Hi there! 

With this add-on you can save a lot of space in your inventory!

It’s a handy bastange add-on, so I don’t know what to expect to download it!

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How does it work? 

Imagine that you have many many minerals that only take up a lot of space in your chests or in your inventory, with the help of this add-on you will be able to compress all those minerals so that they take up very little space!

Here I leave you a before and after of the compressed mineral, which in this case is emerald



Does this addon work with all minerals?


It works with:








In future updates it will be available with netherite!

What should I do to compress the minerals?

1. You must make blocks of the mineral

2. After making the mineral blocks that Minecraft already has by default, you can make a next compressed block made with the block made previously

3. After doing this you can still compress the ore even more by making more blocks made from the past compressed blocks

This way you will save hundreds of spaces from your inventory

It is the same procedure for all the minerals mentioned in the previous question

What should i do to unpack the blocks and get my minerals back?

You just have to put the compressed blocks anywhere on the crafting table and you will get them

What happen if I find a bug in the addon? 

If you find some bug please tell me on my social networks, and i will send you a quick solution to the bug



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I modified the link of download of the addon 

Message for admins: sorry for change the link again 

i only modified the link of download of the compact ore add on

I modified the link of download of my addon CompactOres



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    I have suggest Stobe and wood pls……

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    Pretty interesting addon indeed, love the designs of the compressed blocks 🙂

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