Craftable Ingots Mod

This mod adds new ingots to the game which can be used to craft tools and gear. The ingots can be obtained using the original tools in Minecraft.

Adds the following items

  • Coal Fragment (obtainable: wood shovel, stone shovel, iron shovel, gold shovel, diamond shovel)
  • Gold Nugget (obtainable: iron shovel, gold shovel, diamond shovel)
  • Redstone Particles (obtainable: iron shovel, diamond shovel)
  • Iron Nugget (obtainable: stone shovel, iron shovel, gold shovel, diamond shovel)
  • Lapis Fragment (obtainable: diamond shovel)
  • Diamond Fragment (obtainable: diamond shovel)

Creator: drag0nrider27

(Pictures are taken using a texture pack, the mod won’t change any of the textures!)
ci1 ci2 ci3


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7 Responses

  1. superspider3500 says:

    There’s lesser point into downloading this mod, because iron nuggets and golden nuggets exist without mods or texture packs. Only redstone, diamonds, and lapis lazuli remain untouched.

  2. Coolgirlxraft10 says:


  3. Ellis shipleyhose says:

    Awesome please send the mod to me the world is called Ellis and Ella

  4. Kuda's says:

    This mod is the best mod ever

  5. LOL says:

    Beacause You Need to put it on Dropbox or Drive!

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