Cow Armor Add-on

Do you find Minecraft’s leather armor ugly and useless? Now you can get disguised between cows! This addon adds amazing cow leather armor and hoe to your Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Since I started playing minecraft, I realized that leather armor was of little use, so I decided to make it more fun.

For that I totally redid the texture and its model, I was inspired by the batman mask for the helmet and that was the result:

I felt something was missing from the addon, so I made a hoe that gives you 10 attack and increases your speed by 2x:

Learn how to craft all addon items:

You can get SPECIAL LEATHER by killing cows:


Changelog View more
  • Number of special leather dropped by cows increased
  • Cow Helmet Re-Textured
  • 2x cow hoe speed increased
  • Cow Hoe re-textured
  • Re-textured cow helmet

Download link has actualized, download without worries and good game :)


Click in download link and wait 15 secunds for download


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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22 Responses

3.77 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. Guest-4896566167 says:

    https: //

    Take it :3

  2. Guest-8345690924 says:

    Please make it mediafire

  3. S4NT1 says:

    Voy a ser sincero. No me gustó para nada este add-on.

  4. Guest-7140851741 says:

    make it midiafire
    or direct download

  5. Guest-8731109012 says:

    Make it so when you dye a leather helmet you can have a primary and secondary colour so say the normal dye (primary) would be green and the brown strip that’s left could be red (secondary)

  6. Guest-6835388703 says:

    Not being rude but why it does nothing but probably replaces leather armor and do people even download this because if they do they probably wasted their time to get this mod probably the creator was bored lr something but why make this mod.

  7. Guest-4184986571 says:

    How did you come up with this ??

  8. Guest-8792542771 says:

    You should add cow pets and mounts

  9. Guest-6756211393 says:

    Nice ?

  10. Guest-7290089759 says:

    Great add-on I love the texture and the overall design keep up the great work

  11. Guest-5400198673 says:


  12. Guest-1489186770 says:

    This mod looks really interesting, but the link is not working and it downloads alot of random stuff without me noticing. Please another link.

  13. SpikedCthulhu says:

    You should add mooshroom armor along side it.

  14. Peluchín7w7 says:

    Karmaland :v

  15. Anonymous says:

    this is so random it’s the best thing I’ve seen xD good job pelican ?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Awesome Add-on! 5 Stars!

  17. Fix your link says:

    Seriously don’t use download links like that please. They spam open extra tabs and put everyone at huge risks of accidentally downloading viruses.

  18. DracoSans64 says:

    does this replace the leather armor set?

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