Coronavirus System | 1.14 – 1.16+

With this add-on you can catch the coronavirus from an infected bat and infect another player! Realistic Infection System, Realistic Symptoms, Working masks with usage limits, Realistic medicine with a chance to cure depending on how bad you are and much more!

For entertainment purposes only!

As you already understood from the bief introduction, by installing this addon you can get infected from an infected bat (10% chance after a bat spawns that it will be infected) or an infected player and will infect other players nearby. In order to put on the mask, take it in your hand and eat it (as you equip a regular armor without opening your inventory). By wearing a mask, you reduce the chance of infection by 10 times from an infected player or an infected bat. If an infected player wears a mask and you do not, then the chance that he will infect someone is reduced by 10 times. Accordingly, if both wear masks, then the chance that an infected person wearing a mask will infect an uninfected person wearing a mask is reduced by 20 times. You can also wear a mask for a maximum of 15 minutes. Then it just breaks down and disappears. Also, by opening the inventory, you will see the strength of the mask (such as the strength of a pickaxe).

13 colors of masks:


recipe for crafting a mask:

(for a different color, a different dye)

The illness lasts 10 minutes. When you get sick in the first 2 minutes, you will not have any symptoms (but you can already infect players). And then the first symptoms appear: weakness and slowness. And then they will increase, hunger and poisoning will be added, then nausea, and with a chance of 80% it will start to feel better for you. Or, if you are not lucky, then after nausea, blindness will begin to appear first for 1 second, then for 3 seconds, and then forever and … after 3 seconds you will die … (in the chat he will write that he died of coronavirus). Naturally milk doesn’t help against bad effects (other than nausea).

the player’s condition at the 7th minute of illness:

You can also brew a medicine, drinking which, depending on how bad you are, can cure you: (how to brew an instant healing potion you can search on the Internet)

chances if you don’t die (the system knows in advance if you will die and changes the chances)

0-2 minutes of illness – 100% chance to heal

2-4 minutes of illness – 70% chance to heal

4-5 minutes of illness – 60% chance to heal

5-5.3 minutes of illness – 50% chance to heal

5.3-6.6 minutes of illness – 40% chance to heal

6.6-8 minutes of illness – 30% chance to heal

8-9 minutes of illness – 20% chance to heal

9-9.6 minutes of illness – 10% chance to heal

And if you die, then the chances of being cured are reduced by 20% (for example, in 0-2 minutes there will be an 80% chance of being cured)

The medicine is poisonous and after drinking it will impose poisoning and nausea for 10 seconds.


This addon uses 1 tickingarea

The strength of the mask is only displayed on the host of the world! Other players won’t see it! This is a minecraft bug and Mojang has not yet fixed it… 🙁

An infected bat or an infected player within a 4-5 block radius can infect another player even through blocks! (I could do a check for the presence of blocks, but this ran 100+ commands every 2 seconds for each player and created strong delays with a large number of players in the world on weak devices, so I deleted it. I make add-ons as fast as possible. Perhaps I will come up with a way and will release an update.)


When you’ve downloaded the addon and opened the world settings to apply it, place it at the very top of the list! Otherwise, it may not work. (Naturally, this addon is not compatible with addons that also require placing at the top of the list). Also, before entering the world with this add-on, make sure that cheats are enabled in the world settings! Otherwise, the addon may not work correctly.

Then enter the world. In the chat you will be told that the addon has been installed successfully! And now you can use it! With the help of this add-on, you can even make a mini-game where one player is infected and the rest in masks run away and those who become infected infect others xD

Masks and medicine can be obtained by entering the commands (they are not in the creative inventory!):

/give @s sirob:fase_mask

/give @s sirob:medicine

Manually infect yourself:

/scoreboard players set @s virus 300

Remove infection from yourself:

/scoreboard players set @s virus 0

Who fumbles in commands:

You cannot /kill /tp /execute and other interactions with sirob:vircore. This will break the addon in this world forever!

You also cannot remove any tag, scoreboard or tickingarea that appeared after installing this add-on. The consequences are the same

Removing an addon:

Before uninstalling the add-on, enter the world where you want to uninstall and write:

/function uninstall_virus

This will remove all scoreboards, tickingareas and tags that this addon adds. You will have 20 seconds after that to exit the world. Otherwise, it will be installed back. After leaving the world, delete it in the world settings as usual.

Downloading description (wrote here because here you can pictures)

For mobile devices 📱 (Google Chrome browser):

Click “Download mcaddon” and then:

For PC’s 💻 the instructions are the same except for the first 2 pictures.


read above ⬆


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.16

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  1. Darkwizard9944 says:

    Hey im was hoping to use this in my world could you explain how its activated and the levels and stuff please. Is there anyway other than mcpedl to contact you?

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    Love it! Stay strong

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    Dude, please use adfly or just mediafire. I find Linkvertise to be incredibly sketchy, and all my anti-malware softwares think the same. I know you probably don’t care but I have been limited by so many mods because of the links they use. If you could please put a direct link to mediafire, I would greatly appreciate it. But for now, I’m leaving it at two stars because I basically cannot access the mod.

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    we really shouldn’t treat this virus like a joke

  5. Better use adfly cuz mcpedl banned the use of linktiverse

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    Please add yellow fever, AIDS, and bubonic plague

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    I find this offensive. But you did put effort, so I won’t give a 1-star.

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    i will download this as a mod for my minecraft but series, also i will credit this addon

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