CookingCraft Radioactive Update


This addon adds new foods to your world of minecraft, these meals give you potion effects and others are very useful when you are hungry, the materials needed for these meals are very easy to obtain and give you very complex effects

Crafters are very easy in this addon, in the next updates you will add backwards compatibility with other addons like Furnicraft.

In this new update I add new radioactive food, each one gives you super powers.

Golden Egg

Diamond Apple


Ender Soup

Haste Soup

Boiled Egg

Radioactive Bread

Radioactive Apple

Radioactive Soup

Uranium Bottle

New lighting block (Uranium Block)

And new ore (Uraninite)

And two new potions:

Children Potion

Adult Potion

And many more craftings.

This addon was created by Illurito xD based on other food addons, soon there will be backwards compatibility with other addons. thanks for supporting my work by downloading.

Please report major errors in the comments, also say if you want to add more food to the addon or work with other content creators.

Very soon a radioactive addon.

Changelog View more
  • Chance the error in the image of addon
  • Maintenance in the addon
  • Delete the old link
  • Add new recipes in the description
  • Fix minimum errors
  • Add new idioms (Nuevos idiomas)
  • Add Windows 10 Download (Descarga en Windows 10)
  • Add new ore
  • Bug fixes repair
  • Add new foods
  • Add news blocks and functions


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta)

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38 Responses

3 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. Guest-6969308813 says:

    How do you import the file into Minecraft?

  2. Guest-7182247283 says:

    how to make cinnamon and cinnamon cookie?

  3. Guest-5306735298 says:


  4. Guest-5700817537 says:

    How to get hard boiled egg and cinnamon?
    Great addon btw!

    • illurito xD says:

      It is made with a bucket of hot water in the center and two eggs one on each side. The hot water bucket is made by putting the normal water bucket in the oven.
      All the craftings recipes, the upload in one link, thanks.

  5. Guest-8505024759 says:

    Me aparece:
    error al importar
    para mas información ve al registro de salida wtf?

  6. Guest-1453683484 says:

    It really said failed to import.. needs improvement.. im on Android

  7. Guest-5239355886 says:

    I can download the files to my iPad but when I go to launch the file for the first time and load up it fails to load and dose not successfully import…… I really would like to try this out looks awesome

  8. Guest-1128793679 says:

    Puedo usarlo en un video de youtube

  9. Guest-9504880133 says:

    Funciona para realms??

  10. Guest-8419949356 says:

    It does not let me download it please fix this

  11. Guest-6059386705 says:

    It states that when I try to import the pack, it fails. Amazing add-on Though!

  12. Guest-7455497569 says:

    It says failed so no!

  13. Guest-9867603954 says:

    Android/iOS CookingCraft.mcpack? No thats not all of it. It also works for pc

  14. User-6246001892 says:

    Does it works on realms?

  15. illurito xD says:

    ¿Donde lo has probado?

  16. User-3907110015 says:

    Bad. Bums

  17. User-4573535770 says:

    Добавьте яблоки из алмазного блока, плиз

  18. User-7882353746 says:

    Actually better than most mods

  19. User-1630821043 says:


  20. User-6698224544 says:

    No funciona me dice error

  21. User-9222722494 says:

    es para pc

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