swamps. The blue-ish for pine woods is extremely fitting too. The colored water is a nice touch too. This pack looks amazing with my shader! Keep going it works wonderfully!

  4. Guest-6180698015 says:

    im guessing this doesn’t world with other texture packs

  5. Skyrkazm says:

    Absolutely beautiful, my friends on the realm really loved this. Thnx for this texture pack.

  6. Guest-7084364009 says:

    Wow this is amazing I love it

  7. Guest-2229622077 says:

    What website did you use to make this awesome pack?

  8. Oh wow! This pack is amazing, great job! I have a suggestion, can you make a pack that has seasons, like the leaves change color each in-game week or so. Thx

  9. Guest-7005471763 says:

    Please MediaFire Link

  10. Guest-1241811096 says:

    Question: can you do this with shaders? Or nah?

  11. That’s lit asf but could u do a faithful version? (32×32) would be nice from u. thnx

  12. Anonymous says:

    Put this in front of mediafire com link to directly get the pack:

  13. RealKozu says:

    I really like the look of this pack but unfortunately im unable to get it due to millions of adds and page redirects. Could you possibly add a direct to download mediafire link?

  14. Guest-5966629400 says:

    Please mediafire link

  15. Guest-1106818747 says:

    I love It

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