Crafting Tables+

Crafting Tables + adds 7 new crafting table designs of each wood type for decoration, that means no more basic table from all wood types, each wood type has its own crafting table, useful for decorating houses!


Crafting Tables + adds 8 new crafting table designs of each wood type for decoration, that means no more basic table from all wood types, each wood type has its own crafting table, they are craftable on survival with 4 of their wood type in an o shape

each table, spruce, acacia, dark oak, birch, jungle, crimson and warped are crafted on the more stuff table and have the same color as their wood type, they can do every recipe from the default crafting table, this is for decorating and it will look nice with some houses

the textures including the grid match the wood color and the warped and crimson tables have netherite tools instead of iron


Added a new crafting table

The Crafting Slab

The Crafting Slab can be crafted with 3 crafting tables on a crafting table or 1 crafting table on a stonecutter



Added a new crafting table

The Crafting Wall

the crafting wall can be crafted on a stonecutter with 1 crafting table or 3 crafting tables on vertical

i cannot believe i have to add this to the addon but:
to any link shortener/advertiser
i am NOT interested
i do not like using linkvertise
i’d rather use adfly
why i do not like linkvertise:
i cannot count how many times i was forced to download an EXE file
i am not risking my only laptop to a potentially unwanted file for a minecraft addon

How To Install:


open the mcaddon file or go to /games/com mojang and leave the folders on behavior_packs and resource_packs

XBOX (not tested on xbox series xs):

go to the microsoft store and search for “MC Addons Manager”, then install it

go to Microsoft Edge, then to the addon you want and download it

open mc addons manager and select import

select the addon file

restart minecraft and the addon should be there!

Changelog View more

-fixed blocks.json file, textures should load properly

+added a new block, the crafting wall

+Added Crafting Slab

+Fixed names on crafting tables, now they say "Crafting"

+changed the install method for xbox to be more clear

+identifiers changed to inh:ctp__ to match my new sorting system (inh:__ for sorting addon blocks easily for /give)

i just updated the description because i do not want to get contacted out of nowhere

(do not notify about the update please)

Changed Description

Actually removed the EMS table (i forgot to change the file recipes)

+can be played on 1.16, beta is not required

-removed EMS table

+all tables can be made on the crafting table

+changed the textures: changed grid color and made the wooden part of the tools more visible, also changed the iron the warped and crimson tables to netherite

- changed the breaking time for all tables to 3.75 rather than 24


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.101 1.16.200 1.16.210 (beta)

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34 Responses

4.8 / 5 (15 votes)
  1. LeoG2010 says:

    Finally someone who cares about people downloading virus

  2. Maranethan says:

    Can You Actually Interact With The Crafting Table? I can’t figure out how to.

  3. BlueIcezen says:

    I just have a perfect suggestion how about a costum crafting table make it with your own idea and in that case I see different one try adding some rainbow and blue with cyan and boys color

  4. nerszibo says:

    It simply doesn’t work, the pack is enabled in the world but it doesn’t work at all.

  5. Ftere says:

    I would please ask you to don’t copy my fletching table idea. I will now put some sort of copyright on it.

  6. Simo_ says:

    So… good addon but fter already did these crafting table in mw addon

  7. how about i add a slab and wall crafting table
    even a mini crafting table 🤔


    You have a discord?

  9. RISALZI says:

    Cool,can you do the same thing to the fletching table,Bed,stick,and wooden sword?,then you can combine it with “crafting table+” add-on and make add-on “Wood recipe+”??

  10. INH says:

    currently working on 3 more project:
    project EMS
    project WB
    project SC

  11. Impostor says:

    now do the beds and then vertical slabs

  12. S4NT1 says:

    La verdad yo no confío en ninguna de las dos plataformas ?

  13. GibbsX says:

    Been waiting for a functioning addon like this also changing their textures and giving them all a unique feel that goes with their wood type could make it alot better a few suggestions are making the top leather bit a little more separated from the crafting table, making each crafting tbale follow the texture palette of the wood it comes from

  14. INH says:

    guys imcurrently working on an update where im changing the textures and adding more blocks, it may come out today and you can check for updates on my twitter

  15. Blaaze says:

    Nice dont know why mojang hasn’t added this but whatever

  16. Great Addon! Can you add the world famous cobblestone crafting table okok bye haha

  17. Usernameee says:

    it did its purpose so

  18. Idea maker says:

    Good addon, pretty nice! Idk why mojang hasnt thought of this before but.. uuhhh im ok with it 😀

    Just one question and i hope some of you are going to answer…

    Does the addon custom block glitch patched? This is a BETA supportative addon and it says 1.16 (BETA)

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