Console Aspects

This texture pack was created to make Minecraft: Bedrock Edition look, sound, and feel more like 4J Studios’ Legacy Console Editions of the game. It changes things such as beds, music, and controller tooltips. If you’re a player who moved to Bedrock after Console Edition was discontinued, you’ll love this pack!

Creator: AgentMindStorm, Twitter Account, YouTube Channel (Click here for more credits.

This pack supports players who want to use Default Textures or Classic Textures. Adjust the pack option by selecting the gear on the resource packs screen.

Classic Textures require you to have the Classic Texture Pack from the Marketplace enabled below Console Aspects.

Feature List

Universal Features

(features that are applied regardless of the pack option you use)


  • Beds
  • Piston
  • Sticky Piston
  • Dyed Shulker Boxes
  • Seagrass
  • Nether Brick
  • Cut Red Sandstone Bottom
  • Chiseled Red Sandstone Bottom
  • Melon Bottom
  • Dried Kelp Block Bottom
  • Carried Grass Block Top
  • Old Nether Reactor

Block Animations:

  • Lava
  • Fire
  • Soul Fire
  • Sea Lantern
  • Magma Block
  • Portal


  • Beds
  • Spawn Eggs
  • Locked Map
  • Lava Placeholder
  • Improved held End Gateway
  • Improved held End Portal


  • Sheep
  • Shulkers
  • Fishing Hook
  • Firework Rocket
  • Drowned (Model)
  • Enderman (Model)
  • Phantom
  • Witch (Model)
  • Wither
  • Ghast
  • Zombie Pigman
  • Zombie Villager (Model)
  • Zombie Villager Helmet (Position)
  • Baby Villagers (Model)
  • Old Villagers (Model)
  • Dropped Item and Experience Orb Sizes

Entity Animations:

  • Empty hand swinging (first and third person)
  • Held item position and size
  • Fishing rod position
  • Idle animation
  • Punching animation
  • Zombie attacking
  • Skeleton idle arm position
  • Skeleton bow aiming
  • Witch nose position and bobbing
  • Vex attacking
  • Wolf tail alignment
  • Villager leg movement speed
  • Tropical fish flopping rotation speed
  • Removed pillager and vindicator armor
  • Removed blinking


  • Empty hand alignment
  • Experience bar
  • Experience level number
  • Hotbar slot
  • Hotbar alignment
  • Hotbar item count
  • Highlighted inventory slot
  • Selected item stack count color and position
  • 3D chest icons
  • Light block shading in inventories
  • Inventory cursor wrapping
  • Selected item’s name outline
  • Potion effect backgrounds
  • Locked trades can be highlighted
  • Bedrock Edition subtitle
  • Controller tooltips from Console Edition
  • Recipe book, Creative menu, and mobile tab icons
  • Jukebox text
  • HUD text position
  • Background panorama
  • Background panorama overlay
  • Removed HUD text background and added text shadows
  • Removed coordinate background
  • Removed flying items when quickly moving items in inventories
  • Removed category text on items
  • Removed “New” and “Sale!” marketplace notifications
  • Removed beta text


  • Converted Drowned
  • Skeleton
  • Horse
  • Falling
  • Cave
  • Explosion
  • Enchanting
  • Menus
  • Level Up
  • Weather
  • Boats
  • Doors
  • Drowning
  • Throwing
  • Cauldron
  • Shooting
  • Picking up and dropping items
  • Equipping armor
  • Bee Nests and Hives
  • Bone Block
  • Netherrack
  • Nether Bricks
  • Nether Quartz Ore
  • Nether Wart
  • Nether Wart Block
  • Soul Sand
  • Vines
  • Entity sound pitches and volumes
  • Thorns Enchantment
  • Music plays constantly
  • Menu music can play in Survival
  • Survival and Menu music can play in Creative
  • Update Aquatic and Nether Update music do not play
  • Music plays in Warped Forests
  • Dragon and End music play interchangeably
  • Credits song doesn’t play
  • Dog plays after Cat
  • Removed Nether Wastes ambient sounds
  • Removed jumping sounds


  • Particle rotation
  • Explosion
  • Conduit
  • Splash Potion of Healing and Harming
  • Breaking and walking
  • Chest and ender chest breaking
  • Item frame breaking
  • Critical hit
  • Ender Dragon death
  • Bubble column splashing
  • Damage indicator (commands only)


  • Block breaking animation
  • Fog colors
  • End sky
  • Banner patterns
  • Block, item, and menu names (English)
  • Removed random block rotation
  • Command helpers
  • Gary Banner splash text

Default Textures

(features that only apply when you use the Default Textures pack option)


  • Grass Block Side
  • Snowy Grass Block Side
  • Diorite
  • Smooth Diorite
  • Crafting Table
  • Quartz Block
  • Oak Door
  • Nether Wart Block
  • Iron Ore
  • Cactus Side
  • Purpur Pillar Top
  • Acacia Sign
  • Birch Sign
  • Dark Oak Sign
  • Jungle Sign
  • Spruce Sign
  • Carried Leaves
  • Old Stonecutter


  • Potions
  • Tipped Arrows
  • Diamond Helmet, Leggings, Boots, Sword, Axe, Shovel, Pickaxe, and Hoe
  • Golden Pickaxe and Hoe
  • Wooden Pickaxe and Hoe
  • Horse Armor
  • Emerald
  • Cake
  • Snowball
  • Phantom Membrane
  • Grass
  • Tall Grass
  • Fern
  • Large Fern
  • Vines
  • Lily Pad


  • Dragon Fireball
  • Horse
  • Donkey
  • Mule
  • Iron Golem


  • Mobile armor tab

Classic Textures

(features that only apply when you use the Classic Textures pack option)


  • Lava
  • Nether Brick
  • Horn Coral Block
  • Brain Coral Block
  • Acacia Door
  • Jungle Door
  • Birch Door
  • Dark Oak Door
  • Smithing Table
  • Tall Grass
  • Double Tall Grass


  • Pufferfish Bucket
  • Command Block Minecart
  • Tall Grass
  • Double Tall Grass


  • Empty armor slot icons
  • Removed the offhand slot icon


  • Cat
  • Horse
  • White Rabbit


  • Splash texts
  • Loading messages

Changelog View more

Synthesis Update (2.4.0)

Lines that begin with * are features unique to Console Aspects.


Textures, Block Animations, and Properties:

  • *Added dark seagrass from Console Edition
  • Locked maps now use the default map texture like Console Edition
  • Added multiple texture features from Fixed Vanilla 1.7.0 that match Console Edition (Thanks, @LateLagMC!)
  • -Banners no longer show the snout pattern when highlighted
  • -Phantoms no longer have two extra visible pixels while invisible
  • Updated held end portal and gateway textures to match the block shape
  • Sea lantern and portal animations no longer fade to match Console Edition

Entity Models and Animations:

  • Changed zombie villager models to match Console Edition
  • Added multiple entity features from Fixed Vanilla 1.7.0 that match Console Edition (Thanks, @LateLagMC!)
  • -The humanoid punching animation is now smoother and changes relative to the vertical direction the entity is facing
  • -Shulkers are now the size of a full block
  • -Pillagers and vindicators no longer render worn armor
  • -Flopping tropical fish now rotate at a rate consistent with other fish
  • Players no longer blink to match Console Edition


  • Chests and ender chests now make oak planks and obsidian particles respectively like Console Edition
  • Entities no longer produce gray bubbles when bobbing on top of a bubble column (Thanks, @LateLagMC!)


  • Added multiple features from Lukas' Java Parity Pack that match Console Edition (Thanks, @MCGaming_Lukas!)
  • -Locked trades can now be highlighted to see enchantments
  • -Selected item counts in the inventory are now white instead of yellow and positioned differently
  • -Shift-clicked items no longer fly across the inventory
  • -Chests now appear 3D in the inventory (Thanks in part to @melamed_tal!)
  • -*Coordinate background is no longer shown
  • -*Description text of fireworks and banners is now colored like Console Edition
  • -Removed category text on items (Thanks in part to @FMarquesPTO!)
  • Blocks that emit light are now shaded in inventories like Console Edition


  • *Added the skeleton death sound from Console Edition
  • Vines now make grass sounds like Console Edition
  • *Nether Wart now makes stone sounds like Console Edition
  • Piston extending sounds are now higher pitched than contracting sounds like Console Edition
  • *Netherite armor equip sounds now use leather sounds to match Console Edition's ruleset
  • All blocks that previously used the "normal" sound set now use the "stone" sound set


  • *Position: [X], [Y], [Z] is now "X: [X], Y: [Y], Z: [Z]" like Console Edition

==Classic Textures==


  • *Loading messages that reference Zombie Pigmen have been changed to say Zombified Piglins


Textures, Block Animations, and Properties:

  • Banner pattern transparency is now correct across all patterns (Thanks, @LateLagMC!)

Entity Models and Animations:

  • Zombies once again hold their right arms at the correct angle
  • Piglin held item position is now correct
  • Baby zombie pigman swords are now positioned correctly
  • Removed outdated "v1.0" entity files as they may cause issues


  • Critical hit particles now move at the correct speed
  • The pocket inventory tab icons are now shaded correctly


  • *Actionbar messages no longer overlap the HUD information


  • *Crimson and warped signs no longer use stem sounds
  • *Menu music will no longer play during gameplay
  • Cave spider, ender dragon, mooshroom, polar bear, and skeleton horse sounds now play correctly
  • *The ½ second delay between songs is now the correct duration and has been increased to 1 second for simplicity


  • Optimized and alphabetized "blocks.json" and "sounds.json"



  • *Added unused controller tooltips from Xbox 360 Edition (Thanks, @La4tt and @Crackers0106!)
  • *Added unused controller tooltips from PS3 Edition (Thanks, @winw3r!)
  • *Added unused titles for Xbox 360, PS3, and PSVita Editions

Pack Documents:

  • Added a new pack icon to replace the old one (Thanks, @CoolAbhi1290!)


  • Category text is still visible on the 1.16.100 beta. This is related to a bug that ignores the item files in resource packs.
  • *Blocks that emit light are not shaded in the hotbar to avoid a visual bug that occurs when items pulse.
  • *Vines on Console Edition have no climbing sound. However, it is impossible to remove the climbing sound on Bedrock Edition vines without also removing the default grass walking sound.
  • Enderman eyes from Console Edition haven't been added because the eyes change color depending on the light level on Console Edition, which cannot be recreated on Bedrock Edition.
  • Bubble particles that appear while splashing in water on Console Edition cannot be added to Bedrock Edition as you are unable to map multiple particles with different movement paths to the same particle event.
  • If endermen are still bugged, please message me on Twitter. I attempted to fix it in this update.

Lost Sound Update (2.3.0)

Lines that begin with * are features unique to Console Aspects.


Textures, Block Animations, and Properties:

  • Added the block breaking animation from Console Edition
  • Added all spawn egg textures from Console Edition

Entity Models and Animations:

  • *Zombified piglins now use the zombie pigman model
  • Changed drowned arm spacing to match Console Edition
  • Skeletons now draw their bows at enemies (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)
  • Held item position and size are now correct for all humanoid and skeletal mobs (Thanks in part to @netongas_ng!)
  • Made various changes to witches to match Console Edition
  • -Changed witch hat and wart position (Thanks, @C0me_bucket!)
  • -Changed witch noses positioning when they drink a potion (Thanks, @C0me_bucket!)
  • -Changed witch nose bobbing frequency, position, and rotation
  • Changed the fishing rod position to match Console Edition
  • Adjusted the default zombie arm angle to be closer to Console Edition
  • Adjusted empty hand position in first person to be closer to Console Edition (Thanks, @LateLagMC!)
  • Adjusted vertical held item position to be closer to Console Edition (Thanks, @carlosisawsom55!)


  • Changed portal reverse, obsidian tear, and soul particles to use Console Edition rotation rules


  • Removed the HUD text background and added text shadows like Console Edition
  • *Jukebox text is now white like Console Edition
  • Lowered the survival item text to match Console Edition


  • *Added falling, level up, hurt skeleton, and ambient horse sounds from Console Edition (Thanks, @C0me_bucket!)
  • *All armor equip sounds now use leather sounds like Console Edition
  • *Changed the item drop/pickup sound to match Console Edition
  • *Music now plays in warped forests
  • *Added ambient loops from Console Edition's files for commands only
  • -Play them using "/playsound ambient.[birds/cave/ocean/waterfall].loop @s"
  • Changed glass breaking sound pitch to match Console Edition


  • *Zombified Piglin is "Zombie Pigman"
  • *Jack o'Lantern is now "Jack-O-Lantern"
  • *Edit Character is now "Change Skin"
  • *Bed is too far away is now "You may not rest now, the bed is too far away"
  • *Added the "This message will never appear on the splash screen, isn't that weird?" splash, as it does appear on the splash screen on Console Edition
  • *Removed the "where are we now" disc name change as Console Edition changed to match Bedrock Edition

==Default Textures==

Textures, Block Animations, and Properties:

  • *Added the nether brick block texture from Console Edition


Textures, Block Animations, and Properties:

  • Perfected carried leaf colors
  • *Smooth quartz slabs now use the right textures
  • Soul fire no longer fades
  • *Fog and the End sky are once again the correct colors

Entity Models and Animations:

  • *Drowned now use the correct model, fixing certain animations
  • Endermen are now even closer to their Console Edition height (Thanks, @C0me_bucket!)
  • Corrected offhand item positions for vertical held items and horizontal held items
  • Corrected crossbow positions in third person (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)


  • Lingering dragon breath particles are no longer invisible
  • Optimized particles so they are not higher definition than necessary


  • Debug text is now correctly removed
  • *The hotbar is no longer offset for players using touch controls


  • *Enchantment tables now use the press menu sound from Console Edition instead of click


  • It is not possible to change llama carpet position to match Console Edition
  • The most notable spawn egg change is the Enderman Spawn Egg

Rules Update (2.2.0)


Textures, Block Animations, and Properties:

  • Netherrack and crying obsidian no longer randomly rotate to match Console Edition's ruleset
  • Crimson and warped signs now have the correct command helpers

Entity Models and Animations:

  • Zombie villager helmets are now positioned on their heads correctly (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)
  • Endermen are now the same height as Console Edition (Thanks, @C0me_bucket!)
  • Phantom wings now connect correctly (Thanks, @C0me_bucket!)
  • Vex no longer hold their swords like bows (Thanks, @C0me_bucket!)
  • Held item size now matches Console Edition (Thanks, @ZouChenyunfei!)
  • Vertical held item position (such as bones and swords) now matches Console Edition (Thanks, @carlosisawsom55!)
  • Dropped items and experience orbs are now the same size as Console Edition (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)


  • Added move and back menu sounds from Console Edition
  • Changed underwater and Nether music so only old music will play like Console Edition
  • Music underwater and in the new Nether biomes now follows the same rules as the rest of the music in Console Aspects
  • Removed Nether ambience in the Nether Wastes biome like Console Edition
  • Netherrack, nether bricks, nether quartz ore, and bone blocks now use stone sounds to match Console Edition
  • Soul sand now uses sand sounds like Console Edition
  • Nether wart blocks now use wood sounds like Console Edition
  • Jumping sounds are now muted like Console Edition
  • Added enchanting sounds from Console Edition
  • Added the ability for the thorns enchantment sound to play in-game without commands (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)
  • Added the zombie-converts-to-drowned sound (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)


  • Mushrooms and mushroom blocks are now all simply called "Mushroom" like Console Edition

==Default Textures==

Textures, Block Animations, and Properties:

  • Added spruce, birch, jungle, acacia, and dark oak sign textures from Console Edition (1.16+)


Textures, Block Animations, and Properties:

  • Drowned now use their default swimming animation as it matched Console Edition
  • Basalt deltas now use the correct fog color
  • Crossbow and map animations in first person mode are now correct (Thanks, @ZouChenyunfei!)
  • The panorama overlay now correctly applies on the background panorama in 1.16+


  • Nylium now uses nylium sounds instead of grass
  • Boats now use the new sound event name instead of the old one in "sounds.json"
  • Improved the quality of Cat


  • Pack options now all have the lowest memory tier



  • Optimized all menu code to improve compatibility with other packs (This allows multiple custom in-game settings tabs to appear at once)


  • The fix related to crossbow and map animations does not change them to match Console Edition, it simply fixes them from the way they were in previous versions of Console Aspects.

Excessive Update (2.1.0)

Lines that begin with * are features unique to Console Aspects.


  • *Added piston arm textures from Console Edition
  • *Added dyed shulker and dyed shulker box textures from Console Edition
  • The empty hand's position in first person view now matches Console Edition (Thanks, @LateLagMC!)
  • The arm swinging animation in third person view now matches Console Edition (Thanks, @carlosisawsom55!)
  • *Humanoid mobs now swing their left leg while standing still like Console Edition (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)
  • Skeletons, strays, and wither skeletons now hold their arms at their sides while idle (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)
  • Added parity changes from Fixed Vanilla 1.4.0 and 1.5.0 that match Console Edition (Thanks, @LateLagMC!)
  • -Dried kelp block bottom textures line up with the sides
  • -The wolf tail is now connected to the wolf when it's sitting
  • -Banner pattern transparency is white instead of black (the gradient pattern is affected the most by this change)
  • -Bee nests and hives play wood sounds
  • -Bee spawn eggs always use the correct texture
  • The fishing hook is now 2D like Console Edition (Thanks, @ZouChenyunfei!)
  • Wither armor is now black and white like Console Edition
  • Ghasts that are shooting fireballs now look like Console Edition
  • Carried grass blocks now match Console Edition
  • Soul fire animations no longer fade to be in line with normal fire
  • Fog colors now match Console Edition (1.16+)
  • End sky now matches Console Edition (1.16+)
  • *Recreated bed entity textures to be closer to Console Edition
  • *The hotbar is now raised off the bottom of the screen like Console Edition
  • Added features from the MultiPixel Texture Pack that match Console Edition (Thanks, @ZouChenyunfei!)
  • -Zombies now swing their arms downward while attacking
  • -Wither armor is now slimmer
  • -Villager legs now animate at a slower speed
  • -Walking and breaking particles are now darker
  • -Splash potions of healing and harming now use X particles instead of bubbles
  • -Ender Dragon death particles are larger and have less smoke
  • Blue flame particles no longer rotate to face the camera
  • Nylium no longer randomly rotates to match Console Edition's ruleset
  • Added damage indicator (dark heart) particles from Console Edition for commands only (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)
  • Added a multitude of sounds from Console Edition for commands only (Thanks, @netongas_ng!)
  • Changed all sound command triggers to match Java Edition for consistency with Java Aspects
  • You can now play music with commands using the names from Java Edition (for example, "music.dragon" instead of "")
  • Removed fire textures left over from the PC GUI Pack as Bedrock Edition now matches Console Edition
  • Removed ender chest, hitting, damage, digging, fire, lava, minecart, portal, anvil, bow, drink, eat, experience orb, item pickup, piston, and a few other sounds left over from the PC GUI Pack as Bedrock Edition now matches Console Edition

Default Textures:

  • Added tipped arrows, carried lily pad, carried tall grass, carried double tall grass, carried fern, carried large fern, and carried vine textures from Console Edition
  • *Added cactus side, nether wart block, purpur pillar top, iron ore, diamond helmet, diamond leggings, diamond boots, diamond sword, diamond axe, diamond shovel, wooden, golden, and diamond pickaxe, and wooden, golden, and diamond hoe textures from Console Edition
  • -These textures are currently the same on the Bedrock and Console Editions, but Bedrock Edition may be updated to match Java Edition in the future


  • *Fog is now the correct color in the Nether and End (1.16+)
  • Blue flame particles now appear (1.16+)
  • *Decreased the bed item texture gamma by 20% to match Bedrock Edition's color scheme
  • *Water animations now correctly fade
  • *Removed leftover chest sound files
  • Player attack sounds now correctly have categories assigned to them
  • Corrected inconsistent spacing in "manifest.json" and the animation files

  • The 2D fishing hook feature works best on 1.16+. Below 1.16, it will not rotate to face the camera.


  1. Download Console Aspects Resource Pack.
  2. Open Minecraft.
  3. Settings > Global Resources > Apply the resource pack.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.16

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  1. silel Vox says:

    The creator of this make another pack to make it look like java all his packs make the game crash. Hope this encourages you guys to buy java or console for good.

  2. MILK says:

    worst pack ever minecraft is ruined fix this NOW!

  3. Steeeeve says:

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    Don’t worry guys, I got Console Aspects 2.4+, I have the file

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  6. kingkiller1195 says:

    this is epic

  7. TristanTM says:

    I love the nostalgia this texture pack offers. just a suggestion if its possible to change the music to the console edition minigames music like Toys on a Tear and Double Time

    also if this is for java pls let me know cause I would download it on there too

  8. Blue7S says:

    make the home screen buttons dark grey and thinner like console ps4 please

  9. AftSteveMc44 says:

    Hey agent ne love this texture more in 1.16 have a bug if the textura 1×1 correct this please me use other texture of mude the blocks

  10. FTBGaming says:

    Hey, Agent. Before this pack gets updated, can you please make the controller tooltips display under the screen like Console Edition?

  11. Guest-2044756872 says:

    Does this work for android

  12. Roxtro says:

    Can you make the music play automatically after finishing the previous music, Like the Minecraft Console Edition please? Thanks!

  13. NostalgicTimes says:

    Can I use this pack in a minecraft map? I’ll credit

  14. Anonymous says:

    What if you could customize the minecraft menu background? Like each update background?

  15. Teppy7 says:

    It’s good but agent you messed up. You didnt move the tooltips under the hotbar another texture pack did it.

  16. Guest-4015517653 says:

    Thanks, this is exactly what i was searching.

    • Guest-3439433115 says:

      (im replying to my comment) Why when i add the pack all block textures look ugly? They’re all blurred and smooth, how do i fix this?

  17. Guest-9072519820 says:

    Is CrisXolt still working on the console UI?

  18. MyNameIsDIG says:

    This pack reduced the lag on my Mi Box S, is there a way to change the loading screen like the console edition?

  19. Guest-9958469362 says:

    Not being rude, but will you bring back the nether waste ambience and the new block sounds once 1.16 comes out?

  20. RadicalRaptor says:

    This pack is great! A lot more like legacy console. The only issue I’ve found is the back menu sound doesn’t play when using the Esc key or when using a controller, only when clicking the “X”. If this is possible to fix this it would be greatly appreciated!

  21. Guest-1036071956 says:

    Could you make old nametags? It would make my day!

  22. Guest-1054299481 says:

    Is it possible to make your screen shake when walking and running like the legacy console?

  23. HONOR Tech says:

    Fantastic pack, works exactly as described with no issues. My only comment is that the back and tab sounds from the menu seem to be missing.

  24. Guest-2543072947 says:

    i love it and u know what makes it better. theres no popup add and it takes me straight to mediafire.
    this pack makes my game look so much like the old ps4 edition or the Xbox edition

  25. Guest-5905416940 says:

    I love it! But how do I fix all the random text that pops on the screen every time I go on the options page or go on a world?

  26. Guest-1365771305 says:

    Do u think u can add the washed out textures that console edition had???

  27. Guest-1365771305 says:

    Do u think u can add the washed out textures that console edition had???

  28. Lightning12009 says:

    Great pack! I love it, but currently (as of this update) it does show old textures even when I select the old textures option. Am I doing something wrong?

  29. ElRoccoGD says:

    I want to say that the texture pack is the best I have seen, it has those sounds so satisfactory that the legacy edition had as well as the textures and everything else, you should improve the textures of the buttons, what’s more, you seem CrisXolt already, 10 / 10 the addon

  30. Guest-4126315034 says:

    Nice pack! Reminds me of the ol’ days when I played on my PS3…
    But I found several problems
    > Crit hit sound doesnt play
    > Burning sound doesnt play
    > Ender eyes sounds doesnt play
    > Drowneds doesnt “tilt” when swimming, and when they swim, they raise their hands and swim stand up (if you delete “zombie_animation.json” file it fixes)

  31. Guest-8212936405 says:

    Tysm! I used to play xbox 360 and now I play windows 10 so this add on brings more nostalgia to the game.

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  33. Guest-7627779140 says:

    Hi! Is it possible for you to add ps4 controller buttons support?

  34. Guest-6255909947 says:

    Is it possible to add in the menu sounds from Console? Not just wood click but the other ones too?

  35. lucas kruger says:

    if you put the sounds of trap doors and gates it would be great texture

  36. lucas kruger says:

    hello I’m a big fan of the game console aspects since 1.1.1
    after this update, I saw that the sound of the buttons changed and that surprised me
    I’m trying to put in version of minecraft windows 10 edition and is giving error of version of the package being that it is compatible.
    solve this error please

  37. steven says:

    would this be considered a resource pack or a behavior pack?

  38. Minecraft Console Edition Fan says:

    No Gui Hot Bar Possision Brightnes And More

  39. Yes says:

    Finally I Love This!

  40. BicenteJisuz says:

    can you port it to java??? plz

  41. Nantano says:

    Can you change the ui to match console ui?

    • I’m not any good at changing the UI of the game, but thankfully someone else is. CrisXolt is currently creating a 4J Studios UI for Bedrock Edition resource pack, but it seems like it will be a while before it’s complete.

  42. Dude 17253 says:

    Dude can you get more pictures please , i want this pack but I don’t know how It is

    • Anonymous says:

      I had it, its pretty alright. the only flaw I have with it is that it doesn’t work with a console tooltips addon and doesn’t raise the hud a bit like it is in the console editions of minecarft

  43. Casual_Builder says:

    Ive been using console aspects 1 since i found it, excited to use this now

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