Cosmetic PVP (Animation Resource Pack)

This is a small resource pack that adds new animations for the player when they hold swords and when they sprint. When you sprint, you also have particles that appear like dust.

Sprint to activate the new animations and particles.  There’s also a new animation when holding a sword while sprinting, try it!


  • This add-on is updated to the latest beta.
  • If you want to review/make a video about this content, at least credit me in the video/description
  • Don't use your own link, use the proper link on MCPEDL
  • If you wish to use this for your content, at least credit me.
  • You may copy/paste this for your content as well if you wish


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49 Responses

4.2 / 5 (25 votes)
  1. Guest-2406376864 says:

    Hey codan can you please update this Texture Pack and Give the netherite sword animation to πŸ˜…

  2. Guest-2347405133 says:

    dude can u use direct link instead of ad. fly thx

  3. Guest-4116791893 says:

    can you please:
    *fix the thing where in first person mode, the hand is moving upward toward the player’s head
    *make a seperate pack that removes the dust particle
    *make it compatile with other animation pack for example: “detailed player animation” from vladu11
    *add a mining, chopping tree,mounting horse, realistic sword swing animation if it’s possible

    • Guest-4311094400 says:

      its a pvp pack, other animations will probably make the animation bad with pvp and wierd when your trying to win a skywars match but i agree with fixing the hand but tou could remove the dust particle already in the %appdata% minercaft resource pack files

  4. Anonymous says:

    cool but please do shorte instead of adfly

  5. Guest-4549436382 says:

    This addon is cool but the Netherite sword does not work with the Animation. Please fix it

  6. Guest-5089950687 says:

    Please update to 1.16 and add new animation

  7. Guest-9280516223 says:

    You Know how your hands move in the air when u just sit still? well could you maybye add more life and stuff to the hand that is sprinting and holding the sword? nice addon btw codan

  8. Guest-5642984845 says:

    It makes all of my character skins into Steve. Anyone know why?

  9. Guest-4419378929 says:

    Can you make an animation when a player holds an ax, and when a player holds a pickaxe, like in real life? And also I would like to see here all the same animations as in Detailed Player Animations texturepack.

  10. EntityKiller606 says:

    I really like how the character sprints and how dust follows behind them. But I just have one request, can you update it just a little so that the sword swings like a real sword in real life. Thank You!

  11. Guest-5590144749 says:

    Cool addon. But is it possible to add animation for an ax and pickaxe?

  12. Guest-9964654578 says:

    Hey dude, just want to let you know the animations are great!
    I just wanted to say the elytra does not follow the animation it stays in place.
    but Lovely work!

  13. BerryBush says:

    The animations here are incredible, I love the way the character sprints and the way they hold the sword as if they’re charging into battle. Keep up the great work man.

  14. Guest-2186334262 says:

    I love this, I would probably use ot a lot more if it just had one more animation: a jumping animation, of some kind

  15. Guest-6967150771 says:

    I love this resource pack! Even when you attack with a sword your not slicing them, but instead slapping them with a sword! I’d recommend these animations you should try and add!

    – Jumping
    – Attacking
    – Walking
    – Cruching/Shifting (Sorry I can’t spell)

  16. Anonymous says:

    Please provide a mediafire link!

  17. [$|β€’|=ÆӼʐNʏ=|β€’|$] says:

    It is a great and an amazing addon. One thing though (not sure if it is ‘ really ‘ supported on 1.16), when I’m holding a Netherite Sword, it does not work like the other swords. Could you add it so that all swords have that same animation?

  18. Guest-6180332660 says:

    can you make this compatible with other animation mods?

  19. FreeMaker says:

    I can make you website???? just reply to me

  20. Guest-8035354856 says:

    the link of adfly keeps leading me to p0rn😑

  21. Guest-5496422980 says:

    the link led me to a girl thats naked

  22. Where are the animations I mentioned on Twitter before, Codan?

  23. Guest-1808471416 says:

    Maybe you could add more motion or movement to the primary arm cuz the arm is a little bit stiff or something but its looks really cool in PVP

  24. Guest-9389069749 says:

    It is work for 1.16? Please reply

  25. Guest-2681768530 says:

    Hey creator I need to add th i pack to my badtiger client can I have permission to add please

  26. Guest-6675010046 says:

    PLEASE don’t use adfly use mediafire instead

  27. Nice pack, I suggest that you should use a new link shortener. Adfly doesn’t make you earn alot, try using shortest: I have been using it for my skin packs and it’s pretty great.

  28. Guest-6459440728 says:

    make please mediafire

  29. Vincent Ceasar says:

    Creator, I used your website and wanted to download your mods, but ADFLY doesn’t keep me through! Please, have mercy and put out links that do not use ADFLY!

  30. Guest-6763223345 says:

    This is really cool. I hope you expanded on this.

  31. Guest-5226211339 says:

    Amazing, really cool! Hopefully you can make other animations with other actions (mining, elytra flying, etc)

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