Connected Textures By Azapz

Have you ever watched some java edition mod video where they show you an add-on that makes all of the textures connect? Ofcourse you have! With this texture pack you can get just that feeling. This is a 16×16 texture pack that makes some of the blocks more connected.

You can make sideway paths

Here you can see that the cobblestone block also has some grass on it


All of the connected blocks are just glazed terracotta blocks that have been retextured

If you want any block added or changed you can let me know in the comments

If you want to share any of these textures then you must use a link that directs the user to this site and tag my youtube channel in the video. Youtube channel name is Azapz

Changelog View more

I made it clear in the description that these arent actually like the ones we see on java edition. 


Installation tutorial (Linkvertise)

When you press the download link you will come to a site called linkvertise. Press the im not a robot button and do the captcha. Then press view interesting articles, press the x on the top right corner and wait 10 seconds. Press continue and wait another 10 seconds. Then press direct access to Connected Textures. Now download the file and apply it.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16



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  1. Guest-5555156954 says:

    Can you make it a addon

  2. Guest-3855618978 says:

    Esta textura no sirve, alguien expliqueme que hacer para que sirva!

  3. Guest-6262728068 says:

    Sorry but this doesn’t work
    Good addon though

  4. Guest-6262728068 says:

    Sorry but this doesn’t work
    Good addon tho

  5. Guest-8085501432 says:

    Your all texture is coolllllll and your ultra realistic texture connected collll

  6. Guest-1970085443 says:

    Of course are you not read it’s says on java edition

  7. It say’s the link is deleted. I don’t know if it’s a problem with my device. I will leave my rating at two for further notice.

  8. Guest-2339616334 says:

    It doesn’t work for my device…… I play on Android 7

  9. Guest-5633628969 says:

    I was hoping for like the java edition’s connected texture, but why sis you have to make everything diagonal?I want all blocks to be square, sorry if that sound so demanding

  10. Guest-3454485131 says:

    Does this not work?

  11. Guest-1479755721 says:

    does this texture really work?

  12. Mr Caterson says:

    Is it actually connected or is it just the textures

  13. KevinPlayZ287 says:

    wow you really did it, thanks dude

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