Craftable Ores

Have you ever wanted a ore block in your survival world but didnt have silk touch then this is perfect if you wanted to use the ores for decor purposes or just make a collection you can do whatever you want with it.

(The textures only look this way because of the resource pack I use)
The recipe is very simple above you can see that you barley need any resources its the same recipe for all of the ores.(The ore is only outlined because of the pack im using)

So this can be used for whatever you want obviously if you just want them for decor purposes you can do whatever (This is only my 3RD addon I have made so if you would leave some feedback on it that would be very appreciated) I hope you enjoy. 

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I added a coal ore recipe for the addon and changed the recipes




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  1. ΧΞϚ´ says:

    No star for this No offend but this is the most useless idea ever created in mc history. Since you already break the minecraft rules for achievements for using behavior addons, why can you just turn the creative mode and take all the things you want in the inventory free, and design your world whatever you want using this blocks that already exist. Sorry but I want to be more parctical. Since we are already cheating just turn the creative mode thats simple. Wasting four piece of diamonds for one diamond ore block. Then how many diamond will you get when you mine them..? Using an ordinary pickaxe. Codan raigens addon Ideas are more better than this one. If you are looking for some cool stuff and cool decors go find and search codan raigens. Because Codan raigen are more focusing on decors.

    • NonTooken says:

      How would i be breaking the rules of mc for making behavior addons this post confuses me when mc are the ones that introduced addon making to bedrock edition

    • NonTooken says:

      I also thank you for the laugh

      • ΧΞϚ´ says:

        NonTooken Still useless addon just turn the creative mode thats simple no need to download this s#!t. No star for this. your hardwork is not appreciated this time. Respect my opinion. Take my little criticism. I don’t want to hate you I just don’t like the idea of this addon. Maybe someday you will be a great addon maker. Good luck to your future this is not end of your career. I know I already hurt your feelings but thats not my intention. Just throw this addon on a trash can, forget about this nightmare and make another addon and better idea. 2020 is about to end 2021 is coming no one needs this this kind of addon. I wish you a good luck mate. For your future ideas. We are one in this minecraft community and I’m glad to be part of this. But please make a great addon next time. ???

        • NonTooken says:

          Yes I do respect your criticism and This was not very hard to make it did take 20 minutes and even longer to get images cuz my pc is trash so i guess it was hard and i will try making a better addon soon in the future if i get any good ideas that i would be able to actually make myself and see if mcpedl lets me post them cuz u have to add like 3247284 images.

        • NonTooken says:

          and i said in the post i just got into addon making maybe 2 weeks ago

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