Crafting Dead PE Addon

This addon is a remake of the mod for Java Edition called “Crafting Dead”. RedstoneLover decided to create it after he had watched Pat and Jen play the Java mod. The add-on includes several elements which you would recognize if you’ve ever watched The Walking Dead which is a very popular TV show about people surviving a zombie apocalypse. Some features include new zombies like the Walker and Runner and also new weapons.

Creator: RedstoneLover
Updated: 11 September, 2018 (read changelog)


  • Walker – Replaces normal zombie, no longer burns in day light, slowed down, same health (20 points)
  • Runner – Replaces husk zombie, fast, leaps at players like spiders, less health (15 points)
  • Survivors – Replaces skeletons, will help kill zombies but neutral to players.

Melee Weapons

  • Baseball Bat – Wooden Sword
  • Crowbar – Stone Sword
  • Fire Axe – Iron Axe
  • Samurai Sword – Iron Sword
  • Bowie Knife – Replaces Golden Sword
  • Chainsaw – Replaces Diamond Axe
  • Diamond Samurai Sword – Replaces Diamond Sword

The sprites and ideas for the melee weapons were all obviously taken away from the original mod, the sprites are custom, but are based on the high-resolution original sprites.

Ranged Weapons (Guns)

  • Pistol – Replaces bow, uses bullets (Arrows)
  • Throwing Knife – I LOVE this one, it replaces the snowball. And deals 5 damage (Stone Sword Atk Damage)
  • Rifle – My favorite! It replaces the ender pearl, and is really accurate (try turning on the pc crossfire) It has a cooldown.
  • Harpoon Gun – Replaces fishing rod, sticks on to an entity until it dies, disappears afterwards
  • M4A1
  • P90

None of the ranged weapons were taken from the original. “That’s IT!?” I hear you saying. But with addons you can only replace current items…There’s nothing we can do about that.



  • Runners now leap at their targets similar to a spider.
  • Survivors now make player sounds when hurt.
  • Zombie loot tables have been removed, they now drop what they used to drop. (no more endless supply of deep fried chicken.)
  • Walkers have been slowed down.
  • Runners are slightly faster.
  • Removed Mega TNT.
  • Zombies can see targets 40 blocks away now.


  1. Download Resources & Behaviors .McAddon
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this add-on here.

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183 Responses

4.61 / 5 (87 votes)
  1. Guest-4265828477 says:

    Update Survivor there are so bad and a more armor,bared wire

  2. Guest-2322616074 says:

    Same here

  3. Anonymous says:

    The M4A1 acts as a normal XP bottle and survivors skins look messed up.

  4. GamingWithYassin says:

    Please update it, it really needs an update!

  5. ???? says:

    you need to update this

  6. Darren Paugh says:

    I have a few minor issues, all the survivor textures are broken, they work like they need to but just look wrong. As in, their feet and face textures occupy the texture space for the head, their feet are their own hands, you can see through them and overall look like someone butchered them and sew them together with air. The other issue is the M4A1 doesn’t work correctly.

  7. Usless_vay says:

    Guess what? You can add your own stuff now! Please bring over more, this addon is amazing. You’re talented and I beg you to keep going!

  8. InfiniteGhosts says:

    This needs a map please create one on transfer Greenfield. Other than that no problem. To this website so I can have more fun.I love this addon!!! I’ve not played minecraft in a while so is the weird texture problem with the survivors fixed? I do roll plays with my brothers with this. Great job with this addon. Please add trading with the survivors. And make it were you can get so that you can have members to your group. Y’all need to check SGCBarbarian.

  9. Doge4lif says:

    Plz fix the M4A1 it wont damage things and i cant find the throwing knife also since tridents and crossbows have been added please make them a gun it would been awsome full stars if you do so 🙂

  10. Anonymous says:

    Good addon!

  11. Sagovacha says:

    The skeleton … (survivor) we textur bug

  12. ClouDisear says:

    I really like this addons, can I update to 1.8, I don’t want zombies and fishing rods to be replaced

  13. Nescam says:

    Uhm i don’t know if this a glitch but the AR is not working, also the survivors look glitchy

  14. Stick_zapdos says:

    I love this and I subbed to pat and jen they are really funny and play really cool maps

  15. UnzipsMC says:

    Great!!! But one thing you should do!!!
    Make their spawn rate higher they spawn so little they r practiclly useless and weak pls do it for me thanks ima make a vid a bout this!!

  16. Joshua Winship says:

    Can you make an RPG gun

  17. Anonymous says:

    I wish there’s a random buildings scattered around to loot and stuff

  18. Anonymous says:

    Add medkit and a soldier uniform ?

  19. Tyson Scott says:

    YOu can add items instead of replacing them look at the astronomical expansion and more potions addons

  20. imRunnerTs says:

    hey redstone lover, is there any way to draft the guns?

  21. RedstoneLover says:

    Hey guys! I have a new YouTube channel!! It’s named Cookie The Cat, I don’t have any content yet though, because I have school. But pls subscribe so you can know when my first video comes out!

  22. TheNoob says:

    The waterbottle should look like the water canteen

  23. Idk what to do says:

    How to get custom maps on pe

  24. XBrine says:

    Add a crossbow

  25. MR MALIK S AHMED says:

    Who remembers Pat saying Jen is the killer #KillerJen

  26. Nathaniel says:

    Please help my guns are not working

  27. Ns says:

    Please help ( i know you probably wont see this but im still gonna write) each time i use the guns on survival they act like real items and throw themselves and then i have to get a new one and my friends and I just figured this out right when we made a map that uses the guns

  28. Sps says:

    Make ender zombies (you can replace them with ender men)

  29. Evan says:

    This add-on is great! It’s just that Walker’s and Runner’s should be able to spawn during the day. Gona’s Zombie Apocalypse Add-On made it so that some mobs like the chicken and pig have a chance to spawn a zombie instead. I’d also like if you could make it so that the Skeletons don’t kill each other if one get’s shot. If you add these two feature’s or at least try, this get’s a 5-Star Review from me.

  30. xXBenXxT0P says:

    Its great but… This is way so easy. The guns are WAY to simple and easy to make. And the zombies drop COOKED CHICKEN don’t even get me started abt the CHAINSAWS they drop. In your mod the Chainsaws need DIAMONDS do make and you just have the weak Zombies drop them? Please change, i was wanting a challenge please make this harder.

  31. Anonymous says:

    If you do we a scope you can set it on offhand
    Great add-on Mr Redstone boi

  32. Malachi says:

    Can I use this for a map? I can send you a Link to download it and tell me if you like it!

  33. VENDETTAS says:

    Author, please make a separate add-on, in which just monsters did not burn in the daylight.

  34. JurassicFan says:

    Can you make zombies spawn very frequent,even in day? Because survival will be much challenging that way

  35. JxJ says:

    Can you make a m4a1 survivor and replace it with the zombie pigman in this addon? Can you make an ak47 and make it replace the egg in this addon? Can you can an ak47 survivor and make it replace zombie villager in this addon? Can you make the textures of the m4a1 survivor a survivor with a dark blue shirt in this addon? And make the ak47 survivor textures a survivor with a dark green shirt in this addon.

  36. Good idea man says:

    Are the zombies spawning at daytime? If they don’t i’d Like that!

  37. Good idea man says:

    Please make zombies spawn at daytime

  38. BpCapedAssasin says:

    Add some generated structures like infected cities and other pls add that I will be so happy for that 😐

  39. Carlos says:

    I LOVE this addon and have used it many times but I feel like it’s lacking something. FOODS!!!!!! It would be so cool if there was food like chips and canned goods, this would make the add one more immersive instead of just with the zombies and weapons. So if you can you should definitely add food or even some non fighting items!!!! Anyway great addon!!!!

    • JxJ says:

      RedstoneLover (the creator of this addon) DID made canned food, and what do you want chips to replace with? You can only make food replace something, all you said is ADD CHIPS AADDDD CHIPS you need the chips to replace something. Plus, making your own food in addons only retextures a certain item, just go to your files, and retexture steak to chips, easy.

    • JxJ says:

      If you want more food, go play some mods instead of addons

    • Carlos says:

      I barely noticed that I only said chips but it would be nice if he added some apocalyptic food like MRE

  40. JxJ says:

    Can you make a m4a1 survivor and replace it with the zombie pigman in this addon? Can you make an ak47 replace the egg in this addon? Can you can an ak47 survivor a zombie villager in this addon? Can you make the textures of the m4a1 survivor a survivor with a dark blue shirt in this addon? And make the ak47 survivor textures a survivor with a dark green shirt in this addon?

  41. Xenosmilus says:

    Can you replace:
    Trident with a rocket launcher,
    Egg with a grenade,
    Splash potions with different guns.

  42. Xenosmilus says:

    Awesome! Here are some suggestions.
    Drowneds can be floaters/swimmers.
    Zombie villagers can be infecteds.
    Strays can be hostile survivors.
    Villagers can be peaceful survivors.

  43. Jacob says:

    I love pat and jen

  44. Butthole says:

    Great finally something that makes this game better

  45. $tryker says:

    Same functions as Survivors, armed with an M4A1 and with slightly more health

    STRONG walker, lots of zombies and health

    More damage and speed than a walker, but with less health.

    Armed with melee and ranged weapons, attacks everything they see

    Change Textures of armor, etc

  46. Ethan says:

    Can you change it so zombies and things spawn during the day and survivors and zombies drops guns and ammo

  47. DArKTRooPEr says:

    Good Addon. But the new textures aren’t working for me…

  48. MonkeyBomber says:

    Could you add more types of zombies? Because in this add on also on mcpedl has more types of zombies, while still having the original and not replacing any others.

  49. MindBlown101 says:

    Really cool! I think I’ll use this for like a modded survival world. I have a request. Could you also make a new weapon from the trident? Don’t know what though……

  50. I Hate Adfly says:

    Really good! Would be great if you add a scope that requires no need to hold the bow. If you don’t know how to do that, check out the programming in the BM War stuff. When you found it, just make up your own crosshair and BOOM! No stealing, just help. If you don’t feel satisfied on looking how they did it, you can give credits i guess.
    FYI – For a small fee of $1M, you too can save money!

  51. Riesse says:

    How do you create mods, can you teach me?

  52. DArKTRooPEr says:

    The new weapons do not work…

  53. Anonymous says:

    can you make an add-on with just the zombies?

  54. Shadow says:

    Great! It’d be nice if you could befriend survivors with something (maybe rifles?) to make them follow you and fight with you.

  55. HackerNoobTM says:

    UMP,not UZI

  56. John says:

    Hey that dynamite guy and redstone lover should team up because I tried both their Addons together and it was legendary. Just a suggestion to get more views on YouTube and mcpedl

  57. GalaxyRBN2 says:

    Well i’m in doubt the zombies spawn at day? ( I didn’t download yet the addon but i want to know first

  58. Mumana says:

    I absolutely love this! I would love to have your permission to make a map with this mod? I also would love to have you build a map with me please!

  59. MilitaryPunk419 says:

    Do you know a map that will be great for gameplay with this addon

  60. Zehasep says:

    HEY LISTEN EDITOR MIGHT HELP.. the head of the zombie can you replace it on zombie head block plz and make more survival food and make granade replace on deadly potion

  61. Spoonerspud says:

    Here’s an idea how about instead of replacing the bow with a pistol how about you replace it with a Crossbow I know it may not be as cool as a gun but there is actually a crossbow in the crafting dead mod and I would love it if it was in this addon! I have not seen any addons that have a crossbow so it would be awesome to see you be the first

  62. nmm345 says:

    it’s amazing just add crawlers then it will be legendary💎💎💎

  63. Gmanndo says:

    This addon is almost perfect- an aiming reticule in the middle of the screen would perfect it. In my opinion. There’s a mod that does this called BM warstuffs that puts a crosshair in the middle of the screen instead of just with the bow, and it really helps aiming weapons. I would use both addons but they heavily conflict and glitch out certain models. If you can, please add a crosshair.

  64. nmm345 says:

    I would like you to add crawlers, and replace the spiders with them ……,maybe.

  65. Isack Gonzales says:

    I have a suggestion, what if you add canned food? that’d be awesome!!!

  66. Connie Castillo says:


  67. Cayden says:

    Plz add a crossbow plz

  68. RedstoneLover says:

    Okay, okay, OKAY!! Please do not make anymore comments that I stole the textures!! I’ll be removing them in v6!! Pls stop!! I’m gonna drown in your comments!!

  69. RedstoneLover says:

    What?? But I swear I added custom names! I’m sure that’s a glitch for you, try deleting the addon then reinstalling it.

  70. MEGA9Tron says:

    Good Add-On. The textures are really good but the behaviours are crap and really don’t match the textures which kind of ruin the reality and realistic feeling of the Add-On. You should also add texts/custom names for the objects in this Add-On to make it feel much more realistic. Because of this, I will rate you 3/5 stars, meaning I’m saying this Add-On is okay. Just needs some improvement. A lot of improvement

  71. Yeahhhhhh says:

    Hey bro, you copied the textures AND some behaviors from my addon bro.

  72. ThatDynamiteGuy says:

    Hey you used some of the textures I added in my crafting dead addon! 😠 Touché?

  73. KhGamer says:

    The old texture is much better

  74. sans says:

    I’ve been looking for an addon like this for years. I can say it’s the coolest addon I’ve installed so far … but I liked the v3 graphics more.
    anyway, great addon!

  75. Add-on Critique says:

    i recommend adding more weapons you can replace other tools and make them weapons and also add more survivors then armors as well

  76. XD says:

    Much Better than v3

  77. Maverick says:

    Are the items here renamed? If so that would be way cooler!

  78. antonio says:


  79. LolCraft says:

    Hey, can u add a water canteen?
    Also I kind of remembered the part where Jen said “Sacs” 😂😂😂

  80. Chrissygaming17 says:

    GO PAT AND JEN!!!!

  81. RedstoneLover says:

    Who can help me with vehicle models??

    • Hudy says:

      How did you even start creating add-ons? What do you use to create them and is it paid cuz I’m looking to create some.

      • MEGA9Tron says:

        You can easily make an Add-On and other Minecraft content including skin packs, texture packs, maps and even more simply with the app ES File Explorer. But you need to know how to do all of it and I know how to do all of it because I know everything about computers, electronic devices, copyrighting content, downloading videos off YouTube and other social media, coding, making YouTube videos very easily and hacking. I am a very tall person and smart person that understands nearly everything and that also knows nearly everything. But, you can’t have a job for making Minecraft Add-Ons or other content as there is actually no official job for that unless if a random guy suddenly sends you an email saying that they will be your boss and pay you money for making Minecraft Add-Ons and content for them out of nowhere. So, really, you can’t make Minecraft Add-Ons or other content like skin packs and get paid for it – unless if you ask someone or someone has a idea and so they contact you

    • MrGunGuy says:

      Oh my!You have a lot more to add!replace something like a chicken so that it would be like a crate and you can get weapons and food from it!I think that would be amazing !

  82. RedstoneLover says:

    You can’t do that with addons right now. A developer, Dinnerbone said that custom blocks and items will come in a future update, though, so just keep waiting.

  83. XPThug says:

    Change the bow to a pistol there is no flintlock pistol in the crafting dead mod

  84. The Potato says:

    You should make an addition that replaces like villages and temples to stuff from the crafting dead series

    That would make it SO good

  85. Ryuto says:

    I love this mod.i have an idea where the fishing rods are replaced with an assault rifle and potion of healing for medkits.

  86. Th3LastSh3riff says:

    Also add explosives

  87. Th3LastSh3riff says:

    Update this plz to add more guns plz like shotguns

  88. Safwan says:

    Good mod keep it up!

  89. Potato_Punch says:

    I love it! Really love the addon! I wish the creator would replace more mobs (like spider and creeper) with new ones. Thanks for making this!

  90. Entity_909 says:

    You should make The throwable knife replace trident,

  91. RedstoneLover says:

    Sorry for all the broken download links!! It’s because I’m working on a BIG update. So I’ll have to organize a bit

  92. LivingWithGaming says:


  93. Dzaky says:

    Man i like you addon
    Please more update

  94. Hanizah Ali says:

    I want it

  95. Hanizah Ali says:

    I want this

  96. Andrey317 says:

    Hey can you make a sniper rifle change the bow to sniper, and handgun to enderpearl, rifle to egg, and shotgun to potions, or maybe hand grenades to potions. Change the skeletons to zombies.

  97. EnderGamerVN says:

    I love Addon

  98. EmeraldEthan says:

    Cool! (1st)

  99. Henry says:

    Check out my channel Henry saechao on yt please

  100. LJGaming27 says:

    Hey, Creator Cqn You Add A Grenade And More Ranged Weapons😁😁😁

  101. Yum says:

    I have been waiting so long for this thx to RedstoneLover and mcpedl.

  102. Yo says:

    I have been waiting so long for this thx to RedstoneLover and mcpedl

  103. Bigfatty says:

    Wouldn’t it make more sense if the rifle replaces the pistol, because you don’t really aim or go long range with a pistol.

  104. Moose says:

    First! Five star btw

  105. antonio says:

    for the next update is to make the remplaces the gold sword for a for a bowbie knife and egg for a smg and bullet prof vest and soldier armor

  106. NOOOO! says:


  107. EnderDefect says:

    We need mods back. Add-ons are great but they don’t usually truly “add on” to the game. All they do is replace things already in game. With mods, whole new items and mobs can be added. Also, mods can add crafting recipes, which cannot be done with add-ons currently. If you look back on all the mods that were made from 2014-2016 you will realize how much more potential mods had. Now that Add-ons exist, no one makes mods anymore.

  108. Anonymous says:


  109. John says:

    This addon is really cool, and I mean it. But can u add more characters for the villagers and the zombie villagers plz? Also the pistol is a flintlock and those were stopped getting used in 1840s. Replace it with a more modern pistol. Also plz add more guns. But overall very very good job it works perfectly

  110. commander788 says:

    This Addon is so cool props to redstonelover this is amazing keep the good work up!

  111. commander788 says:

    Hero brine Ischen a Myth he’s not really he’s made up notch is the real creator of Minecraft

  112. Wolf_Chan says:

    Here are your Five stars from me! 😀

  113. Wolf_Chan says:

    This is Amazing! I’ve been waiting for a Crafting Dead Addon! ^^

    Props to you good sir! 😛

  114. Jorn says:

    Please make more zombies(first comment)

  115. Anonymous says:

    Nice and wait you know pat and Jen nice

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