Published on October 21, 2020

Craftable Notch Apples (Behavior Pack) (1.16+)

A few years ago, Mojang removed the ability to craft Notch Apples (Enchanted Golden Apples) with a Apple and 8 Gold Blocks.

Now, with this simple Behavior Pack, this feature is back!


  • Craftable Notch
  • Craftable-Notch-Apples_1603248645.mcpack

Supported Minecraft versions

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ahh, the nosta when i can use to craft Notch apples and eat it infront of my friends. ah.. the old days
Am I allowed to make my own mod based on this if I credit you? I am trying to learn how to code and I have started tampering with the files a bit.
Works as intended :D
You were already able to craft Notch Apples for like, Idk a couple of years maybe, but I like this mod because I actually forgot how to craft them lol