Craftable Horse Gear

There are times you want things a little easier to access, such as getting a saddle, or some diamond horse armor. Why should you have to travel the world to find it when you yourself can craft things with those materials already? Well, now you can craft them! 

EwThis behavior pack allows you to craft iron, gold and diamond house armor. It also allows you to craft saddles and name tags, all with logical recipes.

Horse armor:

The horse armor recipe is based on the vanilla leather horse armor recipe, only with the resources traded out. 


Gold :

Diamond :

Saddle & Name tag:

Saddle :

This recipe is based on the shape of a saddle, without making it expensive to craft. 

Name tag:

This recipe was made of an iron nugget for the loop, paper for tag. It also includes a feather and ink for the quill to write with. 

This behavior pack requires experimental gameplay to function. And had a very small download size. 

New Update! 

I’ve added an extra download for those who want it without nuggets! Check out the no nugget special made for the anti-nugg army! 

Changelog View more

Changed ad link to link verse due to ouo not being user friendly.  Play safe, dudes! 

Appeased the no-Nugg army by adding a second download that removed the nuggets from recipes. 


Windows 10

 just open the file, it will install.


Either download from web page then open, or use the MCPEDL app. 

Xbox One

Check out the tutorial on YouTube : Elder Wizard Gaming - How to Download Minecraft Mods on Xbox One


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. Guest-3422536703 says:

    Please make a recipe book for them.

  2. Guest-2572343982 says:

    ur litterally just burning 1 iron for a 9 nuggets calm down (they added the iron nugget if you didnt know)

  3. Guest-2122820654 says:

    yeah! remove it ༼ つ ◕‿◕ ༽つ

  4. Guest-8609389747 says:

    im too lazy to make iron nuggets and if mojang do this item crafting recipe they would not add this item(iron nugget)

  5. Guest-6489747552 says:

    remove the iron nuggets

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