Conveyor Blocks (Add-On) [v1.11+]

Beta Update Available! Introducing Conveyor Belts but in Minecraft – so instead they are called Conveyor Blocks! Move or transport items, mobs, and even players in a much more amazing and cooler way! Lift mobs or players with the player lifter, or even make escalators high up to the sky!

created by: r4isen1920

pack version: v1.6 (Beta)

Steel Conveyor Blocks

All Steel Conveyor Blocks are already in your Creative menu for your convenience! But, you can craft it in Survival as well – as you wish.

Travel Speeds

Conveyor blocks moves and transports depending on the weight of the entities that it carries. It also generates smoke particles if it is moving something or somebody, such as follows:

  • Player: can travel for up to 0.1 blocks/sec in Directional Conveyor Blocks. Can be lifted
  • Items: can travel for up to 0.6 blocks/sec in Directional Conveyor Blocks.
  • Mobs & Other Entities: can travel for up to 0.1 blocks/sec in Directional Conveyor Blocks. Can be lifted.

Tutorial & Examples

  • Upwards Escalator: it is recommended to not place any interfering Conveyors on the highlighted Yellow Blocks on the wall.

  • Downwards Escalator: for a better experience, you can place Conveyor Blocks (heading to the same direction), underneath on Downwards Escalator.

End Conveyors

End Conveyors are special conveyors that are crafted with the technology of the End dimension – particularly using Eye of Enders to make such thing possible!

  • A Transmitter transmits signals to the Receiver (of the same color) to send data and information of the item to be teleported.
  • While a Receiver receives signal comming from the Sender (of the same color) and serves as the teleportation destination of the item.

Tutorial & Examples

  • Color Transmission: the [Sender] only sends an item to the destination [Receiver] of the same of its color. Take this as an example:

Crafting Recipes

A. List of Blocks

  • Steel Conveyor Block [North]: transports items towards the North direction. Requires (5) Iron Steel Ingots.

  • Steel Conveyor Block [South]: transports items towards the South direction. Requires (5) Iron Steel Ingots.

  • Steel Conveyor Block [West]: transports items towards the West direction. Requires (4) Iron Steel Ingots.

  • Steel Conveyor Block [East]: transports items towards the East direction. Requires (4) Iron Steel Ingots.

  • Steel Block: a block as strong as an Obisidian – made from the formidable Iron, and then forged to be strong! Requires (9) Iron Steel Ingots.

  • End Conveyor [Transmitter]: transmits signals to the Receiver of the same color. Requires (4) Iron Steel Ingots, each direction of Steel Conveyor Blocks, and an Eye of Ender.

  • End Conveyor [Receiver]: receives signals from the Sender of the same color. Requires (4) Iron Steel Ingots, and each direction of Steel Conveyor Blocks.

B. List of Items

  • Melted Iron: using a furnace can smelt an Iron Ingot. By smelting it, we can then shape and forge it easily!

  • Iron Steel Ingot: sounds catchy. By combining (4) of those Melted Iron you’ve got, you can get (1) Iron Steel Ingot!

“The Quarry Add-On will be released sometime soon, along with some Bug Fixes and Changes for this Add-On. For now, please leave your thoughts on the comments. Thank you!” – r4isen1920

Changelog View more
  • Updated description. No updates regarding the add-on itself, but this patch should (hopefully) help some players in the comments.

》 Thank you for your continued support and happy mining!

Beta is now available to download!

  • Note that the direct .mcaddon link is the previous version, you can download the beta update through the links with [v1.6 Beta] texts in it!


  • Important: Experimental Gameplay must be enabled or turned on!
  • Note: Apply the add-on on top to make it work. If you are using multiple add-on(s) in a single world, make sure to remove ones that you don't need for the time being - to prevent and/or reduce lag.

Attention Please!

  • Beta Information: this add-on is currently in Beta version, bugs are expected and inconvenience for this add-on usage might be as well.
  • For Minecraft v1.11 & v1.12: some new features such as the End Conveyors may not work properly for this version. Please be advised!
  • For Minecraft v1.13: if the Add-On either: does not load the blocks, or make the blocks available but not functioning – please make sure that your Experimental Gameplay and (may or may not) Mob Griefing is enabled for your world. Sometimes, the add-on is not functioning and this might be due to the Minecraft Bedrock engine itself.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.11 1.12 1.13

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71 Responses

3.84 / 5 (44 votes)
  1. Guest-8220742572 says:

    I dont see any block on my inventory
    but the addon looks cool

  2. Anonymous says:

    Can you add a .zip file please

  3. Neuromancer815 says:

    Hey so installed this addon. Experimental GP is turned on, applied the addon on top, in a creative world with no other mods on, the conveyor blocks are there but end conveyor blocks (transmitter and reciever) as well as steel ingots and steel blocks are missing, i cant find them

  4. JalTheDude says:

    R4isen, can I submit a map using your addon? I’m o ly using the player lifter aspect of it, and it is all I’m using. I credited you. It’s a parkour map. I filled the inventory with player lifters named “R4isen1920 made this addon”. Do I have permission to do this?

  5. Victor Hugo says:

    This mod is great, plz update. 😀 Ty for this amazing mod.

  6. Codecommander says:

    Does the end conveyer work on players also I’m trying to start making mods but I cant figure out how I know and can learn the code I just need to know what software and apps I need can you help?

  7. br says:

    Could you upgrade this adoon to 1.14? Please i’m from brazil i liked your adoon

  8. LeonardoDrahon says:

    It wont work

  9. EnderBlueJay says:

    Great idea and great textures but I’m in a 1.13 world, with experimental gameplay and mob griefing on, but if I go on a conveyor or I throw an item on a conveyor, it doesn’t move or make particles

    • r4isen1920 says:

      There’s currently a bug for Minecraft v1.13 where in some cases causes the add-on to not function sometimes.

      By tweaking some of your world options, you can get a chance of actually making the add-on to run properly. For now, it is best we wait for the hotfix update which should fix this issue atleast.

  10. Br says:

    The adoon is not working, I tested it at 1.13, 1.12 at 1.14 but it doesn’t work

    • r4isen1920 says:

      Some new features such as the new [End Conveyor]’s may not work on versions below 1.13.

      On versions 1.13 and above, however, there is a bug which makes the add-on not work properly for an unknown reason sometimes.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Good addon, just HOW DO I CHANGE THE COLORS of the transmitters?

  12. ArthritisGuy says:

    Transmitters and receivers don’t work pls help

  13. Mincrafter says:

    My transmiter and reciver wont work they are the same colour but the rest of the mod is great

  14. Mincrafter says:

    My transmiter and receiver dont work and they are the same colour but the rest is great!

  15. Mincrafter says:

    My transmiter and receiver dont work

  16. Dawson says:

    Try your best to get out for beta and if this a mod then I know this won’t work for beta but this mod or add-on could be uesfull for me. Hmm 4 stars for work. 4 stars because this is not out for beta and I think I know why. But not 100% shure

  17. Jason says:

    The mod was really cool when I first got it, but then I tried to use it and it doesn’t appear in my game. So I tried deleting the mod and downloading it again and it says the mod I tried to download was empty, can you fix this please?

  18. Anonymous says:

    How do we activate it

  19. Yami says:

    Great Addon but could you make a card game Addon w custom crafting plz

  20. Anonymous says:

    This is so cool, love it!

  21. 🍔hamberger says:

    Particles are laggy but very good Addon!

  22. LucienDeath says:

    Im pretty sure in order to use this add on you must activate Experimental Game Play even though it says works for 1.11 an up it will still require experimental game play . Ill find out later an update my comment if I am Wrong.

  23. Drumbo says:

    Ey! Great addon! Could you add a “conveyor stop” button/lever/pressure plates? It’d be really useful. Great addon, either way!

  24. Nathan says:

    Hey the conveyors don’t work for some reason

  25. WIGGLY2008 says:

    what block does it replace??? I can’t find or craft it!?!?!?!

  26. Anthony says:

    I dose not work. I downloaded it and went out the pack in my game but it won’t show up in my creative menu, and I cannot craft it. Help

  27. Val says:

    How do you activate it

  28. HarleyEQuinn says:

    please update the add-on or tell us how to make it work…

  29. Estou_Cansado says:

    To many particles. 0-0
    But very nice add-on!

  30. Preenox says:

    i haven’t even downloaded it but i have a feeling that this will be an amazing addon

  31. HarleyEQuinn says:

    Ummm I can place the conveyor blocks but they don’t move anything no matter where I put them. What kind of sorcery is this?!?!?! Definitely willing to change the rating as soon as I figure out how this works.

  32. Blaze Power says:

    Can you use it as a slide for items? You know just like use?

  33. Bib says:

    Could you add chutes to take items upwards and downwards

  34. Josh says:

    If I go to the conveyor belt, it doesn’t work!

  35. Bob says:

    Can items pass through it when a hopper is underneath?

  36. Mr Caterson says:

    It won’t work I can’t see the blocks

  37. McLOVER says:

    Cool does it works woth item drops too

  38. Pls says:

    you might save resources just by placing it like pistons instead

  39. D4NI3L says:

    I like this addon

    • Stick Boy says:

      I’m on 1.13 and followed the instructions EXACTLY and it didn’t work, I had already removed the old version (which was great!) and even after all of that it still doesn’t work. Please help.

      Looking forward to the future of this addon tho 😀

  40. dmanusa12 says:

    does it work on entities? for instance animals

  41. Mikael says:

    Eu acho melhor sem as partículas

  42. Anonymous says:

    i have put in v1.12.1 and the addon i for v1.1+ but dont appear conveyors in creative and in crafting

  43. GachaCrafter the Pro says:

    This is a great add-on! But sometimes, you can’t get off of it without mining/flying. Can you add Downwards Conveyors in this add-on and make another one called “More Stairs, More Slabs, and Conveyors (3-in-1 Add-on)”? Also someone should make an add-on of custom armor stand poses which has an UI.

  44. kindofanartist says:

    Hey, I can’t craft the conveyer belts. I’m on iOS, don’t know if this is something to do with the mod or my phone.

  45. Drake says:

    This is so cool 😎😍😆😁😄😃😀.

  46. Somebody says:

    I have tried this and it did not work, it would not move me, Please fix this

  47. Jeff says:

    Omg thx my dude

  48. ImATotalTrashMamal says:

    Looks fine to me! Good Addon! But can you make it in reverse? Like maybe a reverse button. GOOD ADDON!!!
    Rate: 9/10

  49. BoxCatMC says:

    For some reason none of the blocks will work, I’ve tried putting redstone on it and everything. Please fix

  50. Some Guy says:


  51. Fallenangel1272 says:

    This Addon Is REALLY KOOL keep up da good work!

  52. BoxCatMC says:

    I love this add-on. Great work!

  53. Anonymous says:

    Do we need xp gameplay on

  54. Anonymous says:

    Do we need experimental gameplay on

  55. Billy says:

    Its not working but it looks cool

  56. Billy says:

    Do we need to turn experimental gameplay on ti work?

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