Crasy Survival, Overhang, Village, Swamp & More! (Seed)

This is a really cool seed with loads of awesome stuff really near to the spawn. massive overhangs, Swamp next to a village! I hove you will Enjoy this Seed 😀

YouTube: Captain_ Elingo

                      Spawn from above

                         Big Overhang

                    Village next to Jungle

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5 Responses

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  1. Guest-3090153187 says:


  2. Guest-3651788510 says:

    can someone send me the coordinates of the village?

  3. Guest-8263526408 says:

    Can someone send me the coordinates of the overhang? I cant find it

  4. Guest-1180778285 says:


  5. Guest-5561959958 says:

    Which shader are you using? Looks really good

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