Connected Glass v1.1 [16×16]

Connected Glass is a texture pack created by the Ender Phoenix Group to make glass blocks look more natural when placed beside one another. This is done by removing the border on the edge of the block.

Connected Glass is a texture pack created by the Ender Phoenix Group. Many players seek connected texture resource packs on the popular Minecraft: Java Edition. A common reason to have one of these packs is to make blocks such as glass look more natural when placed side-by-side,

All the glass blocks have been changed to look like that. Even the regular glass block has been altered. Unlike many other borderless glass packs, we have also removed the ‘glare’,

If you own a realm or server and want custom command block creations, texture packs, spawns, builds, redstone creations, or anything else made specifically for your realm or server, join our discord! Link below.

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v1.0 = Added connected glass textures

v1.1 = Fixed the file size issue.


1) Click the MediaFire link below.
2) Download the .mcpack file.
3) Open the .mcpack file.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 (beta)



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11 Responses

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  1. Sub_Z3r0 says:

    Hey i have a suggestion for you maybe you could put the border around the glass but make the border connect i mean you don’t have to it was a suggestion btw i love this

  2. JencebJanx says:

    havenot (have) I miss type

  3. stick says:

  4. Orange_county says:

    Can you reduce the file ?
    I saw it contains like basically every assets of the game and it was like 40MB something
    Great job btw

  5. Underrated Loser says:

    Thanks, my builds are ten times easier to look at

  6. SageX says:

    Very Nice

  7. ZnaikaPlayYT says:

    Крутой сайт проблем нет

  8. JencebJanx says:

    bro/dude uuuuhh I think thats called clean glass cause connected glass still havenot outlines but everytime you place a glass the line connects #Facts

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