Craftable Portals! V2 (Mega Update)

Now you can craft the end and nether portal easily! No more searching for the secret stronghold, or wasting time on making a whole nether portal when you can now literally craft portals!

Welcome to the unlimited crafting facility? You can now craft portals! And More Stuff That You Could NEVER craft before! But you might be wondering… How do I craft this Stuff? Here’s how:

Watch The New Tutorial Video Below!

Now you can just go ahead and place them anywhere! Hop right in to the nether or the end that quickly! Make sure to show your support by installing this mod

Here are some more in-game pictures!

Everything You Can Get Now…

-Realm Sword

-Craftable Command Block

-Craftable Elytra

-The Command Core

-Core Rods

-Warped Tears

Added Harder Crafting Recipes!

This addon is available for Bedrock Edition

Changelog View more

Added The Realm Sword, Core Rods, The Command Core, Warped Tears, Craftable Elytra And Command Blocks! And Made The Crafting Recipes Harder!

Changed The Featured Image! And Now It Shows In-Game Content And A Better Image!

Changed The Featured Picture, Added More In-Game Screenshots!

Fixed The Problem With The Not In-Game Images!ย 


Make Sure To Enable Both The Resource Pack And Behavior Pack!


Supported Minecraft versions


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14 Responses

3.33 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. Johnnyl3097 says:

    How do you get Core rods

  2. I_Will_Judge_You says:

    Nice! You changed the recipes! Glad I could help in some way! ๐Ÿ˜

  3. Dakota1312 says:

    Does this disable achievements?

  4. Update Two Coming Soon! With Better Crafting Recipes And More Recipes! Such As A Command Block Recipe, And A Realm Sword!

  5. GoDucks2017 says:

    I disagree withBobDaCow and I_Will_Judge_You. Some people want to play โ€œthe easy way,โ€ or people like me who want to use this as a game function in a minigame. Awesome addon.

    Great shaders btw.

    • AgentParadox says:

      i dont agree with u, its not THAT hard to go to find a stronghold or make a nether portal, only noobs cannot

    • I_Will_Judge_You says:

      If some people want to go the easy way, and some people want to have the more hard- and more rewarding way, then he could make two versions of the Addon; one with expensive crafting recipes, and one with a cheaper crafting recipes (for noobs)

  6. BobDaCow says:

    Itโ€™s is a good idea but i agree with I_Will_Judge_You because it isnโ€™t fair that u do everything the easy way. I suggest u make it harder to get the items or make new rare items to make it harder. Good idea tho.

  7. I_Will_Judge_You says:

    This would defeat the whole purpose of the game… why look for obsidian or a stronghold if you can just craft the portal for a cheap price! Make the price more late game and expensive, like for the end portal= one dragon egg surrounded by end crystals. And for the nether= one beacon surrounded by wither skulls. That would be awesome and late game players could do some awesome things with it.

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