Cracked Netherite – Diamond Edition

INTRODUCING Ancient Netherite. A texture pack which enhances the look of the netherite items on armour. The idea is that underneath the netherite is diamond armour so when it cracks a little youd see the original diamond armour underneath.


Nether × Diamond 

Enhancements Texture Pack 

Have a looksi

(Watching too much iskall)

hope you guys enjoy. And enjoy your day. 32x version coming soon lol. Cheers 

If ya need a link hmu @JOSH#7132 ON DISCORDDD

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fixed links                 


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.6



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40 Responses

5 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. keremozk says:

    ı just found out you made it

  2. keremozk says:

    canyou make gold version of this golden and black looks cool as well

  3. Guest-9580928293 says:

    Can you pls make a more detailed one where there is diamond gilded at the sides oh helmet, near the neck of the chestplate means in the middle, than near the knees of the leggings and in the boots where ever you like pls do this I really want a netherite Armour like that

    • Guest-6480499275 says:

      And in tool at the tip of the sword or where ever you like, in the axe at the behind part, in the pickaxe at both edges, in shovel at the tip and in hoe at the edge

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sooo detailed the tools had a bit of gold too

  5. Guest-3403870674 says:

    Can You Please Make Netherite x Gold Texture Packs

  6. alienboy says:

    I’m liking the way this looks g good work

  7. Guest-3717508637 says:

    Alright the ingot makes 0 sense why would it have cracks from diamond, and the weapons and armor have this red accents around the cracks and they should be blue rather than the lava color of the previous oack because its obvious this one was half assed, also id like to see the cracks on the blocks from the other mod

  8. Guest-4809877452 says:


  9. Guest-7690891610 says:

    Spent 2 hours trying to download but it kept sending me to ad websites

  10. ZolC says:

    Can you make a version for 1.14 that changes diamonds for Netherite?

  11. Guest-5882792658 says:

    Can you make a gold texture with a crown as helmet or even an iron crown one etc ty

  12. zeyverOps says:

    How about the block of netherite Josh?

  13. zeyverOps says:

    He fix the piglin helmet cool👍

  14. Guest-1220988868 says:

    ” for 1.16 and 1.6 ”


    Netherite Tools existed back then??

  15. zeyverOps says:

    What the hell😱

  16. Guest-5915817503 says:

    Lava edition

  17. Guest-8046972685 says:

    Shooot that looks stunning boi!

  18. Not kit fisto says:

    please switch link and hoe

  19. Guest-7665534249 says:

    you should also make a little bit of gold

  20. Guest-2618675488 says:

    Can you make all the armor look like this

  21. Guest-9383034602 says:

    how is the shader?

  22. HotshotBog63 says:

    Why is the texture so funky you should make it look like real diamond armor & why does the netherite ingot have diamond under it?!?!

  23. Guest-8247434407 says:

    It will be so awesome if it glows please add glowing effects 10 stars but I can only put 5 thank you

  24. Guest-4098779011 says:

    I cant download, the ads lead me toto nothing, ALWAYS

  25. How is this possible? The update isn’t even out yet. AND I cant access it via experimental gameplay

  26. Guest-8617035040 says:

    @CubeMasterIR Yes but it looks almost like the new soulfire as well

  27. Guest-3788666984 says:

    well, i think it looks nice 🙂

  28. Umm, The idea is super cool, cause netherite is applied on diamond. but it doesn’t give the feeling that its diamond, it is like water or sth, Maybe you can make it like it matches the original texture, not just a blue line in the texture.

  29. Coptaine says:

    It looks electrifying! 😁

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