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Published on April 14, 2015 (Updated on April 14, 2015)

Cosmic Force Mod

The Cosmic Force Mod adds a generator block which you can use to harness cosmic force. The cosmic force can then be used to charge the power of weapons and armor with.

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Creator: UltraPeachMC

Block/Item IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Cosmic Force Generator (191) - 4 gold blocks + 2 glass panes + 1 redstone + 2 iron blocks
  • Cosmic Force Detector (505) - 8 redstones + 1 gold ingot
  • Cosmic Force Hammer (508) - 4 redstones + 3 gold ingots + 2 gold blocks
  • Cosmic Force Mask (506) - 2 gold ingots + 2 redstones + 2 gold blocks + 2 glass panes + 1 gold helmet
  • Cosmic Force Chestplate (507) - 2 gold ingots + 2 redstones + 2 gold blocks + 2 glass panes + 1 gold chestplate
  • Light (192)

Cosmic Force Generator

Place down the generator on the ground. It can be placed on any kind of surface and doesn't require any specific built platform. The generator will only work during day hours.

To activate the generator tap on the block and you will see a beaming light shooting up into the sky. Next it will start collecting cosmic force automatically.

To understand how much cosmic force you have you are going to have to craft a Cosmic Force Detector.

Cosmic Force Detector

Tap on the ground with the detector item to see how much cosmic force you've so far generated.

When you have collected enough cosmic power you can turn the Cosmic Force Generator off by tapping on it once. It's recommended to do so during the night as otherwise errors might occure.

Cosmic Force Hammer

The first tool we are going to create is the hammer. If you hit any kind of mob while you have at least 50 cosmic power the hammer will create great damage and an explosion on top of that.

Cosmic Force Mask

While wearing the mask any blocks you are looking at close to you will be set on fire. Your total cosmic force will drastically decrease while wearing the mask and the mask will stop function when it's at zero. Besides this it also adds 2.5 armor points.

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Cosmic Force Chestplate

Punch any kind of mob and it will be set on fire forever or until it dies. You'll also be completely immune to fire. The chestplate will give you 5 armor points. Wearing the mask and chestplate equals the same armor points as a full iron armor set.

Important Install Note

Download and install the latest BlockLauncher BETA for the mod to work:

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it dos not work
Why in mine the blocklauncher beta that you said is not opening i click blocklauncher then blocklauncher stopped.?
Make sure you are using the right beta BlockLauncher app and not the old one. My recommendation if you don't know how to see the difference: uninstall all versions then install the beta version.