Conveyor Craft (Alpha Release / Add-On) [1.16 Only]

Automate your world, and get things done for you with the Conveyor Craft add-on! This alpha version contains 10 new custom blocks that can transport items in a much cooler way! Create your own factory with support for new blocks every update.

created by: r4isen1920

pack version: v3.1 (Alpha Release 2)

New Steel Items

Steel Alloy

Steel alloy is a strong metal that can be used for crafting these new blocks. Instead of creating netherite with gold ingots, mix it with iron ingots instead!

You can then combine 9 steel alloy to create a steel block:

Block of Steel 

These block can be crafted by combining 9 steel alloy, making it resistant and tough against blast or explosions!

Block of Steels can then be traded for Forge Table on a Tool Smith, where you can forge new conveyor block items:

Obtaining Blocks & Items

The blocks are available in the creative inventory! They are placed under the ‘spawn egg’s section:

There are no final crafting recipe yet.

Transport Blocks

Steel Conveyor Blocks

  • Moves items & entities in a slow, decent rate.
  • Available in four directions.

Usage Example:

  • You can take the Villager from point A to point B, without the need of minecarts in the direction the conveyor is facing at.

Sticky Conveyor Blocks

  • Moves items & entities in a slow, decent rate.
  • Can move projectiles such as arrows, thrown trident & snowballs.
  • Can move items & some entities below it in the opposite direction.

Usage Example:

  • You can take the Villager from point A to point B on its underside as long as the distance between two points are not long.

End Conveyors

  • Accepts and teleport items to the End Conveyor of the same color.
  • Available in 16 different dye colors.

Usage Example:

  • Different wool items with red, green and blue colors respectively have been teleported to the other end conveyor.
  • If any conveyor is pointing at an end conveyor it will send the items, otherwise it will receive items from it.

Item Junction

  • Takes items from up to multiple directions in a junction with the other.
  • Moves only items in a slow, decent rate.

Item Elevator

  • Takes items from the bottom point to the highest point, or downwards. Can travel up to 4 item elevators at a time.
  • Available in two types: upwards & downwards.

Item Vacuum

  • Pulls items in the direction it is facing at, while pushing it away on the opposite direction.
  • Moves only items in a slow, decent rate.

Conveyor Lifter

  • Lifts mobs & players whenever they stand upon it. Can lift up to about 5 blocks high.

Automation Blocks

Block Breaker

  • This block breaks the block in front of it. It takes around 12 seconds to break the block. It is not able to break extremely hard blocks such as Bedrock.
  • Available up to 4 different directions.

Laser Block

  • Shoots a laser wherever it is facing at, up to 5 blocks far! It slowly incenerates block whenever it touches the laser, and deals damage to mobs as well.
  • Items that touch the laser will be incenerated– leaving no remnants of it. Be careful!
  • Available up to 4 different directions.

Alpha Version Information

  • More blocks & features are going to be added in the next update.
  • Bugs are included, and experience may vary between devices.
  • Only works on 1.16, not on Beta!

With the new data driven blocks and items being added in the future, please wait for an update soon! The update will be made as soon as those new creator features leave beta. Thank you!

Changelog View more
  • Updated download links.

(Note: Don't notify this update to everyone)

  • Added new automation blocks: the block breaker and the laser block!
  • Removed forge table. New crafting recipe will be available in the next update!
  • Tweaked item and block textures.
  • Added Sticky Conveyor variant
  • Added Item Junction
  • Added Item Elevator
  • Tweaked old conveyor blocks, and end conveyors.
  • Updated textures & particle effects.
  • Reduced particle effects.
  • Updated download link

Note to admin: don't show on homepage, thank you!

Beta is now available to download!

  • Note that the direct .mcaddon link is the previous version, you can download the beta update through the links with [v1.6 Beta] texts in it!
  • Updated description. No updates regarding the add-on itself, but this patch should (hopefully) help some players in the comments.

》 Thank you for your continued support and happy mining!


  • Recommended 1+ GB of free memory (RAM). 


Supported Minecraft versions


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137 Responses

3.66 / 5 (74 votes)
  1. Herogamer340 says:

    I like it but when I used it started lagging

  2. silel Vox says:

    why would you put it on linkvertise. but still nice one

  3. JotaPebr says:

    Overall the addon works well, but the steel crafting is broken, you can’t craft it, so you aren’t able to obtain any of the block of the addon in survival.

  4. Minecraft lovers says:


    And how to change the break time on the Block breaker

    12 to 5 seconds how to change it?

  5. Minecraft lovers says:

    I have a question

    How to change the time in the Block breaker

    12 to 5 seconds how to change it?

  6. Gouzei says:

    Hello, I think your work is very good, there are very few such excellent behavior packages in China, so I want to translate it into Chinese to facilitate Chinese players to play, so that you can also get higher downloads.If you agree, please add my Discord tag:Gouzei#0132

  7. STEVE PH says:


  8. SharkZen8 says:

    I would be happy to help this guy out with his add-on. If you see this creator, please let me know if you need help, I’d be glad to give you my discord

  9. Pokest45 says:

    By making replacing the netherite alloying recipe and replacing netherite with steel, are you saying that netherite is carbon? Are you sure carbon is a metal?

  10. epicman420 says:

    Nevermind I know how

  11. epicman420 says:

    Hey is there a way to craft these?

  12. Chillcentaur217 says:

    cant install it,wants me to get premium on the sight

  13. ash_master says:

    whan is the next update coming

  14. i feel so sorry for the creator of this amazing looking addon, theres way too much hate and bad reviews for this. I dont have the mod yet but i intent to try later this day and even if it doenst work im still giving it 5 stars for the fact it looks great!

  15. Riverfuzzbee says:

    Doesn’t work but looks cool

  16. Thanosboii09 says:


  17. GibbsX says:

    Awsome addon for the future can you add more machines to this addon other than conveyors ik it’s called conveyor craft but this has so much more potential then just a conveyor

  18. Jhayke Gamer 26 says:

    Aaaahhh, i figured it out
    To make all of them work
    Get a command block
    Type “function client”
    Set it on repeating
    (optional)Put lever next to it to activate or set it to always active

    BTW this is a great addon

  19. Stick Boy says:

    Isn’t working, shame, I’m on mobile and using the most recent version of Minecraft (not on beta) and it doesn’t work, if it did work it would actually be pretty nice, tried to run a function to see if that would fix it but nothing

  20. Terablock says:

    Well the addon seems good, that’s why I rated it 4, but none of the conveyors, item elevators, the player lifter, and basically everything just doesn’t work. Other then the fact that it didn’t work for me, it seems like a great addon.

  21. Pokest45 says:

    Cool idea with steel, but steel is alloyed from iron and carbon, so couldn’t one just replace the netherite with coal or diamonds? Btw cool addon.

  22. Why did you redirect your Addon link with Linkvertise Premium? I couldn’t even access your link! Where’s the Mediafire link to this Addon!! 😭😭😭

  23. Guest-8893371719 says:

    Says not valid zip achieve. I’m on 1.16.

  24. Stavinair says:

    Looking forward to seeing this updated and functional.

  25. Guest-7145432631 says:

    i just love it when people make content that don’t work

  26. Guest-4154551470 says:

    Can this work in Pocket edition?

    • Guest-9596367604 says:

      I hate This Addon!! I try to function and does nothing I try to use /give @p But nohting Happens This is how I hate it Please Support it on 1.16 and pocket edition!!!!😡😡😤😤

  27. Guest-3051319243 says:

    Make the conveyor function smoothier

  28. Guest-4947588106 says:

    Why i can’t install it in both Win10 Edition and Pocket Edition? it says it’s not a valid .zip archive. Help me please, i also want to use this addon, and i cannot import it. I hate people being too late for help, what if this is in case of emergency? this is deceptive.

  29. Guest-9672199151 says:

    I should like that this can be converted to a Datapack for Java Edition…

  30. Guest-8187227298 says:

    It says the download failed. Fix it now.

  31. Guest-7626522567 says:

    I cannot download the addon. Please fix because it is extremely outdated, update it to the latest version. Also Fix the download links right now.

  32. Guest-4108328233 says:

    i’m just flabbergasted how you programed this mod. what coding language did you use

  33. Guest-3939823565 says:

    How do I make the conveyors work? (My version: 1.14.)

  34. Guest-6918158651 says:

    Repair Download Links

  35. Guest-8220742572 says:

    I dont see any block on my inventory
    but the addon looks cool

  36. Anonymous says:

    Can you add a .zip file please

  37. Neuromancer815 says:

    Hey so installed this addon. Experimental GP is turned on, applied the addon on top, in a creative world with no other mods on, the conveyor blocks are there but end conveyor blocks (transmitter and reciever) as well as steel ingots and steel blocks are missing, i cant find them

  38. JalTheDude says:

    R4isen, can I submit a map using your addon? I’m o ly using the player lifter aspect of it, and it is all I’m using. I credited you. It’s a parkour map. I filled the inventory with player lifters named “R4isen1920 made this addon”. Do I have permission to do this?

  39. Victor Hugo says:

    This mod is great, plz update. 😀 Ty for this amazing mod.

  40. Codecommander says:

    Does the end conveyer work on players also I’m trying to start making mods but I cant figure out how I know and can learn the code I just need to know what software and apps I need can you help?

  41. br says:

    Could you upgrade this adoon to 1.14? Please i’m from brazil i liked your adoon

  42. LeonardoDrahon says:

    It wont work

  43. EnderBlueJay says:

    Great idea and great textures but I’m in a 1.13 world, with experimental gameplay and mob griefing on, but if I go on a conveyor or I throw an item on a conveyor, it doesn’t move or make particles

  44. Br says:

    The adoon is not working, I tested it at 1.13, 1.12 at 1.14 but it doesn’t work

  45. Anonymous says:

    Good addon, just HOW DO I CHANGE THE COLORS of the transmitters?

  46. ArthritisGuy says:

    Transmitters and receivers don’t work pls help

  47. Mincrafter says:

    My transmiter and reciver wont work they are the same colour but the rest of the mod is great

  48. Mincrafter says:

    My transmiter and receiver dont work and they are the same colour but the rest is great!

  49. Mincrafter says:

    My transmiter and receiver dont work

  50. Dawson says:

    Try your best to get out for beta and if this a mod then I know this won’t work for beta but this mod or add-on could be uesfull for me. Hmm 4 stars for work. 4 stars because this is not out for beta and I think I know why. But not 100% shure

  51. Jason says:

    The mod was really cool when I first got it, but then I tried to use it and it doesn’t appear in my game. So I tried deleting the mod and downloading it again and it says the mod I tried to download was empty, can you fix this please?

  52. Anonymous says:

    How do we activate it

  53. Yami says:

    Great Addon but could you make a card game Addon w custom crafting plz

  54. Anonymous says:

    This is so cool, love it!

  55. 🍔hamberger says:

    Particles are laggy but very good Addon!

  56. LucienDeath says:

    Im pretty sure in order to use this add on you must activate Experimental Game Play even though it says works for 1.11 an up it will still require experimental game play . Ill find out later an update my comment if I am Wrong.

  57. Drumbo says:

    Ey! Great addon! Could you add a “conveyor stop” button/lever/pressure plates? It’d be really useful. Great addon, either way!

  58. Nathan says:

    Hey the conveyors don’t work for some reason

  59. WIGGLY2008 says:

    what block does it replace??? I can’t find or craft it!?!?!?!

  60. Anthony says:

    I dose not work. I downloaded it and went out the pack in my game but it won’t show up in my creative menu, and I cannot craft it. Help

  61. Val says:

    How do you activate it

  62. HarleyEQuinn says:

    please update the add-on or tell us how to make it work…

  63. Estou_Cansado says:

    To many particles. 0-0
    But very nice add-on!

  64. Preenox says:

    i haven’t even downloaded it but i have a feeling that this will be an amazing addon

  65. HarleyEQuinn says:

    Ummm I can place the conveyor blocks but they don’t move anything no matter where I put them. What kind of sorcery is this?!?!?! Definitely willing to change the rating as soon as I figure out how this works.

  66. Blaze Power says:

    Can you use it as a slide for items? You know just like use?

  67. Bib says:

    Could you add chutes to take items upwards and downwards

  68. Josh says:

    If I go to the conveyor belt, it doesn’t work!

  69. Bob says:

    Can items pass through it when a hopper is underneath?

  70. Mr Caterson says:

    It won’t work I can’t see the blocks

  71. McLOVER says:

    Cool does it works woth item drops too

  72. Pls says:

    you might save resources just by placing it like pistons instead

  73. D4NI3L says:

    I like this addon

    • Stick Boy says:

      I’m on 1.13 and followed the instructions EXACTLY and it didn’t work, I had already removed the old version (which was great!) and even after all of that it still doesn’t work. Please help.

      Looking forward to the future of this addon tho 😀

  74. dmanusa12 says:

    does it work on entities? for instance animals

  75. Mikael says:

    Eu acho melhor sem as partículas

  76. Anonymous says:

    i have put in v1.12.1 and the addon i for v1.1+ but dont appear conveyors in creative and in crafting

  77. GachaCrafter the Pro says:

    This is a great add-on! But sometimes, you can’t get off of it without mining/flying. Can you add Downwards Conveyors in this add-on and make another one called “More Stairs, More Slabs, and Conveyors (3-in-1 Add-on)”? Also someone should make an add-on of custom armor stand poses which has an UI.

  78. kindofanartist says:

    Hey, I can’t craft the conveyer belts. I’m on iOS, don’t know if this is something to do with the mod or my phone.

  79. Drake says:

    This is so cool 😎😍😆😁😄😃😀.

  80. Somebody says:

    I have tried this and it did not work, it would not move me, Please fix this

  81. ImATotalTrashMamal says:

    Looks fine to me! Good Addon! But can you make it in reverse? Like maybe a reverse button. GOOD ADDON!!!
    Rate: 9/10

  82. BoxCatMC says:

    For some reason none of the blocks will work, I’ve tried putting redstone on it and everything. Please fix

    • Gouzei says:

      Hello, I think your work is very good, there are very few such excellent behavior packages in China, so I want to translate it into Chinese to facilitate Chinese players to play, so that you can also get higher downloads.If you agree, please add my Discord tag:Gouzei#0132

  83. Some Guy says:


  84. Fallenangel1272 says:

    This Addon Is REALLY KOOL keep up da good work!

  85. BoxCatMC says:

    I love this add-on. Great work!

  86. Anonymous says:

    Do we need xp gameplay on

  87. Anonymous says:

    Do we need experimental gameplay on

  88. Billy says:

    Its not working but it looks cool

  89. Billy says:

    Do we need to turn experimental gameplay on ti work?

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