CoronaVirus Prevention Advices Pack

Due to the recent spread of Covid-19, commonly known as the corona virus, Mojang has started giving out helpful prevention info on the menu page of the Java version of Minecraft. This addon aims to do the same, but for bedrock and pocket edition!

Are you panicked because of the recent outspread of the coronavirus?

This addon gives you helpful tips to prevent contracting the virus, right on your menu screen, and while your worlds load!

Have a look at it:

that’s how the main menu looks like!

here’s how it looks when your worlds are loading:

Cool right? There are way more messages than just these, find them all!

Also, the file size is just around 10kb, it’s most probably the smallest addon on MCPEDL!


If you review this addon, please leave a link to this MCPEDL page. don’t use any other links.

Also, you can apply this pack to a world if you want to, but it will only show the loading messages, not the main menu ones.

Hit a Snag? Found out bugs/errors?

you can contact me here:

Discord: Arshle#5519

Instagram: arshle_

Follow me on Xbox: Arshle

Share this pack with your friends, and help them avoid the virus during self-isolation!

Stay Strong


  1.     Download the texture pack from the link below.
  2.     Click on the file (if it is mcaddon) or unzip it (if it is zip)
  3.     Click Settings in the main menu, scroll down to global resources and apply the pack there.


Supported Minecraft versions


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56 Responses

4.23 / 5 (31 vote)
  1. acommand says:

    Yes, I’m in China.

  2. Guest-2353455782 says:

    cool mod man

  3. Guest-3602722966 says:

    lol it does this on java edition

  4. Guest-3715723094 says:

    like i actually think its poop

  5. Guest-2310416084 says:


  6. Guest-5788309284 says:

    (insert comment about being offended about coronavirus)

  7. Guest-2654220508 says:


  8. Arshle says:

    Hello everyone! If you have ideas on what other phrases or advices to add to this pack, you can let me know by replying to this comment! Thx for your support!

  9. Guest-1823033791 says:


  10. Guest-7183450241 says:

    Nobody doesn’t have to ask for something when people are being nice and warning people about the virus that is going on- so if u think it’s wasting time then why are u here ? .

  11. Guest-6718379459 says:


  12. Guest-2830537877 says:


    • Guest-8860164756 says:

      Offensive? Haha funny! What a great joke buddy! Hahaha so funny that make my stomach burst!! The people are spitting at the covid 19 addon instead of this! World War II was the deadliest military conflict in history. An estimated total of 70โ€“85 million people perished, which was about 3% of the 1940 world population (est. 2.3 billion). While 21,302+ people have died so far from the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak. World war 2 killed more people than covid nineteen. That was funny!

    • Guest-4795151550 says:

      Choose one:
      the incoming World war III

      Its just a game dude!

    • Guest-3362141147 says:

      u stupid as fรผck

    • Unknownman21229 says:

      The coronavirus ardon is not offensive , it as been make for irony

  13. GripssPlayz says:

    Just a heads up! Minecraft has added this to the vanilla game so yea!

    • Arshle says:

      Yes! And that’s why I made it for bedrock, because there is no way Mojang could have done it, except for making a new update, which is too much for some splash text ๐Ÿ™‚
      Have a nice day!

  14. KIRITO SAMA says:

  15. kingofdrago123 says:

    i cant get it as adfly is broken for me but great job this was needed

  16. Guest-9055992371 says:

    10/10 would spread to my friends again

  17. Guest-7487498184 says:

    U forget about the toilet papers.

    • Arshle says:

      The “prepare, but don’t hoard” is actually aimed at the situation created because of people buying toilet paper and other essentials in bulk. Have a great day!

  18. Guest-3175704993 says:

    Omg you are sooo great. Sometimes I forget these things myself! This surely will help me

  19. Alisu_Shimada says:

    Nobody asked for this-

    Congrats on wasting your time on something, everyone knows about-

  20. Guest-8331895049 says:


  21. Guest-5496425839 says:

    This is super good

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