Do you want the cave update?

Well this addon add the copper that will also be added in 1.17!

This will add copper to your minecraft world and theres also copper items!

This are all the blocks and items i added

1.Copper Ore

Copper ore is also hard to find you can found it overworld but only on y-16

2.Copper Block

Copper block is also good for your houses or decorations!

3.Copper sword


Effect:Gives you strenght

This sword is special because it gives you strenght IV!

2.Copper Pickaxe


Effect:Give you haste

This pickaxe can destroy anything! Just hold it and just walk and it will destroy anything!

3.Copper Axe

Effect:Gives you strenght

This axe is also good for fighting and can also chop woods but this also gives you strenght II

Warning:This addon is created by me and do NOT copy this addon


Supported Minecraft versions


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13 Responses

3.25 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. PARV66_YT says:

    This Guy Is Pissing Me Off


  2. Steeeeve says:

    Hold up, where’s the copper shovel and the copper hoe?

  3. Usernameee says:

    10 attack damage for a sword that is too op nerf it

  4. Pokest45 says:

    haha yes influx of useless ores that are OP for some reason despite being complete trash irl

  5. ALEXYSSSJ4 says:

    Nice add-on but it has a big mistake, leaving copper as a good material, copper is a material just as garbage as gold and even weaker … I think you put it very, very OP and it should be the opposite.

  6. Deathstrike2345 says:

    forgot to rate

  7. Deathstrike2345 says:

    egg-celent addon but sorry to say this but this will be useless in the future because of the caves and cliffs update

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