By Editor
Published on December 31, 2015 (Updated on December 31, 2015)

Craftsmen Flintlocks Mod

did you delete it. I get a 404 on dropbox.
How do you get refined gunpowder?
This would be lovely if it was also for IOS...
It doesn’t work
Make a better world loser
This is a mod, not a map.
You need to make a better anti spam quiz (no offence)
Nope. It's easy enough for most Minecrafters to know the answer and hard enough to block out spammers.
I get an error when I try to load it through BlockLauncher:

org.mozilla.javascript.WrappedException: Wrapped java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The requested block texture craftsmen_workbench_top:0 does not exist (CraftsmenFlintlocks.js#39)
You need to load the textures before importing the mod.
Does this work on ios? Please tell me how to download it on iOS
No, only Android at this point.
Well,I think this mod is cool