Confetti Dropper [Minigame]

Confetti Dropper is a fun minigame map with 8 different dropper challenges. It works in a way where you have to complete one level in order to unlock the next and so on. In each level you have to jump off a ledge and then move in different directions in air to push past different obstacles and hopefully land safely in the water at the bottom of each level.

Creator: Smartiemax

Note from the creator: Hi! I’m Smartie, this is my first map and I hope you’ll enjoy it! I worked really hard on it and you’ll come across an exciting 8 levels such as diving into a toilet, seeing why farmers are insane, and much more! Thanks!


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16 Responses

3.83 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. Whyyyyyy! says:

    U guys should stop complaning about this OK!

  2. ExLuker2316 says:

    But you tried you best! 😉

  3. ExLuker2316 says:

    Lists that you mistake,
    -You left you’re redstone with out clearing,
    -The pistons didn’t work in the last level because they’re weren’t connected,
    -You left us on creative mode and now some players are going to mess up the map,
    -What do you mean by confetti? They’re is barely any.
    -Sometimes for me I would be took in the trophy room even though I never finnish the game.
    -And finally sometimes in the more roller coaster when I went in the fall down part, instead on the rail, I was literally and my minecart on the ground. It was because before falling to the rail the top part was far and past the falling part. Please fix!
    Those are the lists of mistakes of the map! Thank you for reading this comment.

  4. someone says:

    your levers on the sticky pads on the boss level should be up instead of down

  5. Smartiemax says:

    I have 2 maps in progress! Get ready!

  6. Replete_Mars9 says:

    Unspeakable has played the map now as well

    • Smartiemax says:

      Oh wow I never expected a famous youtuber to play my map! I also saw the video and I will most likely be making a second.

  7. Rampage says:

    Good job, Good job! This was fun! Thank you Smartimax! We are looking forward to the next map! We made a playthrough posted here:

  8. Smartiemax says:

    Me when 2 youtubers have played this map on their channels but they don’t speak English.

  9. Sovuthereach says:

    I like dropper map it fun

  10. Smartiemax says:

    Thanks so much for putting my map on the page! I’m hoping to make a second one, or maybe even an adventure map!!!

  11. Xsniper says:

    You can’t open the last level without breaking the blocks you put levers on the other side giving constant power to the pistons 🙁

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