By Editor
Published on September 04, 2014 (Updated on September 04, 2014)

Commands Mod

Can you please update this to 1.16?
I cant use the mod because of the file extension (.js). My minecraft uses .mcaddon, .mcpack, and .mcworld files for addons from the community.
just rename the .js file to .mcpack. That should work
How do you download it I clicked download and then it just comes up with the script and I can't figure out how to download it
Where is the download button
Umm seriously? It says 'download mod' and 'download Texture pack (optional)'
Ist not working i have minecraft 0.9.5
can you set more then one home?
Only works on Android.
I dont know if you are still replying to comments, but is there a way to turn off some commands, like if i have a realm onky turn on tp and sethome?
I dont need it i already have it :P
I like but I wish if command block can build house I like to build im so editor
Could use a /enchant function
This is cool
I love it! It needs blockluncher, but it works! sadly it doesnt work in mcpe 0.14.0+
Anyways, great command mod!
Any errors? I am pretty sure it should work.
Texture pack is outdated. Mod script cannot be imported without texture pack!
Try this:
Does the iOS version work? It has a guide for it.