Construction Tools Mod

Construction Tools Mod lets you more efficiently create structures. It adds an entire new kit of tools which can be used to select areas, change and replace blocks and even create new blocks with unique shapes. The mod makes use of actual tools, graphic user interface and just a few text commands which makes it very easy to use too.

Creator: CommandCrafter, YouTube Account


Earth Bending (ID: 435)

This tool removes the three blocks underneath the block you tap on and push them four blocks higher up in the air.

Block Information (ID: 438)

Tap on any type of block to see its block ID and damage amount.

Fill (ID: 431)

Set two positions, preferably the lowest left block and the highest right block.


Use the Block Selector to select which block ID you want to replace the above blocks with. In this example we’ll be replacing them with diamond blocks (ID 57).


Type /fill in the chat to replace the cobblestones with the diamond blocks.


Place Decoration (ID: 432)

Tap on the ground with the utility tool to see the graphical user interface menu from which you can select which decoration to place.


Clone (ID: 433)

Select an area by tapping at the left-bottom corner of a structure and then the top-right corner. In our example we cloned a table and placed it on top of some cobblestones.

Super Pickaxe (ID: 434)

This tool removes a 10×10 blocks area in an instant.


Create Custom Block (ID: 436)

Tap on the ground to open the interface where you can select options for your new block. Such blocks won’t save if you quit the game.

Change Block (ID: 437)

It works similar to the fill tool except that it will just change blocks instead of filling an entire selected area with the new blocks.

Selectors & Other Items

Block Selector (ID: 428)

Used with the fill utility tool when filling an area with new blocks.

Radius Selector (ID: 428)

Can be used to select a X, Y, Z radius when using the Super Pickaxe.

Block Change Selector (ID: 427)

Used when using the change block utility tool.

Information and Settings (ID: 438)

Find information and settings about the mod.


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  1. LSNation says:

    This mod has alot of potential. Unfortunately, upon entering a world, I get a “Oh nose everything broke.” I am unable to play, or use this mod.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Horrible mod

  3. Anonymous says:

    This mod is sh__ because it won’t even download

  4. Anonymous says:

    bad mod

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