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Have you ever wanted to be able to craft Elytra, Totem of Undying or even Bedrock? Yes, even bedrock! Well now with this add-on you can craft many blocks and items that are uncraftable in vanilla game.

Here are all the crafting recipes:


Nether Star:

Totem Of Undying:

Enchanted Apple:


Mob Spawner:

End Portal Frame:


Name Tag:

Diamond Ore(Shapeless):

Emerald Ore(Shapeless):

Iron Ore(Shapeless):

Gold Ore(Shapeless):

Nether Gold Ore(Shapeless):

Glided Blackstone(Shapeless):

Redstone Ore(Shapeless):

Quartz Ore(Shapeless):

Ancient Debris(Shapeless):


Blaze Rod:


Diamond Horse Armor:

Iron Horse Armor:

Golden Horse Armor:


End Stone:


4 Chests:

4 Arrows:

8 Arrows:

24 Arrows:

Chain Helmet:

Chain Chestplate:

Chain Leggings:

Chain Boots:

Shulker Shell(Shapeless):

Chicken Spawn Egg:

Bee Spawn Egg:

Cow Spawn Egg:

Pig Spawn Egg:

 Sheep Spawn Egg:

Mooshroom Spawn Egg:

Rabbit Spawn Egg:

 Llama Spawn Egg:

Horse Spawn Egg:

Panda Spawn Egg:

Wolf Spawn Egg:

Creeper Spawn Egg:

Enderman Spawn Egg:

Skeleton Spawn Egg:

There is 1 new item added to the game in this add-on: 

Wither Bone, it is available only in crafting table and it’s used to craft Wither Skeleton Spawn Egg.

Wither Bone:

Wither Skeleton Spawn Egg:

Zombie Spawn Egg:

Shulker Spawn Egg:


If you are doing a youtube video or something you ARE NOT allowed to make your own download links and you MUST give the MCPEDL link.


You must turn on the experimental gameplay to play with this add-on.

If you have any suggestion write it down in the comment section.

Changelog View more


• Added behavior pack link, because for some reason it wasn't available.


• Added many new crafting recipes

• Added new item: Wither Bone


Supported Minecraft versions


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57 Responses

3.11 / 5 (19 votes)
  1. ZeldaSheldon says:

    Stone + Diamond into diamond Ore isn’t working for some reason. I think some of the other ores dont work either

  2. Guest-9757218673 says:

    spawning egg recipes that require spawning eggs do not work. Villager’s recipe is also missing. Please fix it

  3. Guest-9373394135 says:

    For some reason the download dosent want to work and j have it put it as a response pack on my world and dosent want to work. Please help

    • Guest-3405803759 says:

      Is it for a different Version of Minecraft(type(name) or Is it for Minecraft Pocket Edition because I’m confused cause it dont wanna work

  4. Guest-1200392831 says:

    I like it can you add a recipe for crafting obsidian

    • Guest-3821197766 says:

      There is one addon that is similar to this one
      Its called more crafting addon
      With that all you need is a bucket of water on top of a bucket of lava
      I hope this helps!

  5. Michael_the_minecraftplayer says:

    how do you get the chains for the chain mail armor

  6. Michael_the_minecraftplayer says:

    I like it

  7. Guest-2045710557 says:

    This breaks the game. Say you spawn in a village. You could get the emeralds and everything else you need for the elytra without even having a stone sword. That is ridiculous. I like the idea of this pack, but it goes too far and breaks the game.

  8. Guest-2624162408 says:

    You should make the nether star with a either skull

  9. Dementor333 says:

    Maybe elytra should be made of phantom membranes

  10. Guest-7680037473 says:

    The arrows are a little hard to understand, because of the stacking. Can you fix the pictures?

  11. Guest-3712199460 says:

    Sorry i meant 1.14???
    This addon is great =)

    Ps ignore the the haters that say this addon is bad=(

  12. Guest-9122742461 says:

    Can this addon work on 1.13???

  13. Guest-8530419185 says:

    this is cursed Minecraft, does 1.16 stuff come with it? to craft ancient debris and other stuff?

  14. Guest-7771642451 says:

    I cant craft spawn eggs

  15. Guest-3653103664 says:

    Where is the behavior pack?

  16. Guest-2497351958 says:

    Add more summon eggs please

  17. Guest-5809189464 says:

    Looks good, but the diamond craft it’s ridiculous, with fortune its unlimited diamonds. My only problem it’s not supported on 1.14

  18. Guest-2737590249 says:

    This is pointless, removing all challenge to the game and making the end game pointless

  19. Guest-2443974641 says:

    This is pointless
    It ruins minecraft you might as well get the stuff out of creative. What I find is that rare items like the elytra just don’t feel the same

  20. Guest-8300049705 says:

    This is pointless and is the worst.

  21. Guest-6071510847 says:

    Am i just blind or theres no acient_debris??????

  22. Guest-9220703327 says:

    Diamond and Stone give Diamondore, with luck on a pickaxe 3 Diamonds – Stone to Diamonds?

  23. Guest-1486902751 says:

    Yup it’s to op

  24. Guest-2717094903 says:

    add chain armor and some recipes make no sense, make it harder to craft, and the ore recipes make for some good duping with fortune

  25. When the crafting table or shapeless crafting is empty, it makes infininte obsidian…

  26. Guest-3880167074 says:

    Chain armor

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