Cops N Robbers PE [Minigame]

Cops N Robbers is a fun minigame suitable for multiplayer. It takes place in a prison where a bunch of locked up criminals (players) decides to break out of the prison. It’s the warden’s job to keep everyone inside and kill anyone who tries to escape. It’s really exciting to play as you have to somehow find a way out of the cell and then a way out of the prison, preferably without being seen.

Creator: Al_Syafiq


How to play?

This map requires at least two players but preferably more than that. There are two teams in the map:

  • Robbers (minimum 1 player): Break out of their cells and escape the prison
  • Warden (in charge of the prison) (max 1 player): Guard the cells and kill anyone who is escaping the prison

Begin by deciding which teams each player should be on. Then step on the correct pressure plate to be led to the starting area.

As soon as it begins the robbers will have to try and find a way out of prison. There are some instructions in the map for the most part players have to come up with their own solutions.


  • Don’t break blocks
  • Warden is not allowed to climb down the shaft.
  • Max 1 warden!

cops-n-robbers-2 cops-n-robbers-1

Download (Dropbox)
Download (MCPE DL)

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31 Responses

4 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. Zulfimulfi12 says:

    If u want this as a .mcworld text me on Instagram @zulfimulfi12 and I will give the link

  2. Logan says:

    Can someone tell me how to download the world plz I love cops and robbers so help me

  3. Danny says:

    How do you get Knockback X stick

  4. Danny says:

    Can you please tell me how you got the stick with Knockback X?

  5. Danny says:

    Hi, this map is AMAZING! However, can you please tell me how you got the stick with Knockback X?

  6. jack says:

    make it into .mcworld pls

  7. Derby says:

    Looks Nixe

  8. Kody Moxley says:

    Amazing but I’ll help with commands I’m pretty amazing with that and redstone

  9. Jeff02 says:

    Sir that language is not appropriate and I don’t like it

  10. Corbanana says:

    Can someone make this into a .mcworld?

  11. Sam says:

    How do you download this with drive

  12. tj says:

    is it glitching in the woods for anyone else

  13. Mitche626butm says:

    It is not working for me

  14. Eugene says:

    How to download zip pls can anyone tell me

  15. ZombieExtermina says:

    Can you please update this map? I agree with some other people that command blocks would be nice, but you could port the PC version (where prisoners have to get to the boat outside)

    • SpicyLoler says:

      there is a ported version, but its for an older mcpe so no command blocks and all the doors are wooden, and half the map is missing

    • AlSyafiq says:

      Hi, I am the creator of this map. I’ve been qutting map making since I dont really play Minecraft anymore. But I uploaded this on MCForum and I did make it into a mcworld. I wont be updating this map anymore, I would love if anyone would make a remastered version of this and make a 1:1 version like the PC

  16. Princessbells777777 says:

    Ya can we pls have Mcworld for ios

  17. Careless Pineapple says:

    Hey, love the map, but since there is command blocks, can you change some of the stuff with commands? Like in the PC original, whenever you open the Warden’s Office, it says ‘Warden’s Office opened!” or “Storage Room door opened!”. Please update this map.

  18. Bob The Builder says:


  19. Enzio says:

    Dude could you put this on a Mcworld file my friends and I can only download it that way

  20. RoomyRuthless says:

    i would love a cops and robbers map to add to my relam can u make this into mcworld file plz?

  21. TheBlazinBeast says:

    This map is awsome.
    Except I can’t find the way out of the maze! Lol

  22. AlSyafiq says:

    Thanks for uploading my map 🙂

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