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Published on December 06, 2014 (Updated on December 06, 2014)


CommandCraft adds 30 new commands to the game. With the commands implemented you will be able to switch between gamemodes, teleport to specific coordinations, add health to your character and a whole lot of other things too and everything is available through simple text commands.

In the sense of text commands Minecraft PE is still far behind the PC version but it doesn't need to be like that since with mods like this one you can easily bypass that.

Creator: Fatihcraft2TR

Commands & Information

  • /about - displays a short message about the mod
  • /help [page] - help about the mod
  • /biome - tells you which biome you are in
  • /clear - clears the inventory (works only in survival mode)
  • /dropitem <x> <y> <z> <item> <amount> [damage] - drops the item ID at specific coordinates you choose
  • /entity
  • /blockdata - shows the information about the block you are pointing at
  • /explode <x> <y> <z> <radius> - creates an explosion at the coordinates of your choice
  • /fly - turn fly on/off
  • /fov <number> - sets your field of view
  • /gamemode [0/1] - switch between survival and creative
  • /me <about you> - roleplay command
  • /gamespeed <ticks> - decrease or increase game speed (slow motion or super fast)
  • /give <item> <amount> [damage] - give yourself something nice
  • /heal - instant healing command
  • /health [set/add] <hearts> - set your health to a specific amount or add hearts to your current
  • /coords - shows your current in-game coordinates
  • /ignite <seconds> - put yourself on fire in x seconds
  • /itemdata - shows information about the item you are currently holding
  • /spawnpoint - sets your spawnpoint to your current location
  • /ip - check ip, only available on local servers
  • /kill - sets your health to 0 = death
  • /name - see what your name is
  • /playsound <sound> <volume> <pitch> - plays a sound of your liking
  • /print <message> - show a message in the chat
  • /say <message> - lets you say something in the chat with your name as the one who said it
  • /time [set | add] <ticks> - set the time of the day: day, midday, night, midnight
  • /stop - leave the game
  • /summon <id> <x> <y> <z> [skin] - summon a mob
  • /tile [destroy]
  • /title <title>
  • /tp <x> <y> <z> - teleports you to the coordinates you choose
  • /version - shows current version
  • /world - shows the current world name
  • /disguise <entity>
  • /d <entity>

Installation Guides

dropbox is the worst link ever.add a medfire link
The download link is npt working...
Can i have mediafire link? Cuz dropbox link didnt work for me
how do i use this
Can I please get a media fire download link please. I need this for my realm. All I really need is custom health data and survival flying. Thank you
Princess Consuela June 03, 2018 at 2:10 pm
Is there a Mediafire link? If there isn’t, can one be added? Thx, the one reason I ask is the DropBox one doesn’t work for me. Don’t mean to be rude!?
I love this mod but I can't do the /d
Thank you for the feedback, I've realized this issue a year ago. It seems like entity models were changed in the latest version of Minecraft. I've tried many different ways for it to work with BlockLauncher and somehow it doesn't work anymore. I'm glad that you like it!
thanks for the commands im new to mcpe lol XD
DanTheMan123456lollol November 22, 2015 at 12:10 am
Does this support Multiplayer? Like with the Windows 10 version?
How do you install this mod onto a not jailbroken IOS device?
Most mods work only for Android, such as this one.
This is literally the most useful mod I have ever used. I would just like to recommend a /jump command like in the SPCPE mod.
I've been thinking of that feature, I'll add it later. I'm currently working on version 4.0.
that's what I want from long time...Thank you thank you thank you sooooooooooooooo much
No Problem! ;)
I just wanted to say that I dreamed of a day when I could use console commands on my phone in minecraft, you are my hero. The mod works great!
Thanks :)
How do you install on Android?