Console “Shader”

What is Console Shader?

Console “Shader” is a “shader” for Xbox, Playstation & Switch since shader support for console was removed in 1.12. This pack aims to bring them back to console using close approximations with some techniques I’ve came up with


Waving leaves and foliage. Improved saturation and contrast. Realistic sun and moon. Better water color and transparency

Disclaimer: Consoles are very limited in what they can do still, I’m not going to lie and say this will look as good as mobile or pc shaders cause they won’t but it is still a huge improvement over the vanilla game.

Showcase Video


Q: Why is the grass super green in the YT video?

A: I have an editing preset that ups the saturation, ingame it will not be as saturated.

Q: Do leaves/foliage wave?

A: Yes. It doesn’t in the video because the comparisons are screenshots. In game the leaves will wave like a normal shader

Q: Does this work on windows 10 or my phone?

A: Yes, this works on all devices. Everyone will see the same thing (Xbox, Playstation, Switch, Win10, iOS, Android)

Q: How’s the performance?

A: It is extremely performance friendly, you won’t lag anymore than having no texture pack

Q: What’s the difference between the normal and textureless version?

A: Textureless is for people who plan on using this pack with other texture packs, it just removes the added grass and dirt texture. I recommend using the normal one if you are using it by itself. Always make sure to load the console shader above all other active packs

How To Contact Me

Contact me on social media for feedback, bug reports, and for the latest news and updates! DiscordYouTubeTwitter

Terms Of Use

You are prohibited from creating your own link for this pack or using the direct link. You must use the link here on MCPEDL

You are prohibited from using any of my assets (contact me first)

If you are making a video please leave a download link or a link to this page

You are allowed to edit this for your personal use without redistribution

Changelog View more

Added an installation tutorial and a terms of use notice, along with updated socials

Updated the link, added a textureless version and updated the Q&A to explain the difference between textureless vs normal

Added a link for an alternative version without any textures included, updated the Q&A to explain the difference between the two versions.

Added a tutorial video for how to install

Changed some of the text to shorten the length post. 

Changed some of the text to better describe what the pack does

Added more features to the description and updated the installation to include a tutorial link


Download: 1. Click on "Free Access with Ads" 2. Click on "Discover interesting articles" 3. Wait 10 seconds then exit out of the articles 4. Click "Continue"

PS4 & Xbox: Install the shader on your realm from your pc or phone

Xbox: There is methods to get custom packs onto your worlds, here is mine: Custom Packs On Xbox Tutorial


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16


16x Shaders

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57 Responses

2.77 / 5 (30 votes)
  1. Edgyy says:

    Perfect for all my console friends, even some pc players like it

  2. YungEazy2010 says:

    Hey! Thank You For This Pack, I Was Wondering Do They Have The Same Pack For Java.

  3. Ssangeline says:

    I made an account just to comment, I was looking at all these nasty and unnecessary comments people were making and I just wanted to let you know coming from an Xbox player I was happy that I was able to finally have some decent shader in my game, all though I am still wishing for moving water I’m still impressed and amazed with my moving trees haha. Thank you for taking the time to do this!!!!

  4. DonutDynamic says:

    I use this “Shader” with another and it really makes it look better. The only reason I use this shader is for the wavy leaves but I also play with my brother and nephew who are on Xbox. They can’t see the shader I use unfortunately but I hope they’ll see this one instead of nothing at all.

    Sidenote: I know this isn’t a shader but I’m really glad someone did this. Don’t let people demotivate you, keep up the hard work!

  5. Unknow Newbie says:

    Can I have direct link in discord I can’t install when there notification needed

  6. r4vm says:

    Nice, I will try it on ps4 😛

  7. CubeMaster says:

    there are no shader files to call it shader but yea many thought that: Oh Yea finally we will get sth & they just got disappointed thats why some people showed hate, but anyway what do you expect? Nothing works for consoles right now 🤔

  8. First of all you called parallax shader parralax shader but i dont see any 3d or bump or parallax in your shader you stole the clouds from cube dygers shader (yes its a outdated shader but still) now you have a better foilage texture pack that you call a shader sorry but this is what i call scamming and stealing just call your shader theHybrid shader (thpe) and your 🤞console shader🤞 better foilage texture pack for every bedrock platform

    • TheHybred says:

      1. I had to lookup who dygers was and his clouds look nothing like mine at all, so that’s a blatant lie 2. Parallax is just a name of a series or realistic packs I have. No where does it state it supports Parallax occlusion (which is impossible on bedrock) are you also going to say my sound pack named Parallax is a lie since it doesn’t have Parallax occlusion in it?? You’re ridiculous 3. This isn’t a foliage pack, it adds better water/sun/moon and waving leaves which are aspects that shaders are known for that were missing until I created this pack. Every console player I talked to likes this pack, they don’t need spoiled PC and PE players with high end shaders to complain on their behalf, they’re grateful for being able to have SOME of these aspects back, you’re not a console player so you can’t complain.

  9. There Is No THJ says:

    Why all the hate? I’m not console man but I know how disappointed console people feel right now due to the fact that renderdragon does not support shaders so if you haters want to find good shaders don’t be rude to console people and get shaders like ESBe for PC and Haptic for Mobile.

    • TheHybred says:

      That’s the irony of it is that everyone hating are mobile or pc players that have no use for this pack. All console players I know like it, but most of these people are just coming from a discord sever post that told people to spam attack this upload. Which should be against MCPEDL’s rules but I guess it’s not

  10. I’m logging in to say that I feel you have been treated a bit unfairly with this mod. Most people know that consoles can’t do shaders yet (if ever), so obviously any effort should be appreciated. At least you have tried to give console players something…

  11. Blue7S says:

    Doesn’t work at all for PS4

  12. Joesph858 says:

    the description says TECHNIQUES, not that its a texture made to look like its a shader, come on do better. legit wasted my time to download this smh

    • TheHybred says:

      If shaders don’t work, then what exactly do you expect “techniques” to entail? Are you expecting hlsl or glsl codes when you know minecraft console doesn’t support it? I gave you animated foliage, realistic sun and moon, better rain, improved the saturation. What more do you want from a CONSOLE “shader”? Set your expectations to something realistic, and you won’t be disappointed

  13. XxJeoffelxX says:

    I’m very tired of your lies, first I posted a link on your discord about you stealing someone else’s codes and then you called it a rumor and banned me? and now you straight up call this a shader when it’s technically a texture pack? Anyways, a one star rating is better than nothing.

    • Lord_Khufu says:

      It’s in quotations mark now, chill

      • TheHybred says:

        Thank you Lord, the people hating on this pack are majority Win10 players and some Mobile. 90% of the console people I’ve shown on Discord, Twitter and YouTube loved it. The people that have absolutely no use for it are the most vocal and hateful people. They have no idea how desperate console players wanted to have moving foliage back and grateful that someone finally made it.

  14. LSumma says:

    I’m not sure how did mcpedl fall for this. There’s literally no shader file bruh

  15. LSumma says:

    literally texture LMFAOOO

  16. Eldeston says:

    Why the hell did Mcpedl allow this when it’s not even a shader? The files within it doesn’t even HAVE shader files in it but only textures. And again, the console editions of Minecraft Bedrock are unable to use shaders now that it has the Render Dragon engine. Hybred, stop with your false info bullcrap and quit your nonsense.

  17. BoyColor says:

    I am really happy to see that people are trying to make shader for Xbox

  18. Pikachu11782 says:

    its technically not a shader, but its hard to code a shader for the console. Good luck on working on the lighting effects.(btw just do the shader for console, its hard to do cross platform shaders because pe uses glsl, windows 10 uses hlsl, and i have no idea what console runs on)

  19. 1. It isn’t a shader by means. It’s a texture pack.
    2. It isn’t possible to make a new console shader. Render Dragon will have the ability to support shaders, and it may even now. I just don’t have a console to test it.

  20. nekokittycat101 says:

    Um man that look like week shaders i dont like it can you fix it and make shuer that the water have reflective please

  21. Ray E. says:

    Simple but satisfying, maybe if you improve the lighting or the shadows it would be perfect for me.

    • TheHybred says:

      Thank you for the suggestion. The one thing that is impossible to do with console shaders is to add/change shadows or light sources which is why it was difficult to make any substantial change to the game but rather just improvements.

      That’s why I increased the saturation and added waving foliage, it’s very simple and looks good, but certainly not as good as Win10 or Mobile shaders. I don’t like the false advertise, I hope you appreciate my honesty and I’m very thankful people are liking my pack.

  22. Paris is fat says:

    The shader doesn’t even make Minecraft look different at all.

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